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Ukraine news: Putin’s supersonic missile – this is what makes the „indomitable weapon” so dangerous



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Russia used the Ch-47M2 Kinzhal missile for the first time in the Ukraine War. The hypersonic missile is the secret weapon in Putin’s arsenal – and it is a mystery to NATO.

MOSCOW – It’s fast and accurate – and it’s Putin’s secret weapon. The The conflict in Ukraine It is constantly raging, and for the first time Russia is now using a Kinzhal missile, nicknamed „Ch-47M2 Kinzhal”. As reported by Agence France-Presse, this was probably the first time a hypersonic missile had ever been used. Ukraine war premiere, so to speak.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised this advanced weapon in 2018, calling it „virtually invincible” after the first successful test. But what makes a missile so dangerous?

Putin’s secret weapon: hypersonic Kinzal missile destroys ammunition depot in Ukraine

In fact, the hypersonic missile did a fair amount of damage the first time it was used in the Ukraine war. According to information from Moscow, a missile arsenal in the Ivano-Frankivsk region was destroyed by a hypersonic missile „Kinzal” (engineer: Dagher). Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konushnikov said on Saturday that the underground ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Air Force in Delatin, southwest Ukraine, was destroyed by a ballistic missile on Friday (March 18, 2022).

A Russian Air Force Mikoyan MiG-31 interceptor aircraft loaded with an air-to-ground Kinzhal ballistic missile.

© Pavel Golovkin / AP / dpa

Russia was the first country in the world to develop hypersonic missiles. These missiles are able to change altitude and direction at extreme speeds – evading enemy anti-aircraft defenses. The reason for the development of missiles is Moscow’s desire to defeat the American missile shield stationed in Europe. Now it was used for the first time against Ukraine.

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The high-speed „Kinzal” missile: a Russian weapon of „high destructive power”.

Wassily Kashin, a military expert and head of a research center in Moscow, spoke of the „world premiere” after the Kinzal missile was used. It is clear that the Russian army wanted to use the missile in combat conditions. According to Kashin, the Armory in the village of Delatin was an obvious target of the Kinzhal missile because: „Such infrastructure is difficult to destroy with classic missiles. Because of its high speed, a hypersonic missile has greater penetration and greater destructive power.”

The Kinzhal hypersonic missile reaches a speed of Mach 10, which is about 12,000 kilometers per hour. It carries up to 480 kg of explosive or a nuclear warhead. According to Russian information, the range of the new missile is up to 2000 km. This means that most major European cities can be reached by Kinschal within 10 to 30 minutes.

Hypersonic missiles are launched by Russian MiG-31 combat aircraft. This expands its range by the distance traveled. Its rocket engine ignites only at a safe distance from the aircraft.

Ukraine War: What Makes Putin’s Supersonic Kinzal Missile So Dangerous

One of the most insidious things about Putin’s supersonic „Kinzal” missile is its speed and mobility. The missile is faster than conventional supersonic weapons. And unlike ballistic missiles, they remain highly maneuverable late in flight. This leaves the enemy’s air defenses little time to respond.

After launch, Kinschal rises to an altitude of 18 to 20 kilometers. It will likely be guided using the so-called inertial navigation system and the GLONASS satellite navigation system. Since the missile can change its flight altitude in the atmosphere, evasive maneuvers are possible at any time.

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The United States lags behind in hypersonic missiles

Russia is not the only country with this type of weapon. According to Agence France-Presse, China also has such missiles. North Korea has at least airworthy prototypes. For years, the United States has also invested billions of dollars in the development and production of hypersonic weapons. The success so far has been manageable. The extremely high temperatures that occur during the flight of missiles are clearly a major problem.

In addition to the USA, NATO also includes research in Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia and India in its 2020 research paper. But, in part, it also relates to defense against hypersonic missiles. There are reasons.

„Kinzal” hypersonic missile: the West „has no defense” against Putin’s secret weapon

Because the defense systems of the West are also backward. “We have no defenses that could prevent such a weapon from being used against us,” US Air Force General John Hyten admitted in 2018. A report from the 2019 Munich Security Conference states: “The hypersonic missiles, with their new combination of speed and maneuverability, It can overcome all existing missile defense systems and radically reduce the reaction time of the attacking actor.” Ukraine now feels this way tolerably. (nc/AFP)

Meanwhile, Russia is currently suffering heavy losses in the Ukrainian War. That is why Putin now wants to send reinforcements from the east.

