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USA: Fedex striker in Indianapolis was a former employee

The attacker was at a Fedex Parcel Service distribution center in Indianapolis They shot eight people, 19-year-old former employee. US city police have announced the identity of the shooter who apparently shot himself after the attack on Friday. “The person has been identified as 19-year-old Brandon Hall,” Indianapolis Vice President Craig McCart told reporters.

Accordingly, Hall last worked at the FedEx Distribution Center in the state capital last year Indiana In the Midwest. It was unclear at first whether it was fired by Fedex.

The motive remains unclear

Looking at a possible motive, McCart stressed that police were still investigating the cause of the firearms attack near the international airport late Thursday evening. The 19-year-old was known to the police, but McCart did not provide any further information. The mother of the shooter must be noisy. ”CNNThe authorities warned of a possible outbreak of violence in March of last year.

Eight people were killed and seven others were wounded in an armed assault with a rifle. “He got out of his car and started shooting outside the building very quickly,” McCart said. Then the assailant, armed with another rifle, fired inside the building and apparently shot himself shortly before the police arrived. McCart said the entire attack lasted “a few minutes”. Police found four deaths outside the FedEx building and four deaths with the perpetrator’s body inside.

The United States of America It has already been hit by a series of firearms attacks that have resulted in many deaths this year. President Joe Biden He spoke of another “tragedy” and ordered that the American flags in the White House, public buildings, embassies and military bases be raised to half-mast. Biden said at a White House press conference on Friday that death with American firearms was a “national embarrassment,” and called on Congress to ban military-style “offensive weapons”.

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Biden only had new personalities last week Measures to reduce gun violence Arranged in the country. But he needs a majority in Congress to drastically tighten the gun law. Conservative Republicans have resisted stricter law for years.