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British police have found a surprising discovery: a hemp farm is expected, bitcoin mining farm found – Panorama – Gesellschaft



The saying goes: „If you look, you will find.” And sometimes you find something that you weren’t really looking for. This is what happened to the British police in Birmingham. After suspicion of a cannabis farm, West Midlands police went to search for a building in an industrial area outside of town. What I found was not drugs, but a bitcoin mining farm. But how did the wrong assumption come about?

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How „T3n“ You mentioned, hemp farms and bitcoin mining farms have one thing in common. Both of them consume very high power. According to the calculations, the production of one kilogram of lawn should consume about 5000 kWh of energy. However, the production of bitcoins – the first and most powerful cryptocurrency on the market – exceeds that. It is said that it would take tens of thousands of kilowatt hours to mine a single Bitcoin.

Pay attention to such a high energy consumption

When searching for illegal hemp plantations, the police pay special attention to such a high consumption of energy, not only in Great Britain. Ventilation and heat systems can also indicate illegal activity – important clues to investigators. Officials became aware of the building near Birmingham because electricity valued at several thousand pounds was illegally diverted there.

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Officers found many cables and ventilation tubes at the site. She added that a police drone could also perceive a source of heat. Additionally, many people would come and go regularly. Around 100 computers have been found apparently responsible for Bitcoin mining.

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USA: A shooting at an elementary school in Texas kills 21! The offender’s message has become public



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to: Richard StrobelAnd Mark Demetriou

A shooting spree broke out in an elementary school in Texas, USA. There is currently talk of more than 20 deaths. All news can be found in our tape.

Update from May 25, 12:30 p.m.: The SSGT Willie de Leon Civic Center, less than two miles from Robb Elementary School, has become a hub for families looking for their children. According to US television station CNN, families gathered in silence for more than 12 hours in front of the center.

At least four families told the broadcaster that parents were asked to obtain DNA swabs to confirm their relationship with their children and were asked to wait an hour for a response.

A father, who had just received the news of his child’s death, fought back his tears while several of his cousins ​​hugged him. A few yards away, a grandmother who traveled from San Antonio said she won’t stop praying for her 10-year-old granddaughter while they wait for her DNA swab results, CNN reports.

News of Texas shooting spree: Pope shocked by bloodbath – Schulze and Silinsky spoke too

Update from May 25 11:06 am: Pope Francis was also shocked by the wave of murders in an American school that killed at least 19 children. „My heart is broken after the bloodbath at the Texas elementary school,” the head of the Catholic Church said Wednesday to the audience in St. Peter’s Square. In his short speech, the Pope demanded that the time had come to stop the „indiscriminate trade in arms”. „We all have to help ensure that such tragedies do not happen again.”

Chancellor Schultz also said on Twitter: „We have received horrific news this morning from a school in Ovaldi, Texas. Our thoughts are with the wounded and survivors of this staggering, and hard-to-find, massacre. Our condolences to you, Mr. Biden, and our American friends.”

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Even Ukrainian President Zelensky was deeply saddened by „the news of the killing of innocent children in Texas.” He sends his sincere condolences to the families of the victims, the people of the United States, and Biden himself. The families and friends of the victims and all Americans.”

Affected school site in Texas. © Graphic: S. Stein, Editor: M. Lorenz

US elementary school shooting stunned in Texas: Pop singer Taylor Swift is heartbroken

Update from May 25 10:24 am: Many celebrities have also been shocked by the wave of shootings in Texas. American pop singer Taylor Swift, 32, addressed her fans with emotional words after the school massacre. “I am full of anger and sadness and I have been broken by the Ovaldi murders. Through Buffalo, Laguna Woods and many more. By the way we as a nation have adjusted to incredible and unbearable grief,” the star wrote on Twitter.

Swift Share this Video of Basketball Champion Coach Steve Kerr by Golden State Warriors. Tuesday night (local time) at a press conference before the playoff game in the Dallas Mavericks, he called for stricter gun controls in the United States on an emotional outburst. Just like President Baide before him. The 56-year-old spoke directly to 50 senators who have so far blocked stricter weapons requirements. Kerr’s words are true, Swift wrote, „and they were very profound.”

Texas elementary school shooting news: The perpetrator posted a message on Instagram

Update from May 25 9:19 am: Before the elementary school murder spree, the perpetrator apparently informed a minor on Instagram of his crime. From today’s perspective, at least, his insinuations seem obvious — once again, a gunman announced his act earlier on the Internet.

On May 22, an Instagram user posted a photo with two AR-15 rifles under the username „salv8dor_” and tagged the girl who is not from Texas. She herself made this call public and wonders if she could have prevented the murder. She wrote, „I wish I had at least tried to stop him from committing his crime.” CNN mentioned.

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In the chat, the offender first asked the girl to repost the photos with his weapons. When asked what she should do with her, the gunman replied: “I am about to do it,” the minor asked her and only got the answer: “I have a little secret.” Then the chat history ended.

