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Ukraine uses modern Atacms aircraft



Ukraine uses modern Atacms aircraft
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A tempting war target: The Crimean Bridge has been attacked repeatedly — as happened here in October 2022. With new Atakum missiles, Ukraine could seriously damage the bridge and perhaps cut off Russian supplies entirely. © Uncredited/AP/dpa

First hit by a long-range US missile in Crimea: Ukraine uses Atakm again. There is cause for celebration, but it is very restricted.

CAPE TARANKUT – “When thousands of shrapnel fall on an anti-aircraft battery, there is nothing left,” Thomas Thiner said last September. world Tell. The former Italian artilleryman commented on the potential impact of the Atakum (Army Tactical Missile Systems) missile with cluster munitions. Looks like something like this has happened again. Newsweek Reports, citing various sources, stated that Ukraine It is possible that Crimea has been attacked again with Atakum missiles, and perhaps even with cluster munitions again. Vladimir Putin An S-300 anti-aircraft battery was now lost in the final attack. There is also talk of launching a strike against Russian positions in occupied southeastern Ukraine Daily news This is done using Atacms.

Newsweek It refers to Channel Newsweek Very cheerful. As happened last fall, when Ukraine dealt a heavy blow to the Russian air force for the first time; Until the New Zurich Times The topic lit up: “Blistering flames, huge clouds of smoke, and the outline of a combat helicopter against the red night sky: video images of inferno at the military airport in the Russian-occupied city of Berdyansk on October 17, 2023.” He immediately made it clear that the Russian Air Force had suffered a serious blow. It was soon confirmed that a new weapon was being used here: Ukraine fired American Atakum missiles for the first time.

„Putin's Nightmare”: The modern Ataxus symbolizes the principle of hope in Ukraine

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden I paid for the supply of this weapon. Ukraine will be able to travel long distances because the United States has delivered the current type with a range of up to 300 kilometers. The headline read: “With this weapon, Putin’s nightmare has come true.” world In September, when the first batch of missiles, the older type with a range of less than 200 kilometers, had probably just arrived at the front. It symbolizes the principle of hope, which the defenders of Russian terrorism seem to be using at every straw they have, because the situation in Ukraine is like a nightmare. Even if a battery in the Crimea were destroyed, it would be a drop in the ocean, even though it is world “All Russian facilities are in grave danger,” she responded again animatedly, wanting to know.

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Online time It is more realistic – if not quite pessimistic: in their view, it would provide the right weapon – but a year too late: “There is more promise in the missile than it can deliver,” wrote author Alexander Edlin. In fact, the number of Atacms delivered appears to be unclear. The first batch last fall described this Daily news As a “very small number”, it is now reported time according to The New York Times An additional 100 missiles were delivered – their advantage is that they can be launched from HIMARS missile launchers already in use in Ukraine.

Impact in Crimea: There is no tactical value without the use of ground forces

Meanwhile, the US has also reportedly delivered the modernized version with a range of up to 300 km and GPS, perhaps due to Russia's now significant superiority. This certainly gives Ukraine operational opportunities, but on the other hand, this is also an argument Institute for the Study of War (ISW) Caution: With Ukraine's ability to operate over longer distances, it is simply pushing Russian airfields, warehouses, or staging areas into the heart of Russia: a missile attack without follow-up ground forces will therefore not achieve long-term tactical success. .

Even the current attack on the air defenses in Crimea may be a successful event, but it is certainly unique – in contrast to the ongoing drone-assisted attack on the Black Sea Fleet, which has established Ukraine as a regional naval power. But what is more threatening is the war of attrition that Ukraine has been waging with increasing force for months, behind the lines of contact. Attrition is likely to increase with the new delivery of precision American Atakam missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers. world He was drafted blue late last year. There are still few signs of this.

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Time is ticking for Russia, but the clock may be ticking for the Crimean Bridge

The big bang may already be imminent. The Crimean Bridge remains a thorn in the side of Ukraine, which would become more vulnerable again with new missiles. But it is questionable how many missiles Ukraine would have to invest in order to cut off the lifeline of Russian supplies. At least Russia had time to use the months of wrangling the United States has witnessed to prepare itself. Since the successful attack by Ukraine in October, the Russians have had the opportunity to prepare for this threat ISW He writes. The Russians could have moved their warehouses back and better protected them against air raids.

