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Volcano in La Palma: great satellite images – lava flow slows down



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The Cumbre Vieja volcano has been spitting lava and soot over La Palma for nearly a month. Air traffic to the island is now possible again.

+++ 8.45 pm: A second lava flow likely won’t reach the sea on the volcanic Canary island of La Palma, contrary to initial forecasts, on Monday. The current has slowed down significantly and is still moving forward at a speed of two meters per hour. News anchor RTVE reports and points to information from the authorities. On Sunday, the current was still flowing toward the sea slopes at 15 meters per hour.

The hot mass, which is 1270 degrees Celsius, is still 160 meters from the sea. It is sure that sooner or later it will reach the Atlantic Ocean and form a new head. The main stream has been flowing out to sea for a good two weeks and creating a new cape there, which was already over 36 hectares in size on Monday. About 50 football fields are suitable for it.

Volcano in La Palma: Stunning Satellite Images – No Air Traffic on Weekend

Meanwhile, flight operations resumed Monday in La Palma after a two-day break. The island’s airport remained operational over the weekend, but the majority of flights were canceled due to an increase in volcanic ash that is dangerous to aircraft.

Update from Monday, October 18, 2021 at 8am: The volcanic eruption in La Palma continues to paralyze air traffic on the Canary Island. An airport spokesman said planes had to stay on the ground for a second day in a row on Sunday due to volcanic ash. So all 38 flights planned for the day have been cancelled. Only four of the 34 flights planned were able to take off on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a second lava flow could reach the sea on Monday and form a new cape there. The Institute of Volcanology of the Spanish Region (Involcan) announced, on Sunday afternoon, that the hot mass of 1270 degrees Celsius is about 200 meters from the sea. The lava flow is flowing towards the sea slopes at a speed of 15 meters per hour.

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La Palma volcano still active: little hope for a quick end to lava flows

First report from Sunday 17 October 2021: LA PALMA – New high-resolution satellite imagery of the Spanish island of La Palma shows lava flows that spewed across the island from the Cumbre Vieja volcano. The images, captured Thursday (October 14, 2021) by a satellite of the US Earth observation company Maxar Technologies, show a huge, dark, heavy cloud of smoke extending over the island from the volcanic crater. Glowing lava flows down the slopes of the mountains towards the coast and destroys everything that stands in its way.

Describing the natural phenomenon on Twitter, Maxar says: „The lava is forming a huge delta on the La Palma coast and has taken about 40 hectares of new land from the Atlantic Ocean.” Through pyroclastic flows with surface temperatures of 500 it flows into the sea at more than 1000 ° C, turning into volcanic rocks and thus increasing the land mass on the edges of the island at the expense of the Atlantic area.

The most dangerous for the inhabitants of La Palma are the poisonous gases that arise when lava enters the sea. During the chemical reaction that occurs once hot, boiling lava meets water, hydrochloric acid is released, among other things. In gaseous form, hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive and extremely dangerous to the respiratory system of humans and animals. In addition, chemical burns can occur on the surface of the skin and eye irritation on contact.

Lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma meets sea water: toxic gases are created

but that is not all. Donald Bruce Dingwill, professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences in the Department of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, told RND: “The volcano contains many gases, from uranium to fluorine to sulfur, which mostly seep to the top. Some of the gases are also stored in the lava, which is dumped on its way.”

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Once the lava hits seawater, other gases are released, such as bromine, sulfur, and chlorine. Many aerosols are formed. If you stand in the wrong direction of the wind, you will get the entire aerosol.”

The local authorities responded to this threat with a security zone within 3.5 kilometers. Residents inside were asked to stay indoors and keep windows closed to avoid inhaling toxic gases. Incidentally, this process does not harm the environment, said Dingwell. Lava flows into the sea four and a half billion years ago, and this is a „natural process” that does not harm the Earth – unlike the local population.

1,817 buildings in La Palma fell victim to the lava of the Cumbre Vieja volcano

On Twitter, the Institute of Volcanology of the Canary Islands (Involcan) posted its own recordings, filmed from the ground, of lava flows in Cumbre Vieja, making their way through abandoned houses. The description reads: „Our crew was able to film a real lava 'tsunami’ today.”

The scene is less pleasant for the locals. According to the European Union’s Copernicus Emergency Monitoring Service, 1,817 buildings have fallen victim to boiling lava since the eruption of the volcanic eruption on September 19, 2021. More than 7.3 square kilometers of land has already been damaged, while Cumbre Vieja volcano is scattering more and more lava over The island.

The eruptions intensified last weekend after part of Cumber Vega crater collapsed on Saturday (October 9, 2021) and lava was then able to flow in new directions. House-sized boulders rolled down the crater, and new lava flows found their way to the Atlantic coast in no time at all, destroying settlements on their way rescued from the original runoff.

