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Opinion polls indicate that Plenkovic's ruling party is leading



Opinion polls indicate that Plenkovic's ruling party is leading

As of: April 17, 2024 at 9:08 PM

Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic's election victory is looming. According to opinion polls conducted after the elections, his conservative party is leading. The Social Democrats became the second strongest force. Both need coalition partners.

It is likely that Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic's ruling conservatives will be able to maintain their leadership position in the Croatian parliamentary elections.

According to the post-election poll, Plenkovic's party will be the strongest force. Accordingly, the ruling conservative party (HDZ) can count on 58 seats in parliament. They were followed by the SPD and the SPD with 44 seats. The right-wing populist “Homeland Movement” party came in third place, winning 13 seats.

HDZ and SDP will be needed Alliance partner

To obtain a majority, 76 seats in the Croatian Parliament are needed. Both the Social Democrats and the Croatian Democratic Union Party will need coalition partners to form the government. The country's president, Zoran Milanovic, announced that he would give the mandate to form the government to whoever can obtain 76 votes in Parliament.

The conservative Most party and the green leftist Mozimo party refuse to form a coalition with the Croatian Democratic Union Party. However, it is possible to form a coalition with the right-wing populist Homeland Movement (Domovinski Bockert). According to the current poll, even their votes will not be enough to obtain a majority.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic is considered one of Plenkovic's harshest critics.

Extreme hatred during the election campaign

The election campaign was characterized by a duel between the two most important political figures in Croatian domestic politics and their mutual hatred: Prime Minister and HDZ leader Plenković on the one hand and President Milanović on the other.

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Milanovic is one of Plenkovic's harshest critics. The very popular politician is a fierce populist whose positions fluctuate between left and right, sometimes flipping 180 degrees within a few days.

Plenković – Strong, pragmatic politician

His opponent, Plenkovic, is considered a moderate within the ranks of the conservative Croatian Democratic Union Party, parts of which act in a nationalist manner. The Prime Minister is a pragmatic power politician. This has made him compatible so far, even with coalition partners who are not necessarily ideologically close to the HDZ, such as representatives of the Serb and Italian minorities.

The participation rate in the elections was high. By 4:30 p.m., 50.6% of voters had voted. This is more than the number who voted by the end of the 2020 election.

Silke Hahn, ARD Vienna, Tagesschau, April 17, 2024, 7:59 pm

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Shooting puts Putin under pressure: Ukraine takes out Russian air force again



Shooting puts Putin under pressure: Ukraine takes out Russian air force again
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He presses

Russia is losing another „backbone”: the Su-25. Fighter jets play a major role in the Ukraine war – on both sides.

Khortytsiya – “Another enemy Su-25 fighter jet is burning in the Ukrainian steppes of Donbass,” the message says triumphantly. Ukrainian News Agency ocrinform It was reported that their air defenses appeared to have taken another hit Vladimir Putin The flying fleet has landed.

A Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircraft is said to have been hit and destroyed by a shell from an anti-aircraft gun. However, in the video cited as evidence from the island of Khortytsya near Zaporizhia, a huge gunshot is heard, accompanied by smoke as if coming from the mouth. Accordingly, it is possible Russia the Ukraine war In fact it costs another fighter jet.

So far, about 100 Russian combat aircraft are said to be out of service, according to various media consensus estimates. A disaster for Putin’s invading army: “You can twist and turn it as you like: the Sukhoi Su-25 is the epitome of an attack aircraft,” the magazine wrote Trip review. Accordingly, ground attack aircraft are participating from both sides. The Su-25 may form the backbone of the ground “special operation,” according to the Russian news agency TASS He proposed in May last year. Russian arms manufacturer Rostec then began planning to increase its combat value by further developing the aircraft’s armament – even though the basic model is already more than 40 years old.

The classic car „reloaded”: Belarus plans to relaunch the „backbone” of Putin.

“It is worth noting that the effectiveness of the latest modification of the Su-25SM3 has increased significantly; The aircraft can also use high-precision weapons. “We will continue to improve this machine taking into account the experience in the North-West,” said Vladimir Artyakov. TASS. The Deputy Director General of Rostec confirmed that the aircraft was designed to support ground units and destroy objects with pre-determined coordinates and in any weather, referring – at that time a year after the attack – to the experience of battles in Ukraine. .

He added: „The image of the flying tank will not disappear from the sky any time soon, even in the absence of suitable alternatives.”

In addition to massive onboard guns and unguided missiles, the standard armament of attack aircraft now consists primarily of glide bombs, which are currently causing enormous problems for Ukraine – including the Russian attack on Kharkiv. The SU-25 is said to be capable of carrying KAB-500 and KAB-1500 glide bombs. In this regard, current developments on the Ukrainian battlefield also worry NATO. Not only is Russia planning to modernize models that entered service in 1981, but planning for a new model of this type actually began after the first year of the war.

