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Corona News: “Controlling the illusion in the Oekron wave – Politics ..



Andreas Jassin, president of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), is convinced that there must be major changes in the testing process in relation to the coronavirus and that one should focus on symptomatic cases. „There will be a focus on providing people with PCR tests that may be released from quarantine,” Jacin said on Phoenix Television.

The number of infections is already „much higher” than the figure reported by RKI, because many infections are no longer observed. “We have been subjected to a certain control delusion for several months,” the KBV CEO said. You only have a complete overview of the epidemic in a few areas, such as hospital admissions and people to be treated in intensive care units. (14.01.2022)

The first vaccinations with Novavax in February

In Germany, the first people will be immunized against the coronavirus with a dead vaccine within five weeks. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced that Novavax will deliver the first 1.75 million doses to Germany on February 21. Novavax has been approved in the European Union for only three weeks. Unlike the other four approved vaccines against coronavirus, it is not a vector or mRNA vaccine, but is classified as an inactivated vaccine. Lauterbach said the Novavax vaccine would „also be recommended” and made available especially to those „who prefer this type of vaccination.” Another 3.25 million doses were purchased. It’s still unclear when it will be delivered – but he’s hoping in the last week of February. (14.01.2022)

Berlin transport companies are cutting back on bus services due to Omikron

The Omikron wave is affecting local transport in the German capital. As more and more employees call in sick, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) has to put in place restrictions in order to continue to maintain a stable schedule. The restrictions initially only affect bus services, As announced by the company. A revised schedule will apply there from January 19th. Fewer buses operate, among other things, on bus line 100, which is popular with tourists, and there will be only a 20-minute interval in the future. According to BVG, there may be further restrictions from January 24th. (14.01.2022)

Austria has become a high-risk area again

The federal government once again classified neighboring Austria as a high-risk area from Sunday due to the high number of coronavirus infections. The exceptions to this are the communities of Mittelberg and Jungholz as well as the Rißtal in Karwendel with the village of Hinterriß. This was announced by the Robert Koch Institute.

As of Sunday, all nine countries neighboring Germany are on the risk list. Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands have long been classified as high-risk areas. In addition to Austria, there are more than 30 other countries on the list, many of them in Africa and the Caribbean. In total, approximately 140 of about 200 countries in the world would be on the risk list.

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Anyone entering the country from a high-risk area who has not been vaccinated or fully recovered must remain in quarantine for ten days and can only exit five days after entering with a negative test as soon as possible. The designation as a high-risk area is associated with a travel warning from the Federal Department of State for non-essential tourist trips. It’s easy for tourists to cancel flights that are already booked for free, but that doesn’t mean a travel ban.

Countries and regions with a high risk of infection are categorized as high risk areas. However, it is not only the number of infections that is the determining factor in this. Other criteria are the speed at which the virus is spreading, the burden on the healthcare system and the lack of data on the case of the coronavirus. (14.01.2022)

Lauterbach: „We are entering difficult waters”

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is warning of the spread of the omicron variant in the coming days and weeks. „We are entering difficult waters,” he said before the federal news conference. Hospitals and testing labs are likely to reach their capacity limits. So also arrange for laboratories to prioritize evaluation of PCR tests for workers in clinics, homes for the disabled, and nursing homes.

Lauterbach again promoted the strict Corona rules. What the federal and state governments have decided so far is working. This is evidenced by the fact that the doubling time – that is, the time when the number of corona cases doubles – is relatively high in an international comparison of less than seven days. This indicates that it will not spread so quickly. The goal, Lauterbach said, is „to expand and reduce the inevitable growing number of infections, so that we can get through the fourth wave with as few casualties as possible.” During this time, you should continue to provide the booster vaccination to several people. The „contagion” could not be accepted because it was not clear how many people would die next.

At the same time, Lauterbach considers that the current measures to combat Corona are sufficient. However, he is concerned that the 2-G-plus regulation agreed upon in the restaurant trade will not be enforced everywhere – Bavaria, for example, has not – and that controls are not enough. „A easing can be ruled out for the time being,” the SPD politician added. If an overburden of medical care is to be expected, „other measures must of course be taken to counteract it.”

