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Simulation shows devastation caused by outbreak – schools experience emergency



Simulation shows devastation caused by outbreak – schools experience emergency
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The massive volcano in the Phlegrean Fields continues to shudder – and localities are training for emergencies. A new documentary shows what a medium-sized eruption can do.

Pozzuoli/Naples – The giant volcano in the Phlegraine fields in southern Italy no longer stops shaking. As of Monday morning, more than 30 tremors had been measured within 24 hours. Both tremors had a magnitude of 1.6, but dozens of people were also reported to have felt weaker quakes.

Disaster Prevention Exercise at Supervolcano – Hundreds of students were brought outdoors

On Monday, four schools with several hundred students in Pozzuoli and the Bagnoli district of Naples were temporarily evacuated as part of a civil protection exercise. It's loud about thatTo test the leadership levels in municipal and regional structures that will be called upon if the situation worsens.

Recently, a documentary broadcast on Swiss television shocked the whole of Italy. The documentary simulated how the maximum eruption of the Phlegrean Fields volcano would destroy Naples. The film was based on the largest supervolcanic eruption to date, nearly 40,000 years ago. In this case, the small coastal town of Pozzuoli, located directly in the caldera of the massive volcano, and its neighboring towns would literally explode.

But the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) explained that there are no signs of a huge eruption like the one that last occurred 15,000 years ago. INGV currently fears earthquakes that will be stronger than those that have occurred recently.

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A new video shows: Even a moderate-sized volcanic eruption would incinerate the entire area in a cloud of embers

Science Channel It has now also published a documentary about the supervolcano, in which a volcanic eruption in the phlegrain fields was simulated, albeit smaller. The channel's team, led by geologist Andrea Moccia, created a 3D computer simulation of the largest eruption at the giant volcano, which occurred after the last major eruption about 15,000 years ago. After this big explosion, there were about 70 smaller explosions. The largest of these smaller eruptions was the Monte Spina eruption about 4,550 years ago Geopop taken as a model.

But it was also difficult, as you can see in the video. It is run by Moccia together with the head of the Naples News Channel department, Ciro Pellegrino. You can see how the ground in the famous Solvatra crater near Pozzuoli shakes and steams intensely. Lightning then strikes the crater, followed by a violent explosion and the crater spews a huge black cloud. This volcanic cloud has something special: it consists of toxic gases, smaller lava particles and ash, and its temperature is about 500 degrees.

Here the glowing cloud rises behind Pozzuoli Air Force Academy. © YouTube/Geopop

Maradona Stadium will burn with ash reaching 500 degrees

The embers cloud rises 20 to 30 kilometers into the atmosphere and accelerates along the Earth in all directions at a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour. It would immediately burn Pozzuoli and the surrounding towns, but would also push towards the west of Naples. Among other things, the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium is located here Azzurri From SSC Naples. The documentary explains that this 55,000-seat stadium will also swallow this cloud.

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However, the seats are empty. The video makers assume there will be time to evacuate the red zone area before such a large eruption occurs. Since the last eruption of Vliegrain in 1538, we know that there are enough warning signs to prevent a major catastrophe until then. In 1538, the ground rose 19 meters as Monte Nuovo erupted, Moccia explains. For comparison, he says: At the current stage, the land in the Bay of Pozzuoli has risen by 80 cm since 2016. Since the 1950s, it has risen by four metres.

A new documentary shows the effects a phyllagrain eruption could have.
The Geopop video also shows, among other things, how Maradona Stadium was swallowed up by a 500-degree cloud. © YouTube/Geopop

No one knows where the giant volcano in southern Italy will erupt next

In addition, there were once much more violent earthquakes than today – up to magnitude 8. The largest earthquake last fall had a magnitude of 4.2. The thermal springs were also more active then than they are now. The eruption of Monte Nuovo was very small compared to the eruption simulated by Geopop – much smaller than the eruption of Monte Spina, the model Geopop simulated. Before the eruption phase, Pozzuoli Bay had risen by 60 metres.

A new documentary video simulates a volcanic eruption in the phyllgrain fields.
In the Geopop video, a medium-sized eruption occurs in the middle of a residential area. © YouTube/Geopop

Moccia and Pellegrino show that only three to four out of 70 eruptions in phyllgrain fields over the past 15,000 years had dimensions like the ones they simulated. The state-run INGV institute believes the next eruption will be similar to the small eruption at Monte Nuovo. But the problem is: No one knows where the next volcano in the phyllgrain fields will erupt.

It is densely populated everywhere. Even in distant Naples, the ash cloud will leave a 30-centimetre layer on roofs, which could cause many buildings to collapse. Static investigations of existing buildings are currently underway in Pozzuoli. One problem, according to Pellegrino, is that about 20 percent of the homes are black buildings that are often structurally questionable but where people live. No one can check the coils to see if they can withstand a volcanic eruption.

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Recently, a new study caused a stir by identifying a new source of danger in the supervolcano. Other scientists warn that a volcanic eruption at sea could cause a huge tsunami. Scientists also marvel at the Mount Erebus volcano in Antarctica. The Earth's southernmost active volcano emits gold dust into the atmosphere every day.

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Israel: Netanyahu must present a plan – otherwise Minister Gantz will threaten to withdraw from the government



Israel: Netanyahu must present a plan – otherwise Minister Gantz will threaten to withdraw from the government
outside Final warning in Israel

Netanyahu must present a plan, otherwise Minister Gantz will threaten to withdraw from the government

Massive protests against Netanyahu in Israel again

Massive demonstrations took place again against Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel. The demonstrators accuse the government of abandoning Hamas hostages. Meanwhile, Benny Gantz, a minister in the Israeli war cabinet, threatened to resign from the government.