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OFF: A view from the cockpit of a Russian Su-25 during an attack on Ukraine in February 2022. Now Ukraine has successfully curbed aerial terrorism to some extent by shooting down another plane. © IMAGO/Russian Ministry of Defense

The Belarusian President has been a diligent partner Alexander Lukashenko He explained: “As the government told me, they are ready to produce the Su-25, which has proven itself in Ukraine, as a fighter aircraft, a workhorse. “We are even ready to produce it in Belarus if the Russian Federation provides a little technological support.” Belta. What is striking is that Belarus has never built aircraft.

„Frogfoot” on both sides: Ukraine also used the plane – against Luhansk

„Frogfoot” is the name of the aircraft in NATO language a star Shortly after the war began, he had praised it as „obsolete but almost indestructible”. However, this adulation seems misplaced: depending on the source, Russia is said to have already lost as many as 31 of its “pillars of action,” while Ukraine lost an estimated 19, although technical flaws may also have played a role in addition to The alleged shootings. For example, North Macedonia gave Ukraine four flightless Sukhoi 25s – perhaps only for dismantling. According to the statistics website oryx Ukraine also seized 14 Su-25 aircraft from Bulgaria; It has been purchased for Ukraine by other NATO partners

During the early conflicts over the annexation of Crimea, Ukraine reportedly used a Su-25 against the city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, held by pro-Russian separatists – where eight civilians were killed by unguided rocket fire and large shells. Caliber ammunition: “The bloodbath came suddenly and unexpectedly. It happened in the center of the city, in a building adjacent to a green square where civilians were walking and working. Eight people were killed, five women and three men, the Luhansk People’s Republic announced. Authorities in Kiev reported Same number CNN I mentioned. „Frog’s feet” are said to have played the main role.

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Prelude to escalation: Russia shot down the Ukrainian Su-25 plane ten years ago

It appeared to be a prelude to what would escalate ten years later: “This is believed to be the first time civilians have been killed or injured in a Ukrainian air force attack since pro-Russian groups began attacking buildings in Ukraine more than two months ago.” To occupy the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. CNN tracking. The US news station asked a ballistics expert to identify the size and pattern of the bullet holes as 30mm munitions, “which is part of the standard equipment of the Su-25 and Su-27 ground attack aircraft – both Ukrainian fighter jets.” CNN executed.

The Su-25 was also the first fast-flying fighter jet lost by the Ukrainian Air Force to Russian fire, with the incident dating back to July 16, 2014, according to the blog. Airhead fly Documented. Airhead fly It lists five other Ukrainian Su-25 kills in 2014 alone. The blog assumed a total Ukrainian stock of 36 such devices in 2014. According to the database FlightGlobal Russia will have 176 Su-25s in 2024. Other sources talk about up to 200 machines of various modifications.

Putin’s clumsy technology: map navigation, vision, and sticky chips

Reported in 2017 Defense and Security Monitor About Russian announcements to stop production of this type completely. The aircraft has been in service since 1981 with approximately 1,000 units – its first flight took place in the mid-1970s. The machines seem to be working Imitation of simple but almost indestructible Russian military technology He continued how a star– Author Gernot Kramber says: “Russian planes became famous when it became known that pilots had to carry out their missions without a navigation system, and had to fly to their destinations according to maps and vision. They were only able to obtain civilian external navigation systems through crowdfunding at home. Which was then attached to the cockpit with an adhesive film.

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Ukraine’s gun-based anti-aircraft defense system is also largely outdated; The weapons come mainly from Soviet Army stocks. In addition, Ukraine is still firing from German and British tubes. For example, Ukraine uses the SU-23 23 mm anti-aircraft gun and the S-60 57 mm anti-aircraft gun, both of which are Russian-made. The KDG fixed gun cannon as well as the mainly truck-powered cannon come from Germany SKYNEX System; Both come from Rheinmetall. the United kingdom The Terrahawk Paladin fixed system was recently delivered.

the cable– The video of the alleged plane shooting down shows a group of branches through which the plane can be seen hurtling, crossing a wide area – in this regard, the anti-aircraft gun was supposed to be a cut-down model hidden under a tree; This means: Vladimir Putin may have been beaten with his own weapons. Trip reviewEditor Patrick Zwerger had predicted a heavenly future for the type in the Russian army: “The image of the 'flying tank’ will not disappear from the sky any time soon – even in the absence of suitable alternatives.”

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Interview of the week – Von der Leyen sets terms for cooperation with MPs from right-wing parties



Interview of the week – Von der Leyen sets terms for cooperation with MPs from right-wing parties

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Copenhagen in May 2024 (picture Alliance / Ritzau Scanpix / Ida Marie Odgaard)

The Commission President stressed that it is about winning over political forces for – I quote – “the majority in the centre”. Von der Leyen stressed that there is no obligatory faction in the European Parliament. Rather, you must constantly search for and form the majority. That’s why it makes sense to look at individual representatives.

