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North Carolina: Video footage of the Andrew Brown case will not be released

After police killed an African American in the US state North Carolina Video recordings of the accident were not initially released. Judge Jeff Foster rejected a request from the US media on Wednesday, but promised relatives to see several recordings in the coming days. He justified the decision by saying that the safety of the aforementioned persons could be at risk and an independent investigation by the authorities could be suspended. Publication expected within 30 days at the earliest.

African-American Andrew Brown was shot dead in the small town of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on Wednesday. Tommy Wooten, Pacific District Police Chief, said the accident occurred while officers were executing a search warrant. Wooten did not provide any accurate information about the course of the crime or the reason for the search warrant.

According to local media reports, unarmed family man Brown got into his car while searching to drive away. After that he was shot.

The FBI– Charlotte Field Office announced that it has opened a nationwide investigation into the shooting and said in a statement that it will work with federal attorneys at the Department of Justice to find out if federal laws have been violated. Police said the officer who fired the shots was on leave until further notice.

Lawyers for the family accused the police That “executed” the man. They said an independent autopsy revealed that Brown had been shot in the back of his head. Five bullets hit him while he was in the car. Four shots hit his arm, and the shot in the back of the head was ultimately fatal. Brown didn’t want to flee, he just wanted to get to safety because the officers had shot him. He is innocent.

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The case took place shortly after the dramatic conviction against former white cop Derek Chauvin in the case of the African American who was murdered. George Floyd. An unarmed 46-year-old citizen was killed in the state less than a year ago Minnesota there was United States of America It led to mass protests against racism and police violence. Last year alone, 243 black people were killed by police bullets in the United States, according to a Washington Post database.