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US Vaccine Donations: “We Share to Save Lives”

Status: 03.06.2021 7:43 PM

Donations had already been announced, and the White House has now announced the details of distributing 80 million doses of the Corona vaccine. US President Biden stressed: To end the epidemic, the virus must be defeated around the world.

The United States is pressing ahead with plans to sell coronavirus vaccines to other countries. Three-quarters of the 80 million vaccine doses designated for donation will be distributed through the International Covax Initiative. The White House said at least 75 percent of the vaccine will be provided through Kovacs and up to 25 percent will be sent directly to countries in need. Delivery must be done by the end of June.

Initially, President Joe Biden announced that about 25 million doses of the vaccine would be passed. Nearly 19 million cans of this will be donated via Kovacs: to Latin America and the Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia and Africa. About six million boxes are donated directly from the USA and are intended for “regional priorities and partner beneficiaries”.

Biden said the vaccine doses will go to countries such as Canada and Mexico, as well as India, South Korea, the Palestinian territories and Iraq, as well as to United Nations staff.

‘We partner to save lives’

Biden stressed that in order to put an end to the Corona epidemic, the virus must be defeated around the world: “As long as the epidemic continues anywhere in the world, Americans will be vulnerable.” Biden said the United States would not share vaccine doses to “secure concessions or concessions”: “We are sharing these vaccines to save lives and lead the world in ending the pandemic.”

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The US government had already announced at the end of April that it would sell 60 million doses of vaccine from the manufacturer AstraZeneca to other countries. The vaccine from the British Swedish pharmaceutical company has not yet been approved in the United States. In mid-May, Biden announced an additional 20 million doses of US-approved vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Uneven distribution of the vaccine

Due to rapid progress in the US vaccination campaign, pressure on the government to share more doses of the vaccine has increased in recent weeks. In the United States, the supply of vaccines partially exceeds the demand.

The Covax Initiative has set itself the goal of reducing the massive inequality between rich industrial countries and poor developing and emerging countries when it comes to coronavirus vaccination.

The Vaccination Alliance wants to ensure that 20% of the highest-risk population in every country can be vaccinated against Covid-19 this year. Germany also announced in mid-May that it would donate 30 million doses of vaccine to support poor countries by the end of the year. This will be part of an EU package of 100 million doses of vaccine.

was another An appeal for donations to fund the global vaccination program against Corona Excessive expectations. The online event with governments and foundations from around the world has raised an additional $2.4 billion (nearly two billion euros), according to the Gavi Vaccination Initiative. This means that a total of $9.6 billion is now available to implement COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in more than 90 of the poorest countries.

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Bandar Rodriguez
June 3, 2021 • 8:41 pm

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Yeah. give up everything. It would just be bad here. Incredibly slow vaccination meets exotic treatment. 6 weeks to the date. Maybe you forgot in order? It is only available here. The treatment is definitely better off elsewhere.