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How artificial intelligence is being exploited for child pornography



How artificial intelligence is being exploited for child pornography


As of: January 5, 2024 at 6:08 AM

AI is increasingly being misused to create child pornography, e.g Zoom in on the screenResearch has shown. Some images are artificially created, others are based on real images of children or even real child abuse.

Written by Fabian Sigurd Severin, SWR

Thousands of doctored images of children and young people are distributed across the social media platform Instagram under specific hashtags. Many of them were photographed in skimpy lingerie, swimsuits, or in sexual positions. This is what research shows SWR– Investigation format Zoom in on the screen.

Some accounts that share such images are associated with trading, crowdfunding, or community platforms. Images of explicit child sexual abuse created using artificial intelligence (AI) are sometimes distributed. Experts warn that images of abuse generated by artificial intelligence are dangerous: they make investigative work more difficult and could increase the willingness of child molesters to commit real attacks.

Trading images generated by artificial intelligence from Child abuse

Among the associated community platforms Zoom in on the screen– According to research, a Japanese website is sharing explicit AI-generated images of child abuse. It is also known to BKA and, according to user reviews, appears to be used by people with pedophilia disorder to communicate with others.

Many users from there link to a website containing real images of child abuse. This is confirmed by the Internet Watch Foundation, an international child sexual abuse reporting center based in Great Britain.

AI-generated images based on real child abuse are also circulating. This is indicated by user comments within the images generated by artificial intelligence, as well as observations by the Internet Watch Foundation.

Missing Security mechanisms

“People sell access to such images or get paid to produce them,” says Dan Sexton of the British NGO. So far, the organization has found most images of AI-generated child abuse on the dark web. According to Sexton, as the number increases, the risk of more and more of them accessing the open Internet increases. “This is not something that might happen in the future, but it is something that is already happening now.”

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Artificial images of pornography are produced for children and young people Zoom in on the screen-According to research, primarily with a version of the AI ​​software Stable Diffusion. Unlike the two major competing AI programs DALL-E And the middle of the trip, Which is used to create images, Stable Diffusion is open source software and its code is publicly available. The software version does not include any security mechanisms that prevent, for example, the creation of nude images. This is shown through self-experience Zoom in on the screen-Editorial Board.

Possible overload of the authorities

The BKA does not separately record cases of AI-generated pornography, but classifies the overall risk of pornography to children and young people as high. In 2022, the number of cases increased by 7.4 percent for child pornography and by 32.1 percent for youth pornography. In addition, real, everyday images could serve as the basis for AI-generated pornography. According to the BKA, synthetic images are difficult to distinguish from real ones.

“What I find worrying is that the number of materials available will increase, but above all the quality of the content,” says Senior Prosecutor Markus Hartmann. He heads the Cybercrime Center and Contact Point (ZAC) in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to Hartmann, this development may lead investigative authorities to incorrectly evaluate AI-generated images as new actual abuse and thus reach the limits of their resources.

Amnesty InternationalChild pornography It can provoke perpetrators

But artificially displaying child pornography also poses a risk for people with child sexual exploitation disorders, says Professor Klaus-Michael Beier, director of the Institute for Sexual Sciences and Sexual Medicine at the Charite in Berlin. He also runs Don't Be a Perpetrator in Berlin, a support service for pedophiles.

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The problem: As with real child pornography, AI-generated images also distort perception, Pierre says. They trick pedophiles into believing that sexual intercourse between children and adults is possible and that children desire it.

His warning is supported by an international study conducted by the Finnish NGO “Protect Children”. More than 8,000 people consuming child abuse images on the Darknet participated in this campaign. About a third of those surveyed stated that they actually sought to connect with children after seeing the illustrations.

A potential legal loophole in Germany?

In Germany, the distribution, acquisition and possession of pornographic images of children or young people is prohibited according to Article 184b and c of the Criminal Code. But since there is still no case law on the exploitation of children and young people in AI-generated pornography, this creates uncertainty, according to the Minister of Justice of Rhineland-Palatinate, Herbert Merten (FDP): “One problem may be that Simply produce it without distributing it.” „They want to get away with it if they do it with artificial intelligence. If they do it with real children, it's punishable by law.”

The Conference of Justice Ministers therefore asked Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) to set up an expert committee to deal with the new developments, says Merten.

Required under EU law Platform provider

This is what the spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Justice wrote Zoom in on the screen– Demanding the examination of “criminal law instruments” on an ongoing basis. In addition to real images, “pornographic representations of children and young people regularly generated using artificial intelligence” are also punishable. If illegal content is distributed via online platforms such as Instagram or the Japanese site mentioned above, the Digital Services Law will apply. EU law requires platforms to establish reporting procedures and to take action against improper use of their services.

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Spokespeople from Instagram and the Japanese community platform are putting themselves out there Zoom in on the screen– Clearly investigate child pornography. Instagram takes action not only against sexually explicit content, but also against profiles, pages or comments that share images of children that do not have a clear sexual connotation, if the captions, hashtags or comments contain signs of inappropriate emotion.

Platforms are insufficiently responsive

Zoom in on the screenHowever, research shows that Instagram and the Japanese site do not adequately comply with the obligation to remove illegal content. During the research, the editorial team reported dozens of Instagram accounts whose owners advertised the sale of real-life pornography to children and young people.

Only a third of accounts were deleted by Instagram within 48 hours. For others, no violation of community guidelines was initially identified. The remaining accounts were not deleted until further notice.

A spokeswoman for the Japanese site wrote that… Zoom in on the screen AI-generated images containing child and youth pornography have been deleted. But even after their answer, similar AI-generated images of child abuse could be found on the community platform.

