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Switzerland votes: more climate protection – yes or no?



Switzerland votes: more climate protection – yes or no?

Status: 06/18/2023 05:53 AM

By 2050, Switzerland will be climate neutral. Today, the Confederates are voting on the corresponding Climate Protection Act. But the party with the most votes, the populist right-wing deputy prime minister, is campaigning vigorously for a „no” vote in the referendum.

In front of the Al Hadheerah supermarket in Geneva’s Servette district, I gather people: „Time is of the essence,” says this woman. You can vote yes three times for the Climate Protection Act. One of the men explains that he is from the Clima generation and clearly sees what is happening. Most parties support the new law. „I voted yes with complete conviction. Of course you can be afraid of change. But the Climate Protection Act doesn’t prohibit anything – there are only financial incentives. It would be a real shame to miss this opportunity.”

Opinion polls show a majority for the project

According to representative polls, more than 60 percent of Swiss want their government’s climate protection law to be approved in the referendum. The goal is for Switzerland to become climate-neutral by 2050 — after all, Switzerland also committed to this through the Paris Climate Agreement.

Fossil fuel consumption should be reduced as much as possible, but not banned. But if you replace the oil, gas or electric heating, you will feel relief financially. Companies that invest in climate-friendly technologies are also supported.

world Law promotion

„The climate protection law is a good Swiss compromise, as are almost all Swiss proposals,” says Reto Knuti, a climate researcher at ETH in Zurich. Along with more than 200 other scientists, he campaigned in an open letter for a yes to the referendum – although he believes climate protection law could be expanded.

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„It will not be enough,” says the scientist, „because the basic elements are missing in the field of air travel, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe financial center, in agriculture, there should be more.” „But this is kind of a course setting, a referendum: do we want this net-zero goal to be binding in law and do we want to implement it?”

The strongest party against climate law

Almost all of Switzerland’s political parties and business association support the climate protection law – but the party with the most votes, the vice-president of the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, opposes it. The senior vice president pushed through the referendum and called the proposal the „Electricity Consumption Act.” Large bills fly out of the wallet onto voting stickers. „Pay more?” Next to it says the answer – of course – „No”.

Even the scientific facts about climate change are being questioned by opponents of climate protection law. „Irrational climate policy, which is not supported by any scientific data, leads to deindustrialization and poverty,” says Stefan Reteker, senior vice-president and president of the association „Pro Switzerland”.

The sound becomes rougher

Before the referendum, Swiss opponents of the climate protection law were fighting particularly hard against scientists like climate researcher Knutty, who meddle in the debate. Science and politics should take care of their jobs, according to Senior Vice President and Chair of the No Campaign, Michael Graber.

The climate is harsh in the Swiss referendum on climate protection law. In his office at ETH Zurich, climate researcher Knutti points to a pile of bad messages nearly a meter high. He’s also received a lot of hate mail digitally, saying: „Sometimes it’s frustrating when you get attacked like that and when you see how other people are posting fake news, fake pictures and ridiculous numbers. But of course we have to be aware: we live in a society that isn’t driven by Facts only.”

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The failure of the first climate law

This isn’t the first time the senior vice president has taken a stand against climate protection law. In the summer of 2021, the party defeated the so-called „CO2 law” by referendum. According to opinion polls, this scenario should not be repeated – but in the end, as always in Switzerland, the electorate will decide on Sunday.

„I also think that’s enough,” says Coty. „If it’s rejected, then we have a big problem because we’ve had the second such law rejected in two years, and we can’t afford it.”

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Barack Obama advises Joe Biden to 'seriously’ reconsider his candidacy



Barack Obama advises Joe Biden to 'seriously’ reconsider his candidacy

Former US President Barack Obama has apparently expressed doubts to other Democrats in recent days about whether Joe Biden can win the US presidential election in November. Washington Post Obama reportedly said Biden should “seriously consider the merits of his candidacy.” Biden was vice president in the Obama administration from 2008 to 2016.

According to the newspaper, Obama is said to have spoken behind the scenes by phone with several interested Democrats who are also skeptical of Biden’s candidacy, including prominent politician Nancy Pelosi.

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Obama Worried About Biden’s Poll Numbers

Obama also expressed concern about Biden’s poll numbers in the debates. Things are looking increasingly worse for Biden, while Republican Donald Trump is increasingly winning voters. Obama is also clearly concerned about donors leaving the campaign.

