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United States: President Joe Biden announces the end of an era after the withdrawal from Afghanistan – Politics Abroad



The United States is rethinking its foreign policy!

After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the deadly chaos in Kabul, US President Joe Biden (78) announced the consequences of future military operations.

The Democrat speaking at the White House: “We have to learn from our mistakes. This decision on Afghanistan is not just about Afghanistan. It’s about ending an era of major military operations to change other countries.”

Future assignments should have clear and achievable goals. They will also need to focus on the “essential national security interest” of the United States.

Instead, the United States saw the mission of counterterrorism in Afghanistan turning into a mission of counterinsurgency, nation-building, and the creation of a democratic, cohesive, and united state. This is “something that has never been achieved in the centuries of Afghanistan’s history.”

The President: “If we leave this mindset and this kind of large-scale troop operations behind, we will be stronger, more effective, and safer at home.”

Biden: ‘It’s time to end this war’

Biden still believes the decision to withdraw US troops is correct: “It is time to end this war.”

The alternative was to send tens of thousands of soldiers into the country and let the conflict escalate.

With the withdrawal of the last US soldier from Kabul airport on Tuesday night, the international mission in Afghanistan ended after nearly 20 years. Now all eyes are on the renewal of the rule of the hard-line Islamic Taliban movement in the country. A new leadership presentation is expected soon.

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Biden vows revenge against ISIS

Biden promised that the United States would continue to act against the local branch of the Islamic State terrorist militia (ISIS) even after it withdrew from Afghanistan.

“We are not finished with you yet,” he threatened the group that claimed responsibility for the latest devastating attack on Kabul airport. The fight against terrorism continues, albeit without ground forces. Biden said the United States would hunt down and arrest terrorists who attack the country “until the end of the world.”

Dozens of Afghans and 13 US soldiers were killed in the terrorist attack on Kabul airport just days before their deployment.

So far there are tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan who want to flee the Taliban – most of them are Afghans. According to Biden, there are likely 100 to 200 US citizens in Afghanistan who “have a certain intent to leave.”

Problem: Some apparently don’t necessarily want to leave the country.

Most of those who stayed abroad are dual nationals with long-term ties to Afghanistan: “We’re committed to getting them out if they want to get out,” Biden said.

The president had promised all American citizens wishing to leave the country to get them out of the country. Now Republicans in the US Senate accuse him of vetoing his speech.

The Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives wrote on Twitter that Biden had pledged not to withdraw US troops until all Americans were evacuated.

Mitch McConnell, 79: “He reneged on that promise and left the Americans and our Afghan partners in trouble.”

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Corona Index: Pfizer is intensifying its study of anti-Corona pills



7:22 am: Australia: Prime Minister Morrison may not go to UN climate summit

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison may not want to attend the UN climate summit in person in Glasgow, Scotland. “We haven’t made a final decision yet,” Morrison told the West Australian newspaper. The twelve-day conference in November is set to be the most important meeting since the 2015 Paris climate summit. Top politicians from around the world, including US President Joe Biden, agreed. Australia has one of the highest rates of carbon dioxide emissions per capita and is one of the largest exporters of coal in the world. The government has so far refused to stick to neutrality by 2050. “I should focus on things here and on Covid-19,” Morrison said.

05.54 am: Corona lockdown will be lifted in Sydney for citizens vaccinated in mid-October

After a week-long lockdown in Sydney, the coronavirus restrictions on vaccinated city residents are set to be eased in mid-October. New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Monday that the “Freedom Scheme” will come into effect once 70 per cent of people are fully vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine. She is “absolutely confident” that that goal will be reached on October 11. The order to leave the apartment will then be lifted only in urgent cases in Sydney and New South Wales. It will then allow bars, restaurants and shops to reopen to vaccinated guests. However, for people who are not immunized, the restrictions will remain in place until the beginning of December. Until then, authorities expect a 90 percent vaccination rate.

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05.07 a.m.: RKI reports 3,022 new infections

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 3,022 new positive tests. That’s 714 fewer than on Saturday a week ago, when 3,736 new infections were reported. The seven-day incidence rate increases slightly to 61.7 from 61.4 the day before. Ten more people have died from the virus. This increases the number of reported deaths to 93,403 within 24 hours. In total, more than 4.19 million coronavirus tests have been positive so far in Germany.

5:01 am: Study: Corona reduces life expectancy similar to World War II

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, according to a study, life expectancy in many countries has fallen more sharply than it has in Western Europe since World War II. In some countries, researchers from the University of Oxford’s Leverholm Center for Demographic Sciences report in the “International Journal of Epidemiology” that progress in the past few years has been devastated in short order. Therefore, the decrease in the number of men was greater than in women.

For the study, scientists examined data from 29 countries, mostly from Europe, including Germany, as well as Chile and the USA. In 2020, life expectancy fell in 27 of these countries, and by at least half a year in 22 countries. “In Western European countries such as Spain, England, Wales, Italy and Belgium, this decline in life expectancy at one year at the time of birth was observed during World War II,” co-author José Manuel Oporto said. Life expectancy for males in the United States has decreased – 2.2 years compared to 2019.

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1:54 am: SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach continues his presence in the Bundestag

SPD politician Karl Lauterbach received the direct mandate for the Leverkusen-Cologne IV district, and thus remains in the Bundestag. The health expert, who is all over Germany due to the Corona pandemic, received 45.6 percent of the first votes in the federal elections. The CDU candidate, North Rhine-Westphalian Integration State Minister Serap Guler, received 20.4 per cent. Lauterbach fell to the bottom of the list in the SPD, but remained in the Bundestag due to his direct mandate. Before the elections, he had already expressed his desire to become the next Federal Minister of Health. Lauterbach sees the direct mandate he won again in the federal election as a “vote for our policy on Corona”.

