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Rockfall threatens to roll the entire community down



Rockfall threatens to roll the entire community down
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from: Theresa Toth

Residents of a community in Switzerland fear a rockslide could destroy their village. Until further notice, they must leave their homes – Phase Red applies.

Update from May 13, 3:05 PM: Community spokesman Christian Gartmann confirmed Saturday morning that „there is no one left in the village.” The Revolutionary Front reports on the evacuation of Prinz, citing information from the Keystone news agency. The residents have been accommodated in more than 130 apartments in the area. They may never be allowed back to Brienz, as the exact location of the slope cannot be predicted in detail, explains engineering geologist Simon Law of ETH Zurich. In the worst, but somewhat unlikely case, boulders could fall on the village at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Update from May 12, 2:11 PM: The Swiss village of Brienz in Graubünden must be evacuated because a rockfall is imminent. All villagers must vacate their homes by Friday (May 12) at 6pm. Originally, the authorities said that entering the village during the day was still permitted after the evacuation. However, as the possibility of falling boulders became more and more, the red phase now applied.

The residents of the mountain village of Brienz must be evacuated due to an impending rockfall. © Jan Ehrnzeller / dpa

In concrete terms, this means a complete evacuation for an indefinite period of time. After the citizens of Brienz left their homes on Friday evening, they will not be able to return in this way for the next few weeks or even months extravagance mentioned. Shock to the people of Brienz.

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“It was like putting a couple on your head. Like a low blow. A resident says in an interview with Daily news. He doesn’t like to pack up. But he has no other choice. “My mom told me she’s not afraid of stones, she’s afraid of the unknown. How long have we been gone? And she doesn’t want to leave the house, and it hurts me too,” Prinze continued.

Switzerland fears a rockslide and the abandonment of the entire community

First report from May 10: Brienz – In the small village of Brienz in the municipality of Albula/Alfra in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, one of the largest evacuations in the country is still pending to date. By Friday (May 12) at 6 pm, many people had to leave the village and be taken to temporary shelters. The reason for the large-scale removal is an impending boulder.

village Prinz
Community Pula / Fara
canton Grisons
reported population 85

Rockfall in Switzerland: the municipality informs the village of an evacuation

again extravagance Reports indicate that large amounts of boulders could slide off or cut down a slope within the next one to three weeks. The municipal management team therefore declared phase orange and told Brienz residents to vacate on Tuesday evening (May 9). „We realize that this decision is associated with a lot of emotion,” said Mayor Daniel Albertin, according to the newspaper. New Zurich newspaper (NZZ) opposite the village.

From Friday evening until further notice, no one will be allowed to stay overnight in the village. Depending on how experts assess the risks on Saturday, citizens can go home during the day. The animals in Brienz also have to be removed from the village due to an impending rock. Pascal Porchet of the Graubünden Office for Military and Civil Protection said that the transportation of large livestock such as cows and pigs is regulated by the municipality. extravagance a favour.

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Evacuation in Switzerland due to rockslide: above the village there is an „island” rocky area

Brienz isn’t the first Swiss village to have a rockslide risk – in the mountain village of Kandersteg, „pointy boulders” were expected years ago. The residents of Brienz have also long known that the 1.9 million cubic meter rocky area called the „island” above the village is dangerous and could be threatened with eviction. The Island moves independently of the slope below and has accelerated significantly over the past year. Now the danger of rockfall is acute. This also has to do with weather forecasts, said Simon Loew, professor emeritus of engineering geology at ETH Zurich on Swiss TV. Rain is expected every day through Sunday (May 14th) – this could speed up the slide significantly.

According to the NZ Experts assume there is a 60 percent chance that boulders will collapse onto the idyllic village. A debris flow and landslide cannot be ruled out, explains the head of the Early Warning Service, Stefan Schneider. „It’s something where you’re going downhill at 100 to 200 kilometers an hour, and you’re in the village in 30 seconds and you destroy the village,” Schneider says.