The West remains somewhat concerned about the use of the weapon and Moscow's response in the event of an ATACM strike to the heart of Russia. Weapons are expressly intended for such “use within its territory.” Daily news Quoted by Jake Sullivan, the President's National Security Advisor. Currently – on April 28 – the news agency reported Reuters Based on renewed demand from Ukraine to the USA. In his weekly video address, President Volodymyr Zelensky said he recently spoke with US House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and asked him to hurry up: “In my conversation with Mr. Jeffries, I stressed the need for Patriot systems, and as quickly as possible.” „.

Cutting supplies: Ukraine's chance to stabilize the front

Reuters At the same time, reports indicate that the situation on the front in Ukraine is deteriorating: since the capture of the city of Avdiivka, Moscow's forces have been advancing slowly, taking advantage of the defenders' lack of artillery and soldiers. The Kiev forces were to take up new positions west of the villages of Berdykhi and Semenivka, both north of Avdiivka, and Novomikhylivka, south near the town of Marinka. “In general, the enemy achieved certain tactical successes in these areas, but was unable to achieve operational advantages,” Laut said. Reuters Colonel-General Oleksandr Sersky, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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In March, the most famous German military historian Sönke Neitzel said NDR He joked that he was almost accused of defeatism at the recent Munich security conference when he said he would be happy if at least Ukraine didn't lose. Neitzel repeatedly stresses the need to increase Ukraine's ability to attack. According to him, optimism is spread primarily by those who have no idea “how difficult it is to carry out offensive operations,” he said. Atacms can contribute to offensive capability. It seems so too MirrorAuthor Gernot Kramber said he feared the Ukrainians would not be able to withstand Russian pressure much longer.

If it now becomes possible to cut off Russian supplies and strike command structures, Russian offensive momentum will weaken. “This does not mean victory, but the Ukrainians will at least have a chance to stabilize their front.” (priest)

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Putin’s peace offer in Ukraine war is merely a 'revival of National Socialism’



Putin’s peace offer in Ukraine war is merely a 'revival of National Socialism’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer for peace negotiations. He compared the Kremlin’s actions to the policies of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich.

In an interview with the Italian news channel Sky TG24 Zelensky explained that the offer was an ultimatum that would not differ from previous ones. “What he is doing is reviving Nazism,” Zelensky said. Therefore, Putin wants Ukraine to give up the territories occupied by Russia, but at the same time he is interested in the unoccupied territories. According to Zelensky, Putin has no intention of ending the war. A frozen conflict will not be possible.

The Ukrainian head of state cited the partition and annexation of Czechoslovakia by Adolf Hitler in 1938 as an example of this approach. The German dictator at the time claimed that the Sudetenland was Nazi Germany’s last territorial demand – which ultimately turned out to be just that. to lie.

About Zelensky’s statements The Kyiv Independent website also reported.

Zelensky’s advisor: The proposals do not end the war in Ukraine

Mykhailo Podoliak, Zelensky’s advisor, commented In a post on X And also Putin’s demands. Russian claims on Ukraine would amount to Ukraine ceding its territory, giving up its sovereignty and leaving itself unprotected. He also stressed that the peace proposals are not new and that they will not end the war.

Giving up territory and not joining NATO: this is what Putin demands

On Friday afternoon, Putin made the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from four regions and renunciation of NATO membership a condition for peace negotiations. Putin told Russian Foreign Ministry executives that once Kiev begins withdrawing from the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions and formally abandons its plans to join NATO, „we will cease fire immediately, literally in the same minute, and start talks.” .

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Putin called on Ukraine to hand over these areas, which are partially occupied by the Russian army, to Russia. Moscow announced the annexation of Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions in September 2022. For Kiev, these conditions represent an effective demand for surrender. (With AFP)

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Ukraine War: Ukraine and NATO reject Putin’s ceasefire conditions



Ukraine War: Ukraine and NATO reject Putin’s ceasefire conditions

the Ukraine He rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conditions for a ceasefire and peace negotiations, describing them as „eyewash.” “There is nothing new, no real peace proposals and no desire to end the fighting,” Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podlyak wrote on Channel X. One must stop taking Russia’s „proposals” seriously, which contradict common sense.

