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The European Union transfers 14 billion euros to the candidate countries for reforms

Recently, the European Union had Turkey factual certificate It was issued with the aim of possible accession to the European Union. However, like six other countries with formal prospects of joining the European Union, the country is set to receive a total of about 14.2 billion euros in so-called pre-accession aid by the end of 2027.

As announced by the Council of the European Union on Wednesday evening, the Portuguese presidency has reached a political agreement with the European Parliament on the necessary regulation. It should regulate how the money reaches Turkey and the Balkans AlbaniaAnd the the black MountainAnd the North MacedoniaAnd the SerbiaAnd the Kosovo Such as Bosnia and Herzegovina being distributed.

“Pre-accession assistance supports beneficiaries in adopting and implementing very important political, institutional, social and economic reforms necessary to uphold EU values ​​and gradually align with EU norms, rules and strategies,” said Portugal’s Minister of State, Ana Paola. Zakaria is responsible for the negotiations. EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varheli spoke of a strong signal to countries and a strong investment in the future of the EU.

There is no money unless repairs are initiated

Both the Council and the Commission stressed the need to allocate funds on the basis of actual reform efforts. This might give Turkey, for example, incentives to move more towards EU standards in areas such as the rule of law.

Accession negotiations with the country have been suspended for several years due to setbacks. In the fall of 2020, the European Union Commission experienced serious failures. government in Ankara No progress has been made in the fight against corruption, there is still no effective separation of powers, and there remain serious concerns about the performance of the economy, according to the Commission’s progress report at the time.

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The political agreement must now be translated into legal texts and then approved by the EU Council of Ministers and Parliament. The European Union Commission announced that admission is expected in the fall.