Texas elementary school shooting: Obama angry at gun lobby – mourning dead children

Update from May 25, 7:44 a.m.: Former US President Barack Obama expressed his condolences to the families of the massacre at an elementary school in Texas and expressed his anger at the gun lobby. „Michelle and I grieve with the families in Ovaldi,” the 60-year-old wrote on Tuesday evening (local time). Twitter. „You are suffering from pain that no one should bear,” he added. The American Democrat added he and his wife are also angry, criticizing the opposition American Republicans in this context.

„Our country is paralyzed, not because of fear, but because a gun lobby and a political party have shown no willingness to do anything to prevent these tragedies,” Obama said.

Texas school shooting news: US President Biden promotes stricter gun laws – 19 children killed

Update from May 25, 6:08 a.m.: After the attack on an elementary school in the US state of Texas, US President Joe Biden called for tougher action against the outbreak of gun violence. „When, in the name of God, are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” Biden said Tuesday night (local time). It is time to „turn this pain into action, for every parent and every citizen of this country.”

„I feel disgusted and tired,” he added. „Don’t tell me we can’t control this carnage,” he said, addressing Republicans opposed to stricter gun laws. The flow of weapons in the country, especially assault rifles, should be more tightly regulated.

Meanwhile, the death toll has been adjusted upwards. At least 19 students are said to have been killed during the rampage – and two adults.

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Update from May 24, 11:44 PM: Also the President of the United States Joe Biden He was already informed of the killing spree. Press Secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre tweeted: „His prayers are with the families affected by this horrific event and he will speak as soon as he returns to the White House tonight.” Therefore, the President’s statement should be made in the coming hours.

Update from May 24, 11:42 PM: According to the school district police chief, the 18-year-old violator acted alone. Pete Arondo emphasized out loud CNN Also, the perpetrator died.

Texas elementary school shooting news: 14 kids and one teacher killed

First report from May 24: An armed attack on an elementary school in Texas killed 14 children and a teacher. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on Tuesday that the attacker was also killed. The attack took place at an elementary school in the small town of Ovaldi, 135 kilometers west of San Antonio.

US shooting: 18-year-old shoots 14 children, elementary school teacher

CNN It also reported, citing the governor, that the perpetrator is an 18-year-old resident of the small town. „It is believed that he left his car and entered Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi with a pistol and may have been in possession of a rifle, but this has not been confirmed according to my last report,” he was quoted by US media as saying.

Law enforcement personnel gather outside Robb Elementary School after the shooting here.  Several people were killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas.
Law enforcement personnel gather outside Robb Elementary School after the shooting here. Several people were killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Texas. © Dario Lopez Mills / D

Abbott said the 18-year-old shot and killed more than a dozen children and a teacher in a „horrific and incomprehensible manner”. Washington Post Quoted. According to the newspaper, a 66-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl are currently in critical condition.

It is not yet clear how the shooter himself died. According to Abbott, it is currently believed that officials hit him back and killed him. Abbott spoke of two officers injured but not in a critical condition. Moreover reports on it.

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Meeting in Berlin: What should be possible in Antarctica




Status: 05/25/2022 03:43 AM

In Antarctica, people do research, fish and tourists visit the area frequently. In Berlin, representatives from more than 50 countries are advising who is actually allowed to do what is in the world’s largest nature reserve.

What is the topic of the meeting?

The main focus of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Conferences in Berlin is environmental and climate protection. For example, protecting emperor penguins is a long-term goal. Protection of the newly discovered megafish breeding area in the Antarctic seas may also become a problem. The biodiversity of the polar seas of the continent is huge and must be preserved, and fishing is allowed only on a very limited scale here.

The contracting states of the Antarctic Treaty are notified by their Special Commission for the Protection of the Environment. Research is also taking place in Berlin, where regular discussions should take place about who wants to research, where and how this might affect other countries and other local researchers. Tourism will also be an important topic this year. It is rapidly increasing, but is only allowed as long as the Antarctic flora and fauna are not disturbed. The meeting continues until June 2.

What is the Antarctic Treaty?

Even if the Antarctic Treaty is not well known, it is considered one of the most successful intergovernmental agreements and regulates how a continent without a government, without a parliament, is used equitably by all parties involved.

Its great political value can be understood by going back in time to the late 1950s. At that time the world was at the height of the Cold War. Several countries have declared their territorial claims to Antarctica. Whether because it was the closest riparian country, Chile has argued, or because it was the first to officially enter any particular region of Antarctica. So argues Great Britain. So there was a significant risk that Antarctica could disintegrate into a mosaic of partially overlapping territorial claims. In the back of my mind was the fear of atomic bomb experiments.

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This is how science became active. At her proposal, an International Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research was formed, in which the Antarctic Treaty was drawn up. It banned new territorial claims and froze those already made. It also prohibits military exercises or prospecting for mineral wealth.

Alternatively, Antarctica may only be used for peaceful purposes such as research and tourism, provided that its ecological balance is always maintained. In 1961, the Antarctic Treaty entered into force as the first treaty after World War II that could organize nations into peaceful coexistence. Today there is an extensive network of international agreements relating to this fundamental treaty.

Who signed the Antarctic Treaty?

