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Corona news in the tape: The signing of the European Union contract for the Biontech vaccine



Updated May 20, 2021 11:28 am

  • 11:25 am: ➤ Signing a huge contract with the European Union with Biontech
  • 10:06 AM: Mueller: Priority for the end of vaccination „makes sense.”
  • 07:21 am: Nationwide, the incidence drops for seven days to 68
  • 06:46 am: Salma Hayek details of her illness with the Corona virus
  • 02:02 am: City Day: Caution also applies to Pentecost

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➤ Signing a huge contract with the European Union with Biontech

11:25 am: Announced European Union Treaty with Bountech/ Pfizer has signed to buy up to 1.8 billion additional doses of the Corona vaccine, which are in effect. This was announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels.

Almost two weeks ago, I announced that the negotiations were over. After that, there were still appeal deadlines, which are now over.

The contract will run until 2023. 900 million cans are strictly ordered, and another 900 million are options. So 70 to 80 million children in I It is protected against COVID-19 and booster vaccines for adults.

The contract size is estimated at 35 billion euros. For the current vaccination campaign, the European Union has already concluded two framework agreements with Biontech /Pfizer More than 600 million vaccination doses delivered since the end of 2020 have closed.

Other Corona news of today:

Prince William gets first vaccination against Corona

11:04 am: Prince William, 38, received his first vaccination against the Corona virus. Kensington Palace released a photo showing an NHS worker giving the Queen’s grandson an injection in the upper right arm.

„I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday,” the post said. „To everyone who has worked on distributing the vaccine, thank you for all that I have done and are still doing.” As reported by the Palestinian News Agency, it was William A vaccine is in the Science Museum, London Museum of Technology.

People between the ages of 38 and 39, such as William and his wife, Duchess Kate (39), have been eligible to be vaccinated in England since May 13. Whether that too Kate He received a first dose but was not notified at first.

Corona was Jerky: „I was feeling so bad.”

10:49 am: Form and Provider Lina Jerky contracted the Coronavirus several months ago. „Yes it was me Corona „It really felt bad,” said the 33-year-old in the second part of her YouTube documentary. Where she might be injured is a mystery to her.

Except for grocery shopping on New Year’s Eve, she previously stayed in home isolation – with her friend Dustin Sean and their daughter Zoe, who was born in the summer. Jamil and the child reportedly did not become infected.

According to Jerky, she wasn’t worried about herself while she was ill. She explained: „But I was afraid that my daughter would become infected.” „I always had such guilt that as a mother I couldn’t be there for her. This was actually the worst for me.”

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Mueller: Priority for the end of vaccination „makes sense.”

10:06 AM: The scheme Cancel priority vaccination From the point of view of the mayor of Berlin, on June 7, Michael Muller (SPD), „Boolean step.” The current chair of the Prime Minister’s Conference on Thursday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” said that with priority given, many elderly, pre-illness and occupational groups have been helped.

Given the increase in vaccine delivery in June, it is time to give everyone a chance that goes beyond setting priorities. „We know the dates depend on the vaccine being delivered and none of this can be done immediately.” Regarding students, for example, one can no longer say, „Young people don’t even get the chance to get an appointment.”

From June 7, priority lists according to age, disease, and profession will not be applied to Corona vaccinations. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) announced Monday.

London appeals to „common sense”

09:41 am: Despite travel plans by many Britons to countries classified as areas at risk from Coronavirus, the government is still continuing. London Hold on to the planned easing. Transportation Secretary Grant Shaps appealed to his countrymen’s „common sense” on Thursday. Shaps told Sky News that in states on a list of red or amber countries, there should be no vacation trips. Otherwise there are „a lot of difficulties.”

According to a report by The Telegraph, up to 270,000 people from Great Britain would like to travel to the so-called yellow countries in the coming days. This includes almost all European Union countries, including Germany. People arriving in the UK from these countries are required to self-isolate at home for ten days and take two coronavirus tests at their own expense. This also applies to the British returning home. Anyone who comes from a „red” country – such as India, Brazil, South Africa or Turkey – should be in hotel quarantine.

At the same time, the Minister defended the continued presence of direct flights from India, although the corona variant initially detected there, which is considered highly contagious, continues to spread in Great Britain. Nearly 3,000 cases were detected on Wednesday, up 28 percent from Monday.

Nearly 20,000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccine were destroyed in Malawi on Wednesday after the expiration date. According to the Minister of Health, this is also due to negative reports of vaccination against Corona from the Swedish-British manufacturer.

The pandemic is very bad for Eventim ticket shops

08:42 am: Unusual concerts and events continue to bother the organizer and ticket dealer CTS Eventim. In the first three months of the year, sales fell by 90 per cent compared to the same quarter of the previous year, to reach 19.6 million euros, as announced by the group in Munich. As before, the focus is on stringent cost and efficiency management, as emphasized by Company President Klaus Peter Schulenberg.

