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British police have found a surprising discovery: a hemp farm is expected, bitcoin mining farm found – Panorama – Gesellschaft

The saying goes: “If you look, you will find.” And sometimes you find something that you weren’t really looking for. This is what happened to the British police in Birmingham. After suspicion of a cannabis farm, West Midlands police went to search for a building in an industrial area outside of town. What I found was not drugs, but a bitcoin mining farm. But how did the wrong assumption come about?

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How „T3n“ You mentioned, hemp farms and bitcoin mining farms have one thing in common. Both of them consume very high power. According to the calculations, the production of one kilogram of lawn should consume about 5000 kWh of energy. However, the production of bitcoins – the first and most powerful cryptocurrency on the market – exceeds that. It is said that it would take tens of thousands of kilowatt hours to mine a single Bitcoin.

Pay attention to such a high energy consumption

When searching for illegal hemp plantations, the police pay special attention to such a high consumption of energy, not only in Great Britain. Ventilation and heat systems can also indicate illegal activity – important clues to investigators. Officials became aware of the building near Birmingham because electricity valued at several thousand pounds was illegally diverted there.

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Officers found many cables and ventilation tubes at the site. She added that a police drone could also perceive a source of heat. Additionally, many people would come and go regularly. Around 100 computers have been found apparently responsible for Bitcoin mining.

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