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The Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma erupted for the first time after nearly 50 years of rest

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the local authorities in La Palma on Thursday, October 14, directed about 300 people to evacuate their homes in the cities of Tazacourt and La Laguna. Those affected had only a few hours to rescue their belongings and pets.

volcano old summit
Height 1.949 m
Location La Palma, Canary Islands (Spain)
Type Stratovolcano
Recent outbreaks 1971, 2021

Meanwhile, the sulfur dioxide cloud emanating from the volcano is spreading over Europe and reaching heights of up to 5 kilometres, according to the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS). The gas cloud is expected to cross Europe from west to east in the coming days, according to Mark Barrington, chief scientist at CAMS, on Twitter.

Cumbre Vieja volcano first erupted on September 19, 2021 after nearly 50 years of rest. More than 20,000 light earthquakes alerted geologists and local authorities a week before magma erupted inside the volcano. Experts fear the eruptions could last for months. (Mirko Schmid)

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Two teenagers survived a shark attack in southeastern Australia. Local media reported on Tuesday that the two victims – a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy – were being treated at Geelong Hospital, 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne, and were „in stable condition”.

The attack took place in Ocean Grove, a coastal resort in the state of Victoria. Responsible authorities said a shark was seen 500 meters from the shore.

„Big Bite on the Leg”

She added that eyewitnesses rushed to help the young men when they heard their screams. „The girl had a large bite mark on her leg, just below her knee,” said Diane Hobbs, a former nurse who was on the beach.

The girl’s hand was also injured, while the boy was wounded in the back. It was possible to stop the bleeding with towels, among other things, until the arrival of the ambulances. The beach is closed until further notice.

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Omicron spread: Lauterbach’s statistics point to evil



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from: Richard StrobelAnd Francesca Schwartz

The new corona mutant is led by Omikron Karl Lauterbach (SPD). © Yay Images / Political-Moments / Imago

“We are now vaccinated against time,” the SPD health expert confirmed in a tweet. News ticker for the new Corona variant Omikron.

  • With Omicron * I recently became a new one Corona *Find out the variable. A biologist has now published an explosive graphic (see first report).
  • US Chancellor Fauci now gave hope (See update from December 5, 8:30 p.m.).
  • SPD *Health expert Karl Lauterbach shared a bitter bill from the UK (See the update from December 5, 5:38 p.m.).
  • This newsfeed for the Corona Omikron variant is constantly updated.

Update from December 5th at 8:30pm: American immunologist Anthony Fauci told the TV station on Sunday CNN The first known results of the new Omikron variant. US Presidential Adviser Joe Biden said the current assessment is that Omikron does not cause the particularly serious disease Covid-19.

Although the variant appears to have a 'transmission advantage’, the disease processes observed so far are not difficult. „So far, the signs have been a bit encouraging,” Fauci said. The expert cautioned that it was still too early to make a final assessment.

The omicron variant of the coronavirus was only discovered in South Africa on November 4 – which does not mean, however, that it originated there.

The number of Omicron cases in the UK rose to 246 on Sunday

Update from December 5th at 6.30pm: The number of confirmed cases of Omicron in Great Britain rose to 246 on Sunday, AFP reported Sunday evening. 86 new cases were reported within 24 hours. The British government had already revised entry rules last week due to the Omikron variant, but tightened them again on Saturday night. From Tuesday, vaccinated people must also submit a negative coronavirus test before entering the UK – Not like it was just two days ago*.

According to the European Union Disease Control Authority (ECDC) on Sunday, there are now confirmed Omicron infections in 17 countries in the European Economic Area. So Germany has a total of 15 omicron cases detected, in Portugal 34, in Norway 19, and in the Netherlands 18.

104 known cases of omicron in England, 29 in Scotland

Update from December 5th at 6:18pm: The number of infections with the omicron variant of the coronavirus in England has more than doubled. In the greater part of Britain, the Health Security Agency of the Health Authority (UKHSA) announced on Friday evening that another 75 cases with the B.1.1.529 variant had been found. This means that 104 cases of Omicron are now known in England. In addition, there are 29 infections in Scotland – double the number there was before. One case is known in Wales, but the variant has not yet been discovered in Northern Ireland.

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UKHSA chief Jenny Harry said there were now cases unrelated to overseas travel. This refers to local transmission. Harris called on residents to adhere to hygiene procedures, isolate themselves immediately in case of infection, and obtain a vaccine or a booster dose as soon as possible.

’We are now being vaccinated against time’: Lauterbach shares Omicron’s bitter predictions

Update from December 5th at 5:38pm: “Now we are vaccinating against the clock,” with these words Karl Lauterbach warns of the increasing prevalence of the Omikron variant. The SPD politician posted a British statistical assessment on Twitter. Accordingly, the proportion of the Omikron variant in the UK could double „every three days” – despite the very high vaccination rate there. “Such a spread, without an example, is not easy to stop,” says Lauterbach.