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Operationally, CTS Eventim had to accept a loss of 19.6 million euros after a profit of 13.5 million euros in the same quarter of the previous year. The bottom line was now a loss of nearly € 25.2 million after a profit of nearly € 0.6 million the year before.

However, group head Schulenberg was optimistic. He is seeing an increasing demand for juveniles. „People’s yearning to experience culture together is directly reflected in ticket sales,” he said. He takes hope from the increasing vaccination rate and openings around the world.

Lambrecht against compulsory vaccination against Corona in schools

8:25 am: Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) rejects legal obligation to vaccinate children against Coronavirus. „We are betting that a sufficient number of children and young people will be vaccinated voluntarily as soon as possible. I assume that this will be the case in the summer,” Lambrecht told the editorial network in Germany.

The minister emphasized that being infected with Corona cannot be compared to measles. Unlike Corona, the risk of serious complications and long-term consequences in young children is especially high with measles. Measles is also highly contagious.

Children vaccination against measles has been in effect since last year. From March 1, 2020, children from the age of one must be vaccinated against measles before they are admitted to day care centers or schools.

Nationwide, the incidence drops for seven days to 68

07:21 am: Coronavirus cases nationwide for seven days continued to decline. As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced Thursday morning, citing information from health authorities, there have been 68 people nationwide in the past seven days. Corona injuries per 100,000 residents Proven. On Wednesday, the injury value was 72.8.

As announced by RKI, 12,298 new cases of coronavirus were recorded within one day. On Wednesday, RKI reported 11,040 new infections. A week ago, about 17,419 new infections were recorded.

On Thursday, 237 new deaths were recorded after infection with the Coronavirus. The number of Coronavirus deaths in Germany is now at least 86,902. According to the RKI, the total number of coronavirus cases registered in Germany since the start of the epidemic has risen to 3626,393. The RKI estimated the number of people recovering from Covid 19 at 3.3 million.

Salma Hayek details of her illness with the Corona virus

06:46 am: The Actress Salma Hayek (54) In an interview with the American film magazine „Variety” he spoke publicly about his predecessor for the first time Severe COVID-19 disease Talk. „My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because he was so bad,” Hayek said in the conversation that was published on Wednesday (local time). She replied, „No thanks. I’d rather die at home.”

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The native Mexican, who lives with husband Francois-Henri Pinault and their 13-year-old daughter Valentina, in London, contracted the Coronavirus at the start of the epidemic last year. According to the report, she spent seven weeks in isolation in a room and also needed extra oxygen. She still has less energy than before, Hayek says.

In April, she returned to camera for director Ridley Scott for „House of Gucci” in a small role alongside Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

According to virologist Hendrik Strik, a fourth wave of aura is still possible in Germany. But it can be prevented. In order to achieve this, targeted measures must be taken early in the summer.

FDP politician calls for free PCR tests

05:30 am: FDP economic politician Gerald Ulrich has called on vacationers who do not have a vaccination offer to take the Corona-PCR test for free before the summer vacation. Ulrich from the German news agency DPA said that families with children in particular have been severely affected by the Corona crisis for more than a year.

“Now you cannot flexibly plan and design the long-awaited summer vacation according to your own needs. Because of the shortage of vaccines that will remain in Germany for the next few weeks, you will not receive a vaccination offer until the start,” Ulrich said.

If a PCR test is required, a family of four can add € 800 to the vacation budget as it does. He demanded that the federal government find an uncomplicated way in which vacationers could receive one of the often-requested PCR tests per person for free before leaving Germany. This should also be possible on your return trip home, for example with a statement from health insurance companies.

City Day: Caution also applies to Pentecost

02:02 am: The German Association of Cities called on people in Germany to be vigilant even about Pentecost despite the easing of Corona requirements. City council general manager Helmut Diddy of the Rheinische Post said the world seems friendlier than Easter and people are happy that more activities are possible again.

Didi warned, „The current mitigation, however, is easing under supervision. Although the number of infections continues to drop and the number of people vaccinated has increased, the epidemic has not been defeated.” Beware of risking new freedoms.

All Corona reports from May 19 can be found here

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With materials of dpa, afp, sid and apa.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, first family doctors have stopped vaccinations against the Coronavirus. There are three reasons for this. Thumbnail: Image Alliance

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Only agree to surrender: This is how Turkey blackmails the West in the NATO conflict – Politics



Recep Zarakulu has been an enemy of the Turkish state for half a century. After the military coup of 1971, the 74-year-old appeared in court for the first time – due to contacts with Amnesty International.

Zarakulu later co-founded the Turkish Association for Human Rights and published books on the Armenian Genocide and the Kurdish Question as a publisher.