On December 1, 1959, twelve countries signed the Antarctic Treaty: Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Great Britain, New Zealand and Norway, all of which made territorial claims in Antarctica, as well as South Africa, the United States of America and the first. Soviet Union.

It has now been signed by more than 50 countries, but if Tanya von Oslar-Gleichen, chair of the Berlin Consultative Conference, succeeds, there could be more. The more community that comes together to protect Antarctica, the better. Not all countries have voting rights. In order to get it, extensive engagement around the South Pole and research on Earth is necessary. Germany acceded to the Antarctic Treaty in 1979, as it operates research stations in Antarctica, it also has voting rights.

What happens if someone violates the Antarctic Treaty?

In addition to its success, the Antarctic Treaty is a fragile utopia. Antarctica is huge and sparsely populated, so no one will even notice if hunting was carried out on a large scale in restricted areas. The entire contract is built on trust and transparent communication.

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Political scientist Patrick Flamm is associated with the Hamburg Giga Institute and an expert on the Antarctic Treaty. In his view, each country can in the end do whatever it wants, you just have to lose your reputation. There are no hard penalties, and the Antarctic Treaty is held together by what is described as the „Antarctic spirit of cooperation”. However, checks do happen. Dr. Birgit Stekelberg runs the German research station Neumeyer 3 and reports on regular, unannounced inspections of the research stations between them.

What is being searched for in Antarctica?

There are about 80 research stations in Antarctica. Several thousand researchers work here in the summer, and only 100 in the Antarctic winter, and research areas include glaciology (glaciology); Meteorology, climate research, geophysics, biology or oceanography. An Ice Plant Seed Bank has also been set up, storing genetic material from cultivated and wild plants from around the world. But there is also future research that could make space travel easier.

At the German research station Neumayer III there is the Eden-ISS project, which is a greenhouse in which kilograms of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs are grown. As a test, because an Antarctic greenhouse is supposed to be on Mars at some point.

Daniel Schubert is one of the Eden-ISS project managers at the German Aerospace Center and explains that this greenhouse could be brought to Mars and started automatically. When the first astronauts came to Mars, they could start harvesting right away. Average temperatures on Mars and Antarctica are similar, which is why this kind of future research works only in an almost pristine icy desert.

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What kind of tourism is there in Antarctica?

There are no hotels in Antarctica, there is no airport, however, before Corona, about 75,000 tourists came to Antarctica every year. The president of the Berlin Antarctic Conference, Tanya von Oslar-Gleichen, talks about the increase in adventure tourism, and the desire to experience a frozen continent.

There is a growing demand for mountain and snowboarding, as well as motorized trekking over ice, paragliding and sightseeing trips. The challenge is to keep tourism at an acceptable level for Antarctica. If the tourists make a lot of noise, this disturbs the delicate world of animals such as the emperor penguin. If they pull seed pods not found in Antarctica unnoticed, the invasive species can damage native plants.

What role does Antarctica play in climate change?

crucial, even if it is rarely conscious. This vast frigid zone stabilizes the global climate, as the extreme cold of Antarctica controls the circulation of air and oceans. Without Antarctica, the global climate would be very different. Antarctica has not been as severely affected by climate change as the Arctic in the north, but temperatures are rising here too.

The sea ice in Antarctica is already slowly melting, and it would be really dangerous for the whole world if the land ice melted. The Antarctic ice sheet is about 5,000 meters thick at its thickest point. If land ice melts, it will cause sea levels to rise on European coasts as well. According to the Federal Foreign Office, people all over the world may lose their livelihoods, and due to climate change, this risk is very real.

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Suspected monkeypox in Cologne – it’s all clear in Düsseldorf



Image provided by the UK Health Security Agency shows skin lesions in monkeypox patients

Image provided by the UK Health Security Agency shows skin lesions in monkeypox patients

Source: dpa

You can listen to the WELT podcast here

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In Cologne, a man appears to have a monkeypox infection. The test result is still pending. Meanwhile, the city of Düsseldorf offers everything needed for its region in the case of a monkeypox patient being treated in Munich.

meIn Cologne there is a suspicion of monkeypox infection. The city said Monday that a man showing typical symptoms of the disease is being quarantined at home. The test result is still pending.

Friday was in Germany for the first time Munich A case of monkeypox has been confirmed. Monkeypox virus usually causes very mild symptoms, but it can also have severe courses. It is mainly transmitted by direct contact or contact with contaminated materials. C – possibly very rare – can also travel through droplets in the air over shorter distances.

Read also

Electron micrograph showing monkeypox virus

Monkeypox in Germany

According to the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health, there is no connection in the NRW with the case in Munich. In case Cologne The Ministry assumes contact with the outbreak of monkeypox in Gran Canaria.

In the meantime, give the city Düsseldorf Everything is clear for your region in case of infection with the monkeypox virus that is treated in Munich. This person had already resided in Dusseldorf previously. A Düsseldorf city spokeswoman said on Monday that health authorities in Munich had determined that the stay in Düsseldorf took place before the patient was actually infected with the monkeypox virus. The infection only occurred during a layover on the follow-up flight to Munich.

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