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Aircraft from Belarus are no longer allowed to enter EU airspace

Belarusian Aircraft: Pilots from Belarus are now not allowed to land in the EU or take off or fly through EU airspace. (Source: Arnulf Hettrich / imago photos)

EU member states have agreed to further sanctions against Belarus. Accordingly, Belarusian Airlines aircraft are not allowed to land or take off in the European Union or transit its airspace.

For airlines of the former Soviet Union Belarus From Saturday, takeoffs and landings will be banned at all EU airports. Passenger and cargo planes coming from the country are no longer allowed to enter the airspace of European Union Fly over me. This provides for a sanctions decision by the EU countries on Friday.

With the punitive measure, the EU is responding to the Belarusian authorities that about two weeks ago a Ryanair passenger plane was on its way from Athens to Vilnius to stop at Minsk forced. Blogger Roman Protasewicz and his girlfriend Sofia Sabiga, who were among the passengers, were arrested at the airport. The European Union condemned this measure, describing it as a threat to aviation safety and an attack on press freedom.

The sanctions resolution also states that the incident demonstrates the unreliability of the Belarusian aviation authorities and represents another step in the suppression of civil society and the democratic opposition in Belarus. The reference to a bomb threat by Belarus against Ryanair is evidence of falsification of the speech.

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