Several Democrats in Congress have already withdrawn their support for Joe Biden. In an op-ed published last week in the New York Times, Hollywood actor George Clooney, who has been a major donor to Biden’s campaign, called on Biden to drop out of the race.

Pressure is mounting on the president. He reportedly met recently with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. Both warned Biden that his nomination would cast a shadow over Democrats’ chances in the November election.

The current US president, by contrast, remains stubborn: During a campaign appearance last week, Biden made it clear that he did not want to withdraw from running for office again. “We have to finish this job,” he told supporters in the small town of Northville, Michigan. “And I promise you, I’m fine.” (With AFP)

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Trump’s VP Vance on Germany: 'Green Energy Policy Is Ridiculous’



Trump’s VP Vance on Germany: 'Green Energy Policy Is Ridiculous’
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He presses

Trump has chosen J.D. Vance as his running mate. The Ohio senator has a critical eye on Germany, especially its security and energy policies.

Updated as of July 18, 2024 at 6:40 AM: The transatlantic coordinator of the federal government has recommended that Europeans engage constructively with the new government if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the election. Michael Link (FDP) said on the sidelines of the Republican Party convention in Milwaukee that Europeans should not grumble or complain about Trump or his then-Vice-President-elect J.D. Vance. Instead, for example, one should make clear that the war in Ukraine also concerns US interests.

New vice presidential candidate J.D. Vance is not backing down on Habeck’s energy policy. © IMAGO (2) / Panama Photos / ZUMA Press Wire (compiled)

Trump’s VP Vance looks critically at Germany, praises another EU country

First report dated July 17, 2024: WASHINGTON, D.C. – James David Vance has become known as a chronicler of America’s underdeveloped white working class with his book Hillbilly Elegy . He has earned a reputation for understanding this social group to which he himself belongs, but to which he no longer belongs since his career as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Yet with the support of Donald Trump, the political newcomer has been catapulted into the Ohio senator’s office. On domestic policy, Vance represents a more hawkish right-wing conservative position than Trump on issues like abortion. But what does he think of Germany?

Basically, Vance likes European countries with more sympathetic conservative governments; the more conservative the better. He has already praised Hungary in particular in the past. Viktor Orbán’s recent visit to Donald Trump highlighted the close ties between the Hungarian prime minister and Trump supporters. In the spirit of Orbán, Vance criticized the fact that Germany actually calls the shots in the EU, for example when it comes to cutting off financial resources to conservative-ruled EU countries that flout the rules.

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Vance criticizes Germany: It dominates the EU and spends too little on security

Aid money was withheld from Hungary because the country did not want to participate in support for Ukraine, and from Poland because of the conservative views of its previous government, Vance said in February in an interview with the Brussels-based newspaper. European Conservative. “This is not a rules-based order,” the Republican continued, “but a Europe that imposes liberal imperialist ideas from Brussels and Berlin on the rest of the continent.”

On the other hand, Vance demands that Germany take on international responsibility, especially in security policy. He essentially repeats Trump’s accusations that Germany does not provide enough resources for NATO since his first term as US president. Now that the Federal Republic has confirmed that it no longer wants to abandon the NATO spending target of 2%, Vance questions whether that is enough and fundamentally questions the defensive capabilities of the German armed forces.

France comparison: Trump’s VP questions Germany’s defense capabilities

So he threw Germany into an op-ed for Financial Times In February, for example, it said it had little to offer militarily, even though it spends far more on defence than France. “The French army has six highly efficient combined arms brigades, but Armed forces There he wrote with difficulty to gather a single fighting brigade.

Vance’s biography sparks discussion

JD Vance with him Hillbilly Elegy book (Promotional link)The book, published in German in 2018, has generated a wave of interest. In his autobiography, he describes the crisis of the white working class in the United States from a very personal perspective.

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In March 2023, Vance particularly eye-catchingWhen he called Germany’s conduct in the Ukraine war “shameful” on X. It is “an insult to our voters that so many Republicans agree with this,” because all of Germany’s promises “have turned into nonsense.” It is unclear to him why “American taxpayers are subsidizing Germany’s foolish energy policy and weak defense policy.” At the time, he was taking aim at Germany’s long-standing dependence on Russian gas, which has now largely been eliminated.

Downsizing manufacturing, Vance says, “in the name of a ridiculous green energy policy.”