It was before Put it in He told Russian Foreign Ministry executives that his country would „immediately cease fire and begin talks” if Ukraine withdraws from the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions and renounces NATO membership. Ukraine should also fully hand over to Russia the areas partially occupied by the Russian army.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba described Putin’s statements as ridiculous. Kuleba said that Putin’s goal is to mislead the international community.

The United States government does not want peace through dictatorship

Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg He said at the conclusion of a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels that Putin’s conditions „are not a peace proposal” but „a proposal for more aggression and more occupation.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin accused Putin of wanting to „dictate” peace to Ukraine. Putin has occupied Ukrainian territory in violation of international law and has been unable to tell Ukraine what to do to reach a solution. Austin said: “We do not want the leader of a country to wake up one day and decide to erase his neighbor’s borders and annex his lands. This is not the world we all want to live in.”

Ukraine demands the complete withdrawal of Russian forces

Ukraine is conducting a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from its internationally recognized territory, including in 2014. Russia Annexation of Crimea as a condition for possible peace negotiations.

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Sahira Wagenknecht finds Putin’s demands „understandable”

On the other hand, BSW President Sarah Wagenknecht called for openness to Putin’s conditions. Wagenknecht said Ukraine and the West must „avoid the historical mistake of crudely dismissing signals from Moscow as unrealistic maximum demands.” Instead, Putin’s initiative should be treated “with due seriousness” and seen as a starting point for negotiations.

Wagenknecht said that Ukraine’s permanent non-nuclear status and renunciation of NATO membership are „understandable demands from Russia.” It is „in Europe’s existential interest to find a compromise now to avoid the risk of a major European war.” The G7 heads of state and government must respond quickly to this offer.

At the end of the week, representatives of more than 90 countries and organizations want to speak in Switzerland about the possibilities for achieving peace in Ukraine. Russia does not participate.

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Elections in Great Britain: Poll finds the UK Reform Party ahead of the Conservative Party for the first time



Elections in Great Britain: Poll finds the UK Reform Party ahead of the Conservative Party for the first time

Three weeks before Great Britain’s general election, the right-wing populist Reform Party of Britain is said to have overtaken Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s conservative Conservative Party in a poll for the first time. In the institute’s published survey YouGov On behalf of the newspaper times The UK’s reform rate rose by two percentage points to 19 per cent, putting it in second place behind Labour.

According to the poll, Labor itself lost one percentage point, but is still clearly in the lead with 37 percent. President Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives remained unchanged at 18 percent, putting them in third place for the first time. Although the gap between the Conservatives and Reform in the UK is small, YouGov is already talking about a political 'earthquake’.

However, the impressive result of the poll by international opinion research institute YouGov rests on a relatively uncertain foundation. There is currently no other poll to confirm the result. YouGov surveys are based on invitations via email or in the YouGov app. There, users can answer questions on a wide range of topics. Users receive points that can be collected and redeemed for rewards.

About uncertainties in surveys

Representative surveys are always subject to errors. It can be assumed that the actual value is likely to be in the range of one to three percentage points above or below the finally declared measured values. We now show the corridor for this statistical error in our graphics of the election polls.

Results are always based on sample surveys. These services usually only cover certain parts of the population (such as people with a landline phone connection or Internet users). Some potential participants are passive and do not even want to be interviewed. Questions are sometimes misunderstood and not always answered truthfully. For example, also in response to previous surveys. However, in order to account for general opinion across all population groups, pollsters must compensate for missing measurements and suspected inaccuracies and reweight the available numbers. These (usually opaque) formulas vary between institutions and therefore lead to different data.

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Survey results are always snapshots. Nothing more can be drawn from this than an approximate tendency of opinion. Even if the statements and calculations at the time of the poll’s publication were close to reality, it is still unclear whether voters surveyed at that time would actually cast their ballots later or change their minds in a short time.

The Conservatives have been in power for 14 years and are under intense pressure before the elections. In opinion polls, the Conservatives have been significantly trailing the opposition Labor Party for several months.

The Reform Party UK is the new party led by Nigel Farage, who was previously leader of the Brexit Party. With its tough anti-immigrant stance, the UK Reform Party could steal more votes from the Conservatives. Farage said in a debate on Britain’s ITV that he actually sees his party as „the opposition to Labour”.

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