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Mass grave in Canada: UN human rights activists outraged by ‘heinous crimes’

After a mass grave with the remains of 215 children was found on the site of a former Aboriginal boarding school in Canada UN human rights experts are calling for clarification. They called in a statement to the Canadian government and Vatican To initiate comprehensive investigations into the circumstances of the deaths of children and those responsible.

All suspicious deaths must be reviewed and the remains will need a forensic examination. Similar investigations are needed in all of these facilities in Canada to investigate allegations of torture and ill-treatment and possibly bring the bad guys to justice.

Boarding school operating until 1978

The mass grave near Kamloops, Western Province British Columbia It was discovered at the end of May. It was found on the grounds of Kamloops Residential School, a type of re-education camp for Aboriginal Canadian children. It was in operation between 1890 and 1978. It is not known when and what the children died. Some of them were only three years old.

The facility at Kamloops was the largest of its kind in Canada, according to the Aboriginal peoples. From the 17th century until the 1990s, these boarding schools were funded and operated by the state. Most of the operators were churches and religious organizations.

Children separated from their families

It’s one of the darkest chapters in Canadian history: for decades, the government has torn thousands of sons and daughters from their families and sent them to boarding schools. There they must forget their own culture and learn the traditions of European immigrants. Violence and sexual assault were common.

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UN human rights experts have spoken of “heinous crimes” and human rights abuses in boarding schools. The statement said it would be “simply unreasonable” if the Canadian state and the Vatican allowed those responsible to get away with it and were not interested in comprehensive compensation.

Kanadas Premier Justin Trudeau They blamed the Catholic Church vehemently. She never took responsibility for her and still resists frank explanation. He was “deeply disappointed” by the actions of the Church, which now has to release documents and compensate victims of crimes.