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Biden lifts Trump sanctions against TikTok and WeChat

Updated June 9, 2021 at 7:59 PM.

  • Donald Trump’s attempt to ban Tiktok and WeChat apps in the US has officially failed.
  • His successor, Joe Biden, has also ordered new security reviews of apps that have access to US data.

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our president Joe Biden Stop it from before Donald Trump I started an attempt to block Tiktok and WeChat apps. Instead, Biden signed a new decree on Wednesday, under which US authorities must review software applications that have links to opposing countries and, if necessary, take action against them. This is necessary, for example, if they pose security risks to the United States, according to a fact sheet published by the White House.

In particular, they want to check whether the owners of the apps have links to the intelligence or military activities of opposing countries. Another factor is whether sensitive personal data is collected

The Trump administration has designated and banned China-owned Tiktok and WeChat apps as a threat to US data and national security. United States of America behave. However, the court had already stopped it with preliminary orders.

Tiktok belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance. With the threat of a ban, Trump wanted to force the sale of the US Tiktok business to US owners. China torpedoed this in the fall with a new rule that prohibits exporting software algorithms without special permission. After that, the already executed transaction with the participation of the Oracle software suite is no longer executable.

Judges overturn Trump’s decrees

Additionally, the judge came to the conclusion that the Trump government’s Tiktok ban orders were likely not covered by the law, and therefore issued an injunction. In the case of WeChat, US judges ruled that blocking the app would violate the constitutional rights of users who rely on it.

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Trump also targeted smartphone maker Xiaomi shortly before his presidency ended. Here, too, a US judge suspended the punitive measures with an injunction because he had doubts about the legality of the measure. The Biden government recently blacklisted Xiaomi.

Meanwhile, the Biden government last week extended a ban on Americans from investing in stocks of dozens of Chinese companies with alleged military links. Biden calls China the United States’ biggest rival, while Trump repeatedly accused him during the election campaign that Beijing bought it without any evidence. (dpa/fra)
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