Today, he is on a list of 40 alleged „terrorists” whose extradition Turkey has made a condition of Finland and Sweden agreeing to NATO membership. The Zaracolo case shows why Turkey has so far been unable to convince the West of its demands.

[Alle aktuellen Nachrichten zum russischen Angriff auf die Ukraine bekommen Sie mit der Tagesspiegel-App live auf ihr Handy. Hier für Apple- und Android-Geräte herunterladen.]

Finnish and Swedish negotiators spoke for the first time about the NATO dispute with Turkish government officials in Ankara on Wednesday. Then Ibrahim Kalin, spokesman for the Turkish presidential office and advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, spoke about the positive attitude of the Nordic countries towards Turkey’s demand to lift the arms embargo imposed since 2019.

But Turkey is not satisfied with that. She is asking for tangible proof from Helsinki and Stockholm that they are moving away from The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is run as a terrorist organization. They also insist on handing over opponents of the Turkish government.

Zaracolo has lived in Sweden for ten years

According to Ankara, 28 people in Sweden and 12 in Finland on the Turkish list are dangerous enemies of the state and can be attributed to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, far-left groups or the movement of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen.

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Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told the Haberturk news channel that Turkey does not want to hear excuses such as referring to EU rules. Turkey’s demands must be met — even if Finland and Sweden have to change their laws to allow for deliveries.

The Turkish side accused Recep Zarakulu (here 2008), among other things, of supporting a violent coup.Photo: John McDougall/AFP

Zaracolo is watching developments from Sweden, where he has lived for nearly ten years. He told exiled radio station Ozguruz Radio that he did not believe he would be extradited.

Sweden’s highest court had refused to extradite him in 2019. Contrary to what is happening in Turkey, Zarakulu said, the government in Sweden has to abide by court decisions. Ankara might assume that the government in Stockholm can act like the Turkish government in its own country: by pressuring the judiciary to enforce its will.

Two years ago, I started new investigations

The Zaracolo case illustrates how far apart European countries and Turkey are in understanding the law. A human rights activist in Turkey should not be imprisoned for using or advocating violence.

He was convicted of giving a lecture at a legitimate Kurdish party. According to the Turkish judiciary, he was convicted of supporting a terrorist organization.

Two years ago, the Turkish Prosecutor General’s Office launched new investigations against him: In an article in the left-wing newspaper „Evrensel”, Zarakulu compared Erdogan to former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, who was executed in 1961 after a military coup. . Prosecutors accused Zaracolo of calling for the article’s overturn to be violent.

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Zarakulu said in the interview that there was no legal basis for extradition – after talks in Ankara on Wednesday, Erdogan’s advisor Kalin said the exact opposite: there is no legal basis for refusing to extradite „terrorists”.

There is also a deceased person on the list

Bulent Kenes, the former editor-in-chief of a newspaper affiliated with the Gülen movement, is also on Turkey’s extradition list. He is accused of involvement in the 2016 coup attempt. Another opponent of the government, Kurdish politician and journalist Mehmet Sirak Bilgin, is on Turkey’s extradition list but died seven years ago.

the list It could potentially serve as a bargaining chip in modern poker, which Ankara could give up in exchange for concessions. The most important thing for Turkey is to end the arms embargo imposed on European countries. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has made it clear that her country does not send weapons or money to terrorist organizations.

The Turkish government accuses Sweden of supporting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria.

Erdogan’s veto threat prevents Finland and Sweden, which are seeking NATO protection because of Russia’s war against Ukraine, from easily joining NATO.

Turkey faces a lack of understanding on the part of its allies. Only Russia is benefiting from the conflict, the German ambassador to Turkey, Jürgen Schulz, said at a security conference in Istanbul. Christoph Heusgen, president of the Munich Security Conference, said at the event that Turkey could better solve its problems with Finland and Sweden after they joined NATO more than before.

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Russia plans to put gas profits in Ukraine attack



The export of gas and other fuels brings Russia several billions of additional revenue. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said some of the money could be used in the Ukraine war.

Russia expects an additional income equivalent to 13.7 billion euros this year from the export of fossil fuels. „We expect up to an additional trillion rubles in oil and gas revenues,” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on state television on Friday, referring to the Economic Development Ministry’s latest forecast. Part of the extra income can be used to continue the Russian attack on Ukraine.



He said the government wanted to spend the extra revenue this year rather than putting it aside. The finance minister said the money should be spent on „additional payments” to pensioners, families with children and „special operation” in Ukraine, citing Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Gas and oil have so far been excluded from sanctions

The West has imposed a series of sanctions on Moscow to punish the Kremlin for sending troops to Ukraine. So far, Russian oil and gas supplies have been exempted from sanctions. Russia is currently reaping record revenues due to the high price of gas.

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