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“The number of cases will continue to rise” — and so will the number of deaths — said Lothar Wheeler, president of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). At the same time, one has to assume that more and more cases will never be known – since infected people are showing fewer symptoms, laboratories are overburdened and health authorities cannot keep up with the reports. Like Lauterbach, Wieler has campaigned for more vaccinations and preventive measures: Wearing a mask is also an option in your home.

Virologist Christian Drosten warned that residents in Germany would already be infected. He says that three million people over the age of 60 have not yet been vaccinated, and nearly nine million people have not been boosted, and therefore are not fully protected against the omicron virus variant. But at some point you have to „let the virus spread” because you can’t keep vaccinating the population. (14.01.2022)

Federal Council launches new quarantine rules

New quarantine regulations could come for people with corona and their contacts. After the Bundestag, the Bundesrat also approved a regulation on Friday that sets a legal framework for this. Among other things, it states that people in contact with coronavirus who have been vaccinated three times no longer have to go into quarantine. In addition, this allows for shorter quarantine periods in the event of infection in order to prevent the collapse of individuals in critical care areas when the number of infections increases sharply.

In the special session of the State Assembly, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) said the epidemic had reached a „front”. You are in your third year. This raises the question of whether the epidemic can be defused in a way that leads to a pandemic with sporadic outbreaks and few deaths – or whether that opportunity will be missed. „We have to seize this opportunity and we have the means to do so. We have the means to end the epidemic largely in Germany this year.” (14.01.2022)

New rises in new infections and the occurrence of seven days

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a new rise with 92,223 new cases of corona after setting a record negative the day before. That’s 35,888 more cases than on Friday a week ago, when 56,335 positive tests were reported. The seven-day nationwide infection rate rose to 470.6 from 427.7 the day before. 286 people have died in connection with the virus. This brings the number of reported deaths to 115,337. So far, more than 7.83 million corona tests have been positive in Germany. (14.01.2022)

WHO recommends two additional medicines for Covid-19 patients

A panel from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of Eli Lilly’s drugs, as well as Glaxo Smith Kline and Vir Biotechnology, to treat Covid-19 patients. like from chat British Medical Journal According to the published report, the World Health Organization wants to expand treatment options with recommendations. According to this, Eli Lilly’s drug baricinib is said to improve patients’ hospital stay and reduce the need for ventilation. According to the World Health Organization, GSK-Vir antibody therapy, which has already been shown to be effective against omicron in laboratory tests, is appropriate for infected patients who are likely to require hospitalization. (14.01.2022)

Omikron’s share in Germany rises to 73%

Omicron is now the predominant variant in Germany. The national share is now 73.3 percent, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported in its weekly report. The prevalence of the delta variant, which has long dominated, shrank to 25.9 percent.

A week ago, RKI put Omikron’s stake in Germany at 44.3 percent. Prevalence is increasing in all federal states and ranges from 11 percent in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to 96 percent in Bremen. The fluctuations and differences also result from the different intensity of testing for variants in individual federal states, delays in laboratory diagnostic registration and relocation as well as diffusion from urban areas.

RKI also indicates that there is a very high workload in laboratories. „In order to ensure timely diagnostic care for Sars-CoV-2 patients, it is urgently necessary to prioritize testing in accordance with the national testing strategy,” the institute explains. Limitations on testing capabilities are mainly related to personnel, as personnel in laboratories are also affected by the higher infection rate. (13.01.2022)

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Interview of the week – Von der Leyen sets terms for cooperation with MPs from right-wing parties



Interview of the week – Von der Leyen sets terms for cooperation with MPs from right-wing parties

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Copenhagen in May 2024 (picture Alliance / Ritzau Scanpix / Ida Marie Odgaard)

The Commission President stressed that it is about winning over political forces for – I quote – “the majority in the centre”. Von der Leyen stressed that there is no obligatory faction in the European Parliament. Rather, you must constantly search for and form the majority. That’s why it makes sense to look at individual representatives.

