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USA: Republicans prepare to vote Democratic Governor

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom may face a vote. A group of Republicans had gathered enough signatures to hold a proper referendum of voters, the relevant authority announced Monday. Accordingly, in the first count, 1.6 million votes met for the proposal, 100,000 more than required.

After further verification steps, the so-called “summons” could go to the vote in the fall. In the most populous US state of 40 million people, voters then have to decide whether they want to vote and which candidate should be the successor to Newsom.

“Mention” in the “blue state”

In 2018, the Democratic Party was elected Newsom. The 53-year-old has been criticized by the conservative side for his liberal immigration policy and strict anti-Corona regulations, among other things. California It is traditionally a “blue” country and the majority votes democratic. According to a recent poll, 40 percent of voters wanted to vote for Newsom.

Several Republicans have indicated that they will run for governor, including a former mayor San DiegoKevin Faulconer and reality star Caitlin Jenner.

2003 saw the first time in the history of the West Coast state being voted out of office when his opponents blamed incumbent Governor Gray Davis for the poor economic situation in California. Republican and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaced the democrat.

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