Von der Leyen is running in the European elections as the European People’s Party’s best candidate for a second term as Commission President. The CDU politician confirmed that the elections were „directional elections.” Rather, it is about developing Europe – or dividing and dismantling it.

Accusation of rapprochement with post-fascists in Italy

The Commission President has been criticized for not ruling out cooperation with the right-wing conservative ECR group in the European Parliament. The Social Democrats, the Left and the Greens accused her of cozying up to post-fascism in Italy. Prime Minister Meloni’s „Fratelli d’Italia” party is part of the European Council’s parliamentary group. Von der Leyen recently described Meloni as „clearly pro-European”.

Demand fair trade from China

In Deutschlandfunk, von der Leyen again criticized China’s trade practices. There is weak demand in China, but the country still heavily subsidizes electric vehicle production. So there is excess capacity. The United States has closed its market, so the European Union must be careful not to end up on the European market.

The Commission President pointed to the Chinese solar industry, which was heavily subsidized by the state and dominated the market with cheap products. Von der Leyen demanded fair trade.

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Investigation into protective definitions

She explained that the Commission has begun an investigation into the issue of protective tariffs on electric cars coming from China, as required by the rules of the World Trade Organization. However, the results are not yet available. The first step is to talk to the Chinese government. Von der Leyen rejected the accusation that she was heading towards a trade war with China.

Interview of the week with Ursula von der Leyen You can here Read slowly. You can listen to it Sunday at 11:05 am on Deutschlandfunk or soon in the DLF audio library.

This message was sent on May 25, 2024 via Deutschlandfunk.

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The 3-year-old boy likely died of starvation while his parents and sisters were celebrating at a burger restaurant



The 3-year-old boy likely died of starvation while his parents and sisters were celebrating at a burger restaurant
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He presses

In the case of the boy (3) from Epps near Kufstein (Tyrol) who starved to death at home, new shocking details continue to come to light. There is a suspicion of murder against the parents.

Kufstein – The starvation death of a three-year-old boy from the town of Epps north of Kufstein, on the German border, shocked the whole of Austria and the Bavarian region. An application for pre-trial detention was filed against the boy’s parents, which was implemented It was also imposed on Friday afternoon. Both are suspected of murder. The father loudly refuses Any statement the mother makes is unbelievable.

Tragedy in Austria: A young child (3 years old) was found dead in bed – his parents suspect murder

According to the spokesman for the Innsbruck Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hansjörg Mayer, “According to previous investigations, there is suspicion that the suspects failed to provide the three-year-old boy with food and fluids over a period of at least several weeks despite his clearly deteriorating health condition.” Contact He went to the doctor because of his apparent weight loss, and the child died as a result of the severe malnutrition he suffered from.”

The little boy likely starved to death in a family-friendly apartment complex. © Zoom Tyrol

On Wednesday, May 22, the suspected Austrian parents (25 and 26 years old) were arrested after staying in the hospital due to a psychological emergency. The first investigations took place on Thursday, May 23.

The boy was not fed “even though he was crying and screaming.”

The prosecutor’s office also announced that the father, a professional driver, exercised his right to refuse to testify. On the other hand, his wife stated that “the child had been sick for the past few weeks and had no appetite. Prosecutors confirmed that a doctor’s visit was planned soon There were rumors in the city that the boy had been lying dead in his bed for some time before his father raised the alarm on Monday. Accordingly, the time of death was on Pentecost Sunday. Therefore, the three sisters (1, 3, and 6 years old) did not show symptoms of deficiency. She was cared for by Child and Youth Services.

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How likely it is that the baby’s death had other medical causes will be clarified in further investigations – but so far there is no evidence of this. In sum, the child “was not fed, even though he was crying and screaming, while his twin sister and the other two girls (1 and 6 years old) were cared for and protected.”

The parents are said to have celebrated his birthday with the boy’s sisters

On the Friday before Pentecost, the parents celebrated their eldest daughter’s birthday at a fast-food burger joint while the little girl was alone at home, nearing death, reports said. At the weekend, the family went to the Grand Knights’ Festival in Kufstein – again without the boy. high picture Neighbors noticed that the family was receiving food often. The role of the grandmother, who is said to have sometimes looked after the children, is unclear. She protested strongly in front of reporters, saying that she had not noticed anything.

In Lower Austria, a woman and her partner were recently sentenced to long prison terms because they locked their son (12 years old) in a dog cage and tortured him almost to death. The case of Josef Fritzl, who held his daughter prisoner in an underground apartment from 1984 to 2008, occurred in Lower Austria.

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