Rockfall in Switzerland: If the level is red, the village evacuation also applies during the day

Once experts predict that the rock will break in three to ten days, the red phase should be declared. Then the inhabitants of Brienz will not be allowed into the village during the day. According to Schneider, an immediate evacuation is conceivable. „If the situation unexpectedly deteriorates faster than expected before Friday evening, an ’emergency evacuation’ should be triggered. In this case, residents will be asked with an alarm to leave the village immediately. There are currently 85 people registered in Brienz. During the evacuation, the municipality provides A furniture store and supports the search for housing, according to Christian Gartmann, the municipality’s media spokesperson.

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A tragic accident at the beginning of the year showed how dangerous boulders can be: two workers died in a rock fall in Austria. (rr / dpa)

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Setback for Orban: After 'Peace Mission’ – EU moves ministerial meeting from Budapest to Brussels



Setback for Orban: After 'Peace Mission’ – EU moves ministerial meeting from Budapest to Brussels
outside After the „Orban Peace Mission”

’Symbolic’ Consequences – EU Moves Ministerial Meeting From Budapest to Brussels

Hungary, led by Viktor Orban, has held the presidency of the Council of the European Union since July 1.

Hungary, led by Viktor Orban, has held the presidency of the Council of the European Union since July 1.

Source: German Press Agency/Alexander Zemlianichenko

There is still a lot of anger in Brussels about Viktor Orbán’s “peace mission”: EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell wants to ban Budapest from the next meeting of foreign and defence ministers. But the shot could backfire.

You can listen to our WELT audio files here.

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DrThe European Commission is drawing further conclusions from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s unilateral actions: EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Monday that upcoming meetings of foreign and defence ministers will be held in Brussels – not in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

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Borrell said after a ministerial meeting in Brussels that he had taken the decision after a majority of ministers spoke out against Hungary and wanted to impose „symbolic” consequences on the country. According to Borrell, 25 foreign ministers condemned Orban’s behaviour. The Hungarian received support only from Slovakia.

But Borrell has also been heavily criticised for his uncoordinated move to cancel the Budapest meeting. “Spain does not support a boycott in the EU,” Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares said. Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Xavier Bettel called the idea of ​​a boycott “nonsense”. Bettel said he would rather go to Budapest and express his opinion to the Hungarians. Germany, France and the Netherlands have also voiced opposition to Borrell’s proposal.

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In Brussels, it cannot be ruled out that Borrell’s boycott campaign will ultimately backfire: several ministers are now said to be staying away from the Brussels meeting on 28-30 August in protest.

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Hungary has held the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union since the beginning of July. Immediately after that visit began, Orbán made a surprise visit to Ukraine, Russia and China on a self-proclaimed “peace mission.” He also met with US presidential candidate Donald Trump. His meetings have drawn criticism from EU member states.

The European Commission had already reached its first conclusions a week ago. A Council spokesman had said that no commissioners would be sent to informal meetings of the Hungarian Council Presidency, but only senior officials. The decision was taken by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. There will also be no customary inaugural visit by the Commission to the new Council Presidency.

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Trump camp launches attack after Biden withdrawal



Trump camp launches attack after Biden withdrawal

As of: July 23, 2024 at 11:29 AM

After Biden’s withdrawal from the US election campaign, Vice President Harris appears to be the new Democratic nominee. The Trump camp and the Republicans have already adjusted their strategy.

While US President Joe Biden is widely respected by Democrats for his decision, the reaction from Republicans seems somewhat different.

The crowd began to boo when Trump’s running mate, J.D. Vance, declared at a rally in Ohio: “Joe Biden is out of the race.” In his hometown of Middletown, the newly elected Vance has now thrown himself into the campaign.

That has changed dramatically for the Republican Party as a result of Biden’s withdrawal. So they are immediately adopting a new strategy and portraying the planned change of candidates as undemocratic.

Republicans make serious claims

Vance, for example, rails against the supposed Democratic elite who, in his view, were pulling the strings in the background: “Now to nominate someone else because George Soros and Barack Obama and a few elite Democrats decided behind closed doors to prioritize the Democrats.” Joe Biden is out “This is a threat to democracy. It’s not the Republican Party that fights for democracy every day.”