Von der Leyen is running in the European elections as the European People’s Party’s best candidate for a second term as Commission President. The CDU politician confirmed that the elections were „directional elections.” Rather, it is about developing Europe – or dividing and dismantling it.

Accusation of rapprochement with post-fascists in Italy

The Commission President has been criticized for not ruling out cooperation with the right-wing conservative ECR group in the European Parliament. The Social Democrats, the Left and the Greens accused her of cozying up to post-fascism in Italy. Prime Minister Meloni’s „Fratelli d’Italia” party is part of the European Council’s parliamentary group. Von der Leyen recently described Meloni as „clearly pro-European”.

Demand fair trade from China

In Deutschlandfunk, von der Leyen again criticized China’s trade practices. There is weak demand in China, but the country still heavily subsidizes electric vehicle production. So there is excess capacity. The United States has closed its market, so the European Union must be careful not to end up on the European market.

The Commission President pointed to the Chinese solar industry, which was heavily subsidized by the state and dominated the market with cheap products. Von der Leyen demanded fair trade.

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Investigation into protective definitions

She explained that the Commission has begun an investigation into the issue of protective tariffs on electric cars coming from China, as required by the rules of the World Trade Organization. However, the results are not yet available. The first step is to talk to the Chinese government. Von der Leyen rejected the accusation that she was heading towards a trade war with China.

Interview of the week with Ursula von der Leyen You can here Read slowly. You can listen to it Sunday at 11:05 am on Deutschlandfunk or soon in the DLF audio library.

This message was sent on May 25, 2024 via Deutschlandfunk.

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The 3-year-old boy likely died of starvation while his parents and sisters were celebrating at a burger restaurant



The 3-year-old boy likely died of starvation while his parents and sisters were celebrating at a burger restaurant
  1. Homepage
  2. world

He presses

In the case of the boy (3) from Epps near Kufstein (Tyrol) who starved to death at home, new shocking details continue to come to light. There is a suspicion of murder against the parents.

Kufstein – The starvation death of a three-year-old boy from the town of Epps north of Kufstein, on the German border, shocked the whole of Austria and the Bavarian region. An application for pre-trial detention was filed against the boy’s parents, which was implemented It was also imposed on Friday afternoon. Both are suspected of murder. The father loudly refuses Any statement the mother makes is unbelievable.

Tragedy in Austria: A young child (3 years old) was found dead in bed – his parents suspect murder

According to the spokesman for the Innsbruck Public Prosecutor’s Office, Hansjörg Mayer, “According to previous investigations, there is suspicion that the suspects failed to provide the three-year-old boy with food and fluids over a period of at least several weeks despite his clearly deteriorating health condition.” Contact He went to the doctor because of his apparent weight loss, and the child died as a result of the severe malnutrition he suffered from.”

The little boy likely starved to death in a family-friendly apartment complex. © Zoom Tyrol

On Wednesday, May 22, the suspected Austrian parents (25 and 26 years old) were arrested after staying in the hospital due to a psychological emergency. The first investigations took place on Thursday, May 23.

The boy was not fed “even though he was crying and screaming.”

The prosecutor’s office also announced that the father, a professional driver, exercised his right to refuse to testify. On the other hand, his wife stated that “the child had been sick for the past few weeks and had no appetite. Prosecutors confirmed that a doctor’s visit was planned soon There were rumors in the city that the boy had been lying dead in his bed for some time before his father raised the alarm on Monday. Accordingly, the time of death was on Pentecost Sunday. Therefore, the three sisters (1, 3, and 6 years old) did not show symptoms of deficiency. She was cared for by Child and Youth Services.

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How likely it is that the baby’s death had other medical causes will be clarified in further investigations – but so far there is no evidence of this. In sum, the child “was not fed, even though he was crying and screaming, while his twin sister and the other two girls (1 and 6 years old) were cared for and protected.”

