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Israel: Netanyahu calls for resistance to future government الحكومة

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Netanyahu calls for resistance to future government

Netanyahu still has a trick up his sleeve

In Israel, opposition leader Lapid announced an eight-party alliance. WELT reporter Kristen Kinch says Benjamin Netanyahu will now do everything in his power to make an explosion in this new government.

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It is possible that Israel will have a new government: Jair Lapid of the Future Party has formed a multiparty coalition. This should be brought to power as soon as possible – out of concern about the actions of the still prime minister.

IOutgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Twitter for parliamentarians’ resistance to the future government. He criticized his designated successor, Naftali Bennett of the far-right Jamina party, on Thursday.

“Any member of the Knesset elected by right-wing votes must oppose the dangerous left-wing government,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter. Bennett sold the Negev to Ram.

Ram is said to be the first Arab party to sit in an Israeli government. Political expert Jonathan Freeman classifies them as moderate and religious Islamists. The Negev desert is located in the south of the country. According to media reports, part of the coalition agreement is a temporary suspension of the destruction of illegal buildings in the Negev desert. This mainly affects the Bedouin villages.

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On Wednesday evening, former opposition leader Yair Lapid of the Future Party informed President Reuven Rivlin that he had formed a coalition with eight parties from all political camps. The future government has a slim majority of 61 out of 120 deputies. However, she still had to swear an oath.

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It was initially said that the vote and the swearing-in in Parliament, which was still necessary, would likely take place on Monday, 14 June.

The far right is part of the alliance

Part of the coalition is, among others, the far-right Jamina party led by former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. According to the alternation agreement, he will initially become the head of the government and will be replaced by Lapid two years later. For the first time, an Arab party also becomes part of the Israeli government. This means that a government was formed without the right-wing conservative Prime Minister Netanyahu twelve years ago.

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Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jamena Party

For the extraordinary coalition to begin its government work, a simple majority of the 120 deputies must vote for it. It is expected that Netanyahu’s supporters will try with all their might, even taking the oath, to bring down the shaky alliance between Lapid and Bennett. Even after the coalition agreement was signed, there were reports of at least one apostate in the ranks of the Jamina party.

Lapid himself wants to take over the position of foreign minister first. His future party is located in the political center. In the March elections, the party became the second most powerful force after Netanyahu’s right-wing conservative Likud party. Lapid entered politics after his career as a TV presenter. He served as Finance Minister in the previous Netanyahu government.

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Without the Israeli Arab voices, it will soon be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu was Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999 and has held office since 2009. This makes him the longest-serving Prime Minister of Israel.

Recently, Israel has been in a perpetual political crisis. The fourth parliamentary elections in two years at the end of March again failed to achieve a clear majority. Rivlin tasked Lapid with forming a government on May 5, but Netanyahu has previously failed. Lapid’s deadline was up on Wednesday evening.

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