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Injured international students: An Indian “double mutant” discovered in Belgium

Injured international students
An Indian “double mutant” was discovered in Belgium

The numbers of infections are rising in India. The new Corona variant should be responsible. Now it looks like the mutant has also arrived in Belgium. Many students from India are infected.

For the first time, a new Indian variant of the Coronavirus has been discovered in Belgium. Variant B.1.617 was found in a group of 20 Indian students who came to Belgium by bus after landing in Paris in mid-April, Belgian authorities said Thursday. Therefore, they are subject to quarantine in Aalst and Leuven. There they wanted to start training as a nurse.

Before leaving for Europe, the students had to take a PCR test and then a rapid test again upon arrival. Five days after boarding the bus, they developed the first symptoms of Covid-19.

Variant B.1.617 was first discovered in October in the West Indies. Above all, it carries two mutations in the virus’s spike protein, which the pathogen uses to attach to human cells. These can lead to increased portability. Experts are already assuming that the so-called double mutant is responsible for the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus cases in India.

The “double boom” has already been detected in other countries, including the USA, Australia, Israel and Singapore. Therefore, many countries have issued entry bans or travel warnings for travelers from India. The Foreign Ministry in Berlin, Tuesday, asked Germans in India who have not been vaccinated against Corona “to consider a temporary return to Germany until the state of medical supplies stabilizes.”

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