The parents are said to have celebrated his birthday with the boy’s sisters

On the Friday before Pentecost, the parents celebrated their eldest daughter’s birthday at a fast-food burger joint while the little girl was alone at home, nearing death, reports said. At the weekend, the family went to the Grand Knights’ Festival in Kufstein – again without the boy. high picture Neighbors noticed that the family was receiving food often. The role of the grandmother, who is said to have sometimes looked after the children, is unclear. She protested strongly in front of reporters, saying that she had not noticed anything.

In Lower Austria, a woman and her partner were recently sentenced to long prison terms because they locked their son (12 years old) in a dog cage and tortured him almost to death. The case of Josef Fritzl, who held his daughter prisoner in an underground apartment from 1984 to 2008, occurred in Lower Austria.

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Russia must „take steps” in the Baltic Sea



Russia must „take steps” in the Baltic Sea
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He presses

Moscow’s plan to expand its maritime borders angers NATO. On the other hand, the Kremlin wants to tighten measures in the Baltic Sea to ensure “security.”

Moscow – The Kremlin wants to tighten its measures in the Baltic Sea, according to its own statements, to ensure Russia’s security from „a confrontation in the Baltic Sea.” This was announced by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov at a press conference on Wednesday (May 22).

In recent days, signs have emerged of a worsening conflict in the Baltic Sea because Russia plans to expand its maritime borders to the waters of Finland and Lithuania on its own initiative. In the summary of the press conference on Newsweek According to reports, Kremlin spokesman Peskov was also asked about state borders in the Baltics.

No dialogue is possible: the Kremlin blames the West and Lithuania expels the Russian ambassador from the country.

“The scale of the confrontation in the Baltic region requires Russia to take steps to ensure its security,” Peskov said, according to what was reported by the official news agency. TASS. “The situation in the world requires intense dialogue to find ways out of tensions, but the collective West rejects that.”

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry in Vilnius said on Wednesday that it was summoning the Russian representative and demanding a “full explanation.” Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called for a „decisive and appropriate” response from member states NATO And European Union. Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen said her government was monitoring the situation.

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The Baltic Sea became the „NATO Sea”. Russia has a problem with this. (Avatar) © Picture Alliance/DPA/AP | Salvatore Cavalli

Russia no longer has an ambassador in Vilnius after Lithuania expelled its then-ambassador in April 2022 over atrocities committed by the Russian army in Bucha, Ukraine, and downgraded diplomatic relations with Russia. With these summons, Lithuania responded to a draft decision published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, on Tuesday, to expand Russian maritime areas to the waters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries and the European Union countries of Lithuania and Finland.

Background: The Russian draft resolution shows the expansion of the border into the Lithuanian and Finnish regions

Through a new unilateral determination of the geographical coordinates of Russia’s maritime borders, the Lithuanian and Finnish regions in the Baltic Sea will be added to Russia. Specifically, according to a Russian Defense Ministry document, the maritime borders of Russia’s western Kaliningrad region and the eastern Gulf of Finland will be transferred.

“We have no official information about what Russia is planning,” Valtonen said. Meanwhile, the top Finnish diplomat confirmed that the Russian Federation is also United nations.-Maritime Boundaries Agreement. “We expect Russia to respect the agreement,” Valtonen said.

The recent accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, sparked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gave rise to the term “NATO Sea” for the Baltic Sea, which is entirely surrounded by NATO members, with the exception of Russia.

Experts are sure that Putin wants to control the Baltic Sea

The waters are a flashpoint for regional tensions that include GPS jamming blamed on Russia, a migration crisis that Finland believes was sparked by Moscow, and warnings from international leaders. Vladimir Putin It could attack a NATO member state.

Swedish Army Commander Mikael Biden also warned of Russia’s ambitions for power in the Baltic Sea. “I’m sure Putin has his eyes on Gotland. Putin’s goal is to control the Baltic Sea,” the army chief told newspapers. Editorial Network Germany. Biden continued: “The Baltic Sea must not become Putin’s playground where he terrorizes NATO members.”

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