12:17 am: Bolsonaro tests negative for Corona after returning from New York

After several infections with Corona in the vicinity of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the result of the head of state himself tested negative for the Corona virus. The government announced that Bolsonaro will resume his official duties on Monday. The far-right head of state, who has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, went into isolation after returning from the United Nations general debate in New York on Wednesday. Four members of his entourage on the multi-day trip to the United States have now tested positive for the coronavirus. In addition to Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga, the son of the President, Representative Eduardo Bolsonaro, was infected. About 50 members of the Brazilian delegation have been placed in quarantine as a precaution after returning from New York.

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Monday 27 September 2021



The raised camera belongs to the always present photographer.

(Photo: Imago Images/Zuma Wire)

Meghan and Harry – they wanted to be a completely normal couple, No royal smell more, No extra sausageNo special treatment, they wanted their peace and quiet. allegedly. They wanted to make moneyn, in the United States. This is where they migrated and left behind a lot of scorched earth. And now? Now they move through New York easily from a famous couple. Of course, they advertise good things, like vaccination justice, and Meghan is finally allowed to read from her failed book “The Me You Can’t See” to kids who can’t escape, and they absolutely drive. The Really Huge ‘Harry and Meghan Show’ Away. Including frequent changes of clothes on Megan’s part, what are your hateful tongues “He wants to cheat Diana” Seal. We don’t want to go that far. Because Megan will most likely be found between Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama. you might think. It’s just noticeable to the couple always One and the same photographer Followed at every turn. As if he wanted to document that both of them would do well with each breath.

So, should the adventurous couple have their own agenda? According to “Page Six”, “H&M” is currently transforming A documentary about her life for Netflix. While Harry and Meghan visited the Global Citizen Festival in New York, the September 11, 2001 attack memorial, and various other important sites in the city, a certain photographer—along with others, changing locations—was always on their heels. The documentary about their lives, as Bild suspects, is likely part of the €85 million deal Harry and Meghan signed with Netflix last year, so the couple will have to do a few things themselves and we summarize:

  • Netflix Projects
  • opera interview
  • books
  • Harry’s Lament in a TV Documentary

All in all – lots of grit! Like I said – they actually wanted to be totally private!

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Afghanistan, Herat: Taliban hang the dead on a crane and display them



foreign countries Afghanistan

The Taliban hang the dead on a crane and display them

Taliban leader Mullah Nur al-Din al-Turabi

Taliban leader Mullah Nur al-Din al-Turabi announced that there will be public beheadings and executions again

Source: AP / Felipe Dana

And in the Afghan city of Herat, the Taliban released four bodies as a warning to residents. At the same time, they announced that there would be public executions and amputations again.

DrTaliban rule in Afghanistan suspended the bodies of four suspected kidnappers who had shot them earlier in the western city of Herat on Saturday. Herat’s deputy governor, Sher Ahmad Muhajir, said hanging bodies from cranes should be a “lesson” to prevent kidnappings from being tolerated.

Exposing the bodies is the heaviest public punishment since the Taliban came to power in mid-August. A video clip showed one of the men who was shot while hanging from a crane with a warning on his chest: “This is how kidnappers are punished.”

Muhajir said that the security forces were informed of the kidnapping of a businessman and his son in Herat on Saturday morning. The police then closed the main roads and the Taliban took up a position at a checkpoint.

There was a shootout. “One of our Mujahideen was wounded,” Mohajer said in a statement made available to AFP after a battle that lasted a few minutes, while “the four kidnappers were killed.” “We are the Islamic Emirate,” said Muhajir. “No one should harm our nation.”

One of the founders of the Taliban, Mullah Nur al-Din al-Turabi, who is considered a hardliner, had already announced that public punitive measures such as execution or amputation of hands would be repeated. Since seizing power on August 15, there have been fears of rebuilding hard-line Taliban regimes.

“We criticized everyone because of the sanctions in the stadium, but we didn’t say anything about their laws and penalties,” al-Turabi said, a former justice minister during the first Taliban era. Nobody will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam and make our laws according to the Qur’an.”

In the 1990s, the Taliban used the Olympic Stadium in Kabul to conduct public executions in front of hundreds of male spectators. In the past few weeks, Taliban fighters have already issued public punishments, such as showing thieves with their hands tied and humiliating.

The refugee agency is asking for donations

At the same time, the managing director of the United Nations Refugee Agency, the German partner of the UNHCR, Peter Rohenstroth-Bauer, requested donations due to the deteriorating situation for the population. “About $410 million is needed to fund the UN’s life-saving operation to help refugees,” he told RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (Saturday). “In fact, only 42 percent of that amount is funded by government and private funds.”

It is not only about acute emergency aid, but also about continuing existing projects for girls or in the field of education, emphasized Rohenstrohe-Bauer: “Working there is necessary.”

It was reported that Afghanistan is in a severe crisis. There are more than 3.5 million internally displaced people, including some 630,000 people who have been forced to flee inside Afghanistan since the beginning of the year. According to experts, about half of 38 million Afghans are currently dependent on aid, and many of them are starving.

According to the United Nations, the crisis is not only related to the Taliban’s seizure of power, but also the ongoing drought and the Corona epidemic. Only recently, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned of an economic catastrophe.

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