House Republican Leader Mike Johnson goes a step further. On CNN, he says that in some states you can’t just change the nominee. 14 million people voted for him in the primary — and Biden’s withdrawal now renders their votes invalid.

In the US states of Wisconsin, Georgia and Nevada, there are already regulations on how to conduct a candidate swap, but since Biden has not yet been formally nominated, it probably won’t help that Republicans go to court much.

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Anti-Harris commercials are already running.

The second strategy directly targets Biden’s likely successor, current Vice President Kamala Harris. Donald Trump, who is running for the White House as a Republican, has already made a pitch at a campaign event in Michigan..

Trump, who mispronounced her name, says he just calls her „Laughing Kamala.” „You can tell a lot from her amazing smile,” the 78-year-old said. „She’s crazy.”

But the attacks are not limited to the personal level: Trump and Republicans are also blaming Harris on the political level — for everything the Biden administration has done.

Just an hour after he announced he would not run for re-election, the first TV ads came out: Harris was accused of covering up Biden’s supposedly poor health.

The short ad reads: “Kamala knew Joe couldn’t do the job, so she did it.” What they achieved was an invasion of the border, soaring inflation, and the death of the American dream.

Attack Surface When It Comes to Immigration

The immigration issue in particular could make Harris vulnerable to Republicans. As vice president, President Biden has tasked her with immigration policy.

“She didn’t do her job,” Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said on Fox News. “Harris is a failure.” Abbott said Americans should reject her at the ballot box in November.

It remains unclear whether Kamala Harris will actually run as a Democrat. Republicans are certainly preparing for that.

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Trump furious after Biden resignation – former president sees ‘danger to democracy’



Trump furious after Biden resignation – former president sees ‘danger to democracy’
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He presses

Donald Trump is angry. After Joe Biden dropped out of the presidential race, the Republican reacted angrily.

Updated from July 22, 1:53 p.m.: A day after Joe Biden dropped out, Donald Trump continues to distribute. The former US president wrote on TruthSocial: “It’s a new day and Joe Biden doesn’t remember dropping out of the race yesterday! He’s demanding his campaign plan and arranging talks with Presidents Xi (China) and Putin (Russia) about the possible start of World War III.

“He loses the debate badly, then panics and makes mistake after mistake. Then he is told he can’t win. They decide to vote for someone else, maybe Harris. They stole the race from Biden after he won the primary – for the first time! These people are the real danger to democracy!” Donald Trump wrote regarding the latest developments in American politics.

After Joe Biden Withdraws: Trump May Run Against Harris in US Elections

Updated from July 22, 12:02 PM: For Trump, Joe Biden’s withdrawal is likely to open a new chapter in the US election campaign. Shortly after Biden’s comments, the Republican vented his anger and criticized his former rival. He, in turn, tried to appoint Kamala Harris as his successor. Current analysis of the surveys written by CNN Meanwhile, he sees a close race between Trump and Harris if the two politicians run against each other in the 2024 US election.

CNN found that the average of the last six polls would give Trump 48% of the vote. Harris would get 47%. Political expert David Sirakov sees Democrats’ chances in the US presidential election improving significantly after Joe Biden’s withdrawal as a candidate. “The withdrawal has the potential to be a game changer. It’s an opportunity for Democrats to get back on the political front,” he said.

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Trump responds to Biden’s withdrawal: 'It’s a threat to democracy’

Updated from July 22, 10:43 AM: Donald Trump is still angry after Biden dropped out of the 2024 US presidential race. On Truthsocial, he once again criticized his former rival, writing: “Who is running our country right now? It’s not Crooked Joe. He has no idea where he is. If he can’t run for president, he can’t run our country!!!” Meanwhile, Trump said: “Biden did not have Covid. He is a threat to democracy!”

Meanwhile, in the wake of recent developments in US politics, the Republican front-runner also sees himself as needing „compensation” after spending money on the campaign against Biden.