He resumed his criticism of German energy policy at the Munich Security Conference in February. “If Putin is to be defeated at all costs, then stop, my dear German friends, deindustrializing your country in the name of a ridiculous green energy policy.” Vance thus insists on increasing German defense efforts, specifically developing the arms industry, but he frames it as if Germany itself created the problem to which it was supposed to respond.

Trump or Biden? It will be interesting in the US election campaign

Stay informed with our free US Elections newsletter. Contributions from our popular partners, such as The Washington Post, provide you with the American perspective. Translated into German. Click here to subscribe to the US Elections Pact newsletter.

“You’re deindustrializing your country while at the same time saying that Putin must be defeated at all costs,” the senator said at the security conference. At the same time, he believes European fears about further Russian aggression in the future are overblown. In a conversation with CNN Last December, he called the idea that Putin might “march into Poland or Berlin” “ridiculous.” Instead, Vance also represents Trump’s line to resolve the Ukraine war as quickly as possible, including territorial concessions from the invaded country.

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The European shift to the right has so far been too weak for Vance.

In general, the deputy largely agrees with his boss on foreign policy. China He said shortly after his nomination Fox News “The biggest threat we face, and the one that we are completely distracted from right now.” This is consistent with the idea that U.S. security commitments to European partners like Germany and military support for Ukraine represent that distraction.

He believes that if the United States continues to support Ukraine in the way Europe wants, it will push Putin’s Russia closer to China. “I wonder why we are making it more likely that Vladimir Putin will ally with communist China when we should really be trying not to push any country into Beijing’s arms,” he said. European ConservativeIn general, one should focus “more on East Asia” and “less on Europe,” Vance continued.

Ahead of the European elections, Vance said: European ConservativeHe would like to see more „populist victories” there, and for European elites to give voters what they voted for. According to him, this means less immigration: in Great Britain the Conservatives promised this, and in Italy Giorgia Meloni, but then failed to deliver. And the Federal Republic is no exception: „The fact that the AfD is doing so well is due solely to the fact that resistance to mass immigration is growing in Germany,” said Trump’s deputy Vance. (Michael Kester)

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Mother and son found dead at bottom of Lake Garda



Mother and son found dead at bottom of Lake Garda
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He presses

A 56-year-old woman who fled Ukraine with her 19-year-old son drowned in Lake Garda. They lived nearby. Divers found their bodies.

Riva del Garda – Terrible drama irritates rescue workers on Lake Garda in the north In ItalyThe Carabinieri of Riva del Garda in Trentino-South Tyrol have been searching for a 56-year-old woman and her 19-year-old son since Tuesday (July 16). They were Hanna S., who had fled the Ukrainian war zone in Donbas, and her son Oleksiy.

They lived in Rovereto in the Trento Adige valley and did not return home after the swimming trip. The 56-year-old’s partner frantically called the police to report the disappearance of his wife and son.

The two missing people disappeared on the beach in Riva del Garda. (Symbolic photo) © IMAGO/Michael Bihlmayer

Police begin search for missing people: Cell phone data leads rescue teams to towels on beach

Thanks in part to cell phone data analysis, the search has focused on the Punta Lido area near Riva del Garda. The mother and son were loudly Corriere del Trentino He left by bus in the morning and spent the day at the lake, CCTV footage shows.

Their towels, clothes and bags were found on the beach on Wednesday morning. At this point, the lake is already more than eight metres deep, just a few metres from the shore: “It is an area prone to strong currents and temperature fluctuations, and in the past other swimmers have drowned to the bottom,” explains one of the people. The lifeguard who works in the foreground works for the newspaper.

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The accident happened in this area.
The accident occurred in this area. © Imago/Michael Billmeier

They were considered missing: divers discovered the two bodies at a depth of 18 meters.

On Wednesday, divers made a horrific discovery at a depth of 15 meters: the sound of the two bodies was loud. They were found a short distance from each other between Punta Lido and Spiaggia dei Sabbioni. They were therefore not far apart, at a depth of about 18 meters. They were found by fire department divers. It was not clear on Tuesday evening when the dead would be recovered. The circumstances were also unclear. The mother worked as a caregiver, the son is said to have worked as a waiter in the catering industry.

Just a few days ago there was an Austrian Lake Garda rafting guide diesOn Monday there was one. Earthquake Holiday paradise shakes. Go further. Fish stock decline Local fishermen are very worried. There are also in the area Dangerous Encounters with Bears maybe.

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