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The family dog ​​bites little Ezra to death! The baby was only six weeks old



The family dog ​​bites little Ezra to death!  The baby was only six weeks old

Parents warn: 'Any dog ​​can attack at any time’

Family dog ​​bites six-week-old baby to death

Little Ezra (six weeks old) was killed by a dog.


Little Ezra was her big dream!

But the family happiness of mother Chloe, her husband and their six-week-old son ends in drama. One of the family dogs suddenly bites the child. Then came the sad news on Thursday: Although doctors were doing everything they could, the little boy was dying from his serious injuries.

The mother speaks tearfully about her Ezra

Being his mother was the greatest honor and best thing I have ever done„Chloe Mansour from Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) speaks to CNN in tears. The possibility that one of her two dogs could suddenly bite is unimaginable. The husky lived with the family in the house for eight years and nothing ever happened. Mother Chloe, who does not… Still clearly in shock, she now wants to warn other parents: “It can happen to any dog ​​at any time. Totally unjustified, regardless of the dog’s history.

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In the midst of her deep grief, Chloe and her husband make a brave decision: they want to donate Ezra’s organs and use them to help other families. They say the decision gave Chloe and her husband a short period of peace. The dog has since been transferred to an animal shelter.

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