Biden Withdrawal Impact: Stock Market and Bitcoin Reaction – Trump With Confidence

Update from July 22, 9:40 AM: The withdrawal of Joe Biden and the search for a successor to run in the US elections in 2024 is the dominant topic in the United States. There is currently no official opponent for Donald Trump. In these turbulent times, the US stock market started the new week with a setback. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has risen significantly: the price rose to more than $ 68,000 on Monday, its highest level in more than a month. Last night, the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency was temporarily trading at just under $ 68,500 on the Bitstamp trading platform.

According to analyst Timo Emden of Emden Research, the assumption in the crypto market is still that Donald Trump will win the upcoming presidential election and return to the White House as president. Trump is an advocate of reduced regulation and is generally seen as a supporter of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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Donald Trump Responds to Biden’s Withdrawal Ahead of US Elections, Feels 'Scammed’

Update from July 22, 5:45 AM: After Joe Biden’s withdrawal, Donald Trump is clearly angry. His campaign team has invested time and money in “the battle against fraudulent Joe Biden.” “We must now start over,” Trump wrote on the online platform Truth Social. The 78-year-old suggested that Republicans should compensate for the “fraud” on his party.

Update from July 21, 10:30 PM: About an hour after his initial reaction, Donald Trump retaliated against US President Joe Biden after he dropped out of the election campaign. “Corrupt Joe Biden is by far the worst president in the history of our nation. He has done everything in his power to destroy our country, from our southern border to energy dominance, national security, international standing and so much more,” Trump wrote in another post on Truth Social.

“He was destroyed in a devastating debate, and now the corrupt and radical Democrats are throwing him overboard,” Trump continued, referring to the failed televised debate. “He was unfit to serve from the start, but the people around him lied to America about his complete and utter mental, physical and cognitive decline. Whoever the Left puts forward now will be more of the same.”

Trump’s reaction to Biden’s withdrawal from the US election campaign

First report for July 21: Email WASHINGTON, DC — It’s been a long-running speculation, but it finally happened on Sunday night. U.S. President Joe Biden has withdrawn his candidacy for the 2024 U.S. presidential election after mounting criticism from his own ranks. He wants to focus on his duties as president and is proposing his vice president, Kamala Harris, as the new Democratic nominee. It didn’t take long for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to respond.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made extensive use of his first campaign appearance since the assassination attempt to mock rival Joe Biden’s problems. © Katie Boehmer/Saginaw News/AP/dpa

Trump Responds to Biden Withdrawal – ‘Not Fit to Serve’

“Corrupt Joe Biden was unfit to run for President and certainly unfit to serve — and never was!” Trump wrote on his Truth Social messaging service. “He only got the job of President through lies, fake news, and never leaving his basement,” the former president continued. Biden’s inner circle knew the president was unfit for office, and Trump continues to make the claims, attacking Biden’s doctors and the media in particular.

Trump wrote that the United States had suffered „great damage” from Biden’s presidency, but that he and his team „will repair the damage very quickly” after he concluded his re-election statement with the slogan „Make America Great Again.”

Trump Reacts to Biden Withdrawal – Vance’s Rep Also Calls for Immediate Resignation as President of the United States

Since announcing his candidacy, Trump has attacked Biden for his age and alleged lack of mental fitness. After Biden’s poor performance in a live televised duel with Donald Trump, a growing chorus of voices within the Democratic Party has been raised against the US president and disqualified from running again.

J.D. Vance, Trump’s running mate, had called for Biden to withdraw just hours earlier. He said that if the US president withdrew his candidacy, he should also resign from office. “Failure to seek re-election would be a clear admission that President Trump was right all along in his belief that Biden was not mentally fit to serve as commander-in-chief,” Vance wrote on X.

Trump’s reaction to Biden’s withdrawal from the US election campaign – the statement literally

“Crooked Joe Biden (Crooked Joe Biden) was not fit to run for President and is certainly not fit to hold office – and never was! He became President only through lies, fake news, and not leaving his basement. Everyone around him, including his own doctor and the media, knew he was not fit to be President, and he was not – and now look what he has done to our country, with millions of people, coming across our borders, completely out of control and unchecked, many from prisons and psychiatric institutions and a record number of terrorists. We will suffer greatly under his Presidency, but we will repair the damage he has done very quickly. Let’s Make America Great Again!” (FD)

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