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Attack in Kabul: Girls being targeted by terrorists

As of: 09/05/2021 9:57 AM

Most of the victims of yesterday’s attack on a school are buried in Kabul. The death toll is now 50. It appears that the terrorists have targeted a minority.

From Silk Dietrich,
ARD South Asia studio

Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital, Kabul: A little girl lies on nearly every bed. Bandages are tied around their heads, arms, or legs.

A nurse quickly wiped blood from a student’s face, Zahra, before the girl gave an interview to the Associated Press: “I was just out of school with my classmates when suddenly we heard a loud bang. My friend died. Ten minutes later another bomb, then another. Everyone was screaming, Blood was everywhere. ”

“There are a lot of victims.”

Boys and girls attend the school in western Kabul. “There are many victims, most of them are girls. They were lying on the ground everywhere, injured or dead. With some bodies there. Even the head was not available,” says Mohamed Baqer, who lives nearby.

Now there are nothing but blood-stained notebooks, backpacks and coaches on the street.

After the attack on Saturday, people in Kabul mourned the dead.

Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

Minority targeted by terrorists?

The The school is located in the west of the Afghan capital, in a neighborhood mainly inhabited by Hisara. You belong to the Shiite minority in Afghanistan. Al-Hasra is often the victims of attacks.

In the past year, the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in particular has launched numerous attacks against this minority in Afghanistan. Sunni extremists, such as members of the terrorist ISIS militia, are fighting Shiites as apostates.

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Ghani sees Taliban complicity

No one has yet acknowledged the current attack. The Taliban movement condemned the attack and distanced itself from it.

But President Ashraf Ghani blames them for the current violence in the country. “The Taliban is intensifying violence and proving that it has no interest in bringing peace to the country,” the president wrote in a statement.

There have been no major bombings in Kabul in the few months since the Taliban signed an agreement with the United States the previous year. Instead, politicians, clerics and intellectuals were deliberately killed.

The withdrawal of international forces continues

In fact, the highest alert level had been in effect in Kabul since the start of the month. Many international institutions and organizations have just withdrawn their foreign staff because NATO is withdrawing from Afghanistan. The withdrawal was officially launched on May 1. Many fear that the security situation in Afghanistan will become worse due to the withdrawal of international forces.

Just a week ago, young girls protested in Kabul because the education in their schools was so bad. One of her posters reads: “The future is ours if you leave us.”

International forces want to leave the country by 11 September. Many fear this will lead to a civil war. Or the Taliban will come to power again – girls may no longer be educated at all.