Update from December 5, 5:21 PM: The Omikron variant continues to be prevalent in Scandinavia. In Denmark, the number of confirmed cases has jumped to 183. A Christmas party will also be held in Norwegian Oslo is increasingly becoming a high-profile event*. There are already 120 positive tests in a restaurant after the party. More than half of them are said to be of the Omikron type.

The Omikron variant is likely older than Delta

Update from December 5th at 3:39pm: early forms of The Omicron variant must have been around for much longer than previously assumed*. According to the German co-discoverer of the mutation, Omikron „evolved as its own viral species” before the emergence of alpha and delta, says Wolfgang Preiser.

Then Omikron then most likely developed over several months unnoticed. “The question is: Why did Omikron stay hidden for so long and only started now? Is there one or two mutations still missing so it can spread quickly?” The oldest known evidence of the variant comes from the first half of November.

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In Germany, according to the Robert Koch Institute, four cases of the Omikron variant had been confirmed by genome sequencing by Wednesday – all of them returning from South Africa. In eight other cases in Germany the variant was suspected. However, experts assume that an event beyond that will occur.

Update from December 5th at 3:04 PM: While concerned about the Omikron variant (see first report), Karl Lauterbach (SPD) also tweeted good news about it this weekend. „Two things you should trust at the time of the Second Coming,” the epidemiologist wrote on Sunday. Omikron can be identified with quick tests. A severe course can almost certainly be avoided with booster vaccination. So we are on the right track. Even if Omicron came.”

Omikron in Denmark: the authorities reported a sharp increase

Update from December 5th at 2:58pm.: In Denmark, the number of confirmed infections with the novel Omicron virus variant has risen to more than 180. Danish health authorities announced on Sunday that 183 infections with the variant first identified in South Africa have been detected. The European Union country recently expanded its preventive measures against Corona due to the virus variant that is particularly likely to be contagious.

Biologist publishes a graph of Omikron: „So there will be an increase beyond what we have seen so far”

First report from December 5: BERLIN – In addition to virologists and epidemiologists, designers are also dealing with the current model pandemic*. One of them is Trevor Bedford, who works at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Of course, the new Corona mutation is also on his list Omicron * — and himself on Karl Lauterbach’s Twitter list.

So far, there is little reliable knowledge about Omikron, and that too SPD *A health expert warned against jumping to conclusions. On Saturday think of Bedford with a retweet. Biologist Bedford thinks it is conceivable that Omicron would be immunized against the former Variables * -Depending on the scenario – a not large percentage can be handled. One talks about the „escape variant” or the immune escape variant.

Lauterbach commented on the Bedford drawing regarding the vaccination rate of less than 70 percent in Germany: „This is how it can work with Omikron. If 30 percent of the population is not vaccinated or is insufficiently vaccinated by the arrival of Omikron, it will be There is a significant increase in cases beyond what we have seen before. So now we are feeding against time.”

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An American model on Corona: Omicron is also a danger to vaccinated people?

The basic reproduction number R0, which Bedford mentioned in his tweet, indicates the average number of people infected by an infected person. However, the scientist recently confirmed in an interview with the American news portal FoxThat big factor is also Omikron’s portability. Assuming it is high, that would be a particular problem for non-vaccinators.

„However, it is also possible that Omikron has a low infection rate, but a high immune capacity.” Then it will be set to Omicron booster vaccinations* it is necessary.”

Lauterbach on Omikron: „Delta waves break briefly”

Top manufacturers such as Bionic * want them Corona vaccine modification. „The incidence of infection in the omicron is twice as high as in the delta variant and is increasing,” Lauterbach wrote in a tweet over the weekend.

And: “It is good that the vaccines are adapted. But the massive delta wave must be broken in the short term. We already have the vaccines.”

Karl Lauterbach sits in his seat in the Bundestag with a mouthguard in his hands in November 2021 and listens to the debate.
Communicates frequently on Twitter: SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach © Political-Moments / Imago

Current numbers on the delta variant of Germany and England

On Friday, 3 December, the British Health Authority announced that more than half of Omicron’s recorded infections so far relate to those who have been vaccinated: of the 22 confirmed infections so far, at least twelve have received corona vaccinations.

However, it cannot be concluded from these figures that vaccinated people have a similarly high risk of developing Omicron as unvaccinated people. The more people vaccinated, the proportionately more people are vaccinated—even if the rate of vaccinated people with the infection is very low.

Close-up of 2019: the new coronavirus under the microscope
Microscopic view of the corona pathogen, which now has a new variant with Omikron. © Yay Images / Imago

Even among those infected with the currently prevalent delta variant, the proportion of those vaccinated against the infection in Great Britain or Germany is now higher than ever – because the majority of people in these countries are vaccinated. In both countries, nearly 70 percent of people received at least two doses of the vaccine. (frs with material from dpa and AFP) * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

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