Benny Gantz called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to present a plan for the post-war order in the Gaza Strip by June 8. If Gantz carries out his threat, it could have far-reaching consequences for the Israeli government.

BEni Gantz, a minister in the Israeli war cabinet, threatened to resign from the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The politician said Saturday evening in Tel Aviv that if the prime minister does not present a plan for the post-war regime in the Gaza Strip by June 8, he and other members of the National Union Party will leave the government.

Among other things, Gantz called for the establishment of an alternative American-European-Arab-Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip, which under no circumstances could be Hamas or Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. In addition, hostages from Gaza must be returned and relations with Saudi Arabia must be normalized. Gantz also called for adopting the concept of military service for all Israelis. “Prime Minister Netanyahu, I look you in the eye this evening and say – the choice is in your hands.”

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The 64-year-old politician joined Netanyahu’s government as a minister without portfolio and a member of the war cabinet after the unprecedented attack by Hamas and other terrorist groups on October 7. In doing so, the participants wanted to send a signal of unity. The centrist party, the National Union, led by Gantz, stands in opposition. Opinion polls indicate that she is currently ahead by a large margin over the Likud Party led by Netanyahu.

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One demonstrator shows an upside-down triangle with her fingers.  Hamas and its followers use an inverted red triangle to identify terrorist targets

Netanyahu’s office said that Gantz’s demands would mean a defeat for Israel, the handover of the majority of hostages, Hamas remaining in power, and the establishment of a Palestinian state, according to media reports. Netanyahu believes that forming an emergency government is important to achieve all the goals of the war, including the return of all hostages.

Brexit could lead to a government crisis

Israel is under international criticism due to the large number of civilian casualties and the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. Many in the country complain that the war has not achieved a decisive victory, even after more than seven months. The fact that more than 100 hostages are still in the hands of Hamas also raises criticism of the government.

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon at an anti-Israel demonstration in Geneva

Netanyahu has been in power since the end of 2022 alongside the far-right and extremist religious parties. He has so far refused to present a plan for the management and reconstruction of the Gaza Strip after the end of the war so as not to offend his partners in the far-right coalition.

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They are pursuing unrealistic goals such as building Jewish settlements in Gaza, but Netanyahu’s political survival depends on them. If Gantz carries out his threat and leaves the government, this could spark a government crisis.

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Donald Trump demands Joe Biden take a drug test before debate



Donald Trump demands Joe Biden take a drug test before debate

The two alleged contenders for the position of US President agreed on a date for a television debate. Now Trump is making a new request.

Former US President Donald Trump called on current President Joe Biden to submit to a drug test before their duel on Monday in a television debate for the first time during the election campaign at the end of June. „I don’t want him to get there like he did in the State of the Union address,” Trump said during a Republican Party event in St. Paul, Minnesota. „He was as high as a kite.”

Trump has previously indicated several times in interviews that the US President was under the influence of substances on various occasions. He previously made similar accusations against his rival, Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 election campaign. Trump has not yet provided any evidence for his allegations. Biden has not yet commented on Trump’s allegations.

Ahead of the US presidential election in November, President Joe Biden and his rival Donald Trump want to compete against each other in two televised debates. Biden challenged Trump to two televised duels on Wednesday, and he immediately accepted the challenge. The American CNN network said that the first debate will take place on June 27 in Atlanta, Georgia. The two competitors also agreed on a second date on September 10.

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Her fiancé had died two months ago, and now Mia had died too



Tucson (Arizona/USA) – In the American state Arizona It is a couple with two different people within a short period of time accidents He died. Their families are angry about the lack of security on the streets.

Mia Valencia, †21, died just months after her fiancé was killed in another motorcycle accident in Tucson. ©

For two months, Mia Valenica mourned her fiancé, Xander Reeser, who died in a motorcycle accident last March. Now the 21-year-old’s family is grieving after Mia herself died in a motorcycle accident on May 10, according to reports. 13News.

„She’s in shock. It’s unbelievable,” said David Valencia, Mia’s father. “You hope you wake up the next day and it’s not true.”

The hope of the two affected families is that “they are together now.”

Bad luck
Fatal accident at construction site: One-ton component buries workers

According to police, Mia, who was a backseat passenger, and an unnamed driver were riding a motorcycle at high speed on the Catalina Highway in Pima County, southern Arizona.

They both left the road in a curve and collided with a guardrail. Both Mia and her companion were thrown off a bridge.


The driver suffered minor injuries

Mia and her fiancé, Xander Reeser, shared a love of motorcycling. ©

A witness to the incident said: “I looked down and there was a man sitting there crying.” “I saw that his knees were all scratched up. Next to him there was a motionless girl still wearing her motorcycle helmet.”

The driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries, while Mia Valencia died at the scene.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Bad luck
A giant billboard collapsed on a gas station during the storm – killing 14 people

David Valencia shared his love of motorcycles with his daughter. But after losing two loved ones in just a few months, he wants others to be careful.

“There are areas where you can drive fast,” he said. “But on some roads, you have to drive slowly,” he warned. Because sometimes you don’t get a second chance…

They both died in separate accidents within a short period of time. ©

Mia Valencia and her father, David Valencia. He described his daughter as „always open.” And: „Her smile was so big. Her eyes would light up a room any day.” ©

In order to pay for Mia’s funeral, her family must raise money Set up a fundraising page.

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