“In Germany we have appropriate legal framework regulations that can be used to remove something like this from the Internet,” says Rhineland-Palatinate Justice Minister Merten. „Our problem is always bringing the pollutant under control.”

Many perpetrators reside abroad and are therefore difficult to catch. In addition, international cooperation is sometimes difficult. Prosecutor Hartmann sees the problem above all in the fact that it is not easy for platform operators to recognize the corresponding images.

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As of: April 22, 2024 at 2:29 p.m

Despite the temporary injunction, Supreme Court decision and harsh criticism: British Prime Minister Sunak wants to adhere to the controversial deportation agreement with Rwanda in all circumstances.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to ignore orders from the European Court of Human Rights regarding his asylum deal with Rwanda. This was stated by the conservative politician at a press conference in London shortly before the start of new discussions in Parliament on his deportation law. Sunak said that he does not believe that his country is contravening international law.

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The deportation law now aims to overturn this ruling. The draft law is currently pending between the House of Representatives and the Senate, as most of them have reservations about it. However, Sunak instructed his party's MPs in both houses to sit on Monday for it to be passed. He ruled out making any concessions. “There is no answer or question, these flights will take off to Rwanda,” the Prime Minister said.

Criticism from almost all sides

The opposition, as well as human rights activists, strongly criticize the project. But the deal is also controversial among Sunak's Conservatives. Hardliners within the Prime Minister's Conservative Party say the government's bill does not go far enough – and the Conservative Liberals, in turn, fear that Great Britain will violate international law.

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According to Russia, the United States faces humiliation in Ukraine
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The United States decided to provide billions more in aid to Ukraine. Russia warns of an exhausting war, such as what happened in Vietnam or Afghanistan.

Moscow – The US House of Representatives approved on Sunday a billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine after months of deadlock in the House of Representatives: Washington is investing an additional $60.84 billion against Vladimir Putin. Moscow's leadership responded to the decision with a warning.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said loudly that Washington would start a hybrid war against Moscow that would end in humiliation similar to the conflict in Vietnam or Afghanistan. Reuters. Above all, Washington's money would keep the United States embroiled in an exhausting, protracted conflict with losses for both sides.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sakharova with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. © Imago/Russian Foreign Ministry

The United States does not want to send armed forces, but Russia warns against escalation

Zakharova also said that Russia would provide an “unconditional and decisive response” if the United States becomes more involved in the Ukraine war than before. Even if the United States once again rules out sending its or NATO forces to Ukraine. The United States clearly wanted to fight Ukraine “to the last Ukrainian” – including launching attacks on Russian territory and civilians.

CIA Director William Burns warned last week that Ukraine may lose on the battlefield without more American military support, but with this support, Ukrainian forces can survive this year.

Relations between the United States and Russia are worse than they have been since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

According to Russian and American diplomats Reuters A large-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 sparked the worst conflict in relations between Russia and the West since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

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In any case, the United States wants to prevent scenarios like those that occurred in the Vietnam War between 1955 and 1975. They lost more than 58 thousand soldiers and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. The exhausting war ended with the victory of communist North Vietnam and the capture of the South. (M)

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Ukraine destroys Putin's factory – the factory is located 1,300 kilometers across the border
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During the Ukraine war, drones repeatedly penetrated deep into Putin's territory and caused massive damage. An aircraft factory has recently been targeted.

MOSCOW – Although Kiev has to rely primarily on the defensive side of the front in the Ukrainian war, long-range drones can frequently penetrate deep into Russian territory. Now it seems that another strike has been achieved – and this one has achieved everything. On Wednesday (April 17), Ukrainian drones appear to have struck a fighter jet factory in the Tatarstan region.

The Gorbunov Aircraft Factory produces the important Russian Tu-22M and Tu-160M ​​bombers, which have been repeatedly used against Ukrainian cities and sites since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The military factory is located 1,300 kilometers from the Ukrainian border – deep in the heart Russia. That is why such an attack is doubly painful for the Russians. Drone attacks bring the conflict to the aggressor's country and also make it clear to the people of Russia: the Tsarist Empire is at war.

Various drones at a Ukrainian defense industry event. © imago/bahmutbuffalo/ukrinform/abaca

The Russian Ministry of Defense denies the attack: no damage was caused to Putin's factories

The Ukrainian army is still assessing the extent of the damage caused Kyiv Post mentioned. Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense denied that the factory was damaged, only reporting that two drones had been successfully shot down over the Tatarstan and Mordovia regions. Russian news agency TASS He announced that the terrorist drone attack on factories located on Russian territory had been repelled. The head of the Mordovia region thanked the “defenders of the sky for their work.”

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Ukraine relies on attacks against Russia's oil industries and wars

It was another Kyiv On April 2, the Shahed drone factory in the Tatarstan region was hit. A video recording showed a converted Cessna plane colliding with the factory buildings and exploding spectacularly, turning into a ball of flame. In addition to the Russian military industry, the Ukrainians have also repeatedly targeted oil depots and refineries in order to stop Vladimir Putin's oil exports.

These attacks hit Putin twice. On the one hand, the Russian autocrat had to impose an export ban, and on the other hand, precious oil was also necessary for the war. Fuel keeps tanks and machinery running, and without continuous production, the Russian army would stand still.

A Ukrainian intelligence source said Kyiv Post With: “We continue to work systematically to ensure that Russia has fewer and fewer options to continue its aggressive war against Ukraine An attempt is being made to stop the flow of Putin's „petrodollars” into Russia's war treasury. (sicher)

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