List of rules: © Pavel Golovkin / AP / dpa

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Due to power outages or winter power problems: Can you cook without electricity and gas? The good news: yes – if you are creative.

Note to our readers: This article contains affiliate links. This means that we receive commission from partners. This does not change anything for you.

Many people fear that winter is approaching as electricity and gas prices have already gone up. But the fact that there is no electricity or gas for cooking does not have to be due to an impending energy crisis. It could also be due to a power outage in your area or you simply want to go camping and are looking for alternatives to cooking at home. So it’s good to know some creative ideas on how to prepare a warm meal without electricity. As a general rule, you should be prepared for emergencies, whether it’s a power outage or a natural disaster. In this context, the Federal Bureau of Disaster Control (BBK) also recommends one Emergency stocks of some non-perishable foodsYou must have it at home.

Camping stoves or campfires aren’t just practical ways to cook while camping. © Westend61 / Imago

Cooking without electricity: camping stove

A camping stove with a gas cartridge is part of most people’s basic equipment when camping. Traditionally, butane or propane gas is used. Could you Cooking water for pasta Or heat coffee, cook soup or warm canned meals. But be careful: most manufacturers advise against using them indoors because gas can escape very quickly and a spark could start a fire. Therefore, camping stoves should only be used outdoors, that is, in the garden or on the balcony.

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Use thin-walled aluminum pans: they conduct heat more quickly and you can save gas.

Cooking without electricity and gas: grill

Grill – logically a charcoal grill, not an electric or gas grill – is a method of cooking without electricity and gas at home, in the garden or on the balcony. Not only can the usual grilled foods like sausages, meats and cheese be grilled – with the right accessories you can also prepare other dishes using the grill. a Dutch oven For example, they can be placed directly on the grill or in an open fire. And on a plancha saj, you can fry everything from vegetables to fried eggs and bacon.

Cooking without electricity and gas: Fondue set

Do you have a fondue set at home? Perfect: This can’t just be for chocolate or cheese shake Used, but also in emergency situations without electricity or gas at home. However, this can be difficult with a small fondue group. It works best if you have a fondue set with denatured alcohol or paste fuel. For example, you can heat up water or soup.

Cookbook „Cooking Without Electricity”

As part of the National Recipe Contest, BBK Cookbook „Cooking Without Electricity” (promotional link) has been posted. The idea of ​​the project was, among other things, to give instructions to citizens when electricity is cut off and fresh food. At the same time, it should be possible to cook delicious dishes. Recipes like pancakes without eggs or curried apricot couscous show that this is not that difficult.

Cooking without electricity and gas: a cold kitchen

Of course, you can also use the cold kitchen not to cook directly, but still prepare a delicious meal. This includes salads, snacks with cheese, sausage, dips, spreads or cold soups like gazpacho soup.

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Shot at a brewery in Donetsk – poisonous ammonia gas leak



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to: Vincent BossuAnd the Neil AkoyunAnd the Andrew AbtzAnd the Christian Sturgeon

Bombs explode in the Crimea. The Russian Army Attacks Southern Ukraine in the Ukraine War: The News Tape.

+++ 8:14 AM: Pro-Russian separatists accused Ukraine of bombing a brewery in the city of Donetsk. One person was said to have died and several people were injured. The Emergencies Ministry of the Russian-backed Donetsk People’s Republic said a shell hit an ammonia pipe late at night, sparking a fire that spanned an area of ​​600 square metres. Toxic ammonia gas leak.

Gas leakage within a radius of two kilometers. According to the pro-Russian authorities, the gas leak has been stopped, but people are still being asked to retreat into buildings and close doors and windows. Ammonia is toxic and acts as a cell poison. There is a risk of suffocation.

Ukraine War: Russian Missile Attack Focuses on Bakhmut – Civilians Killed

Update from Thursday, August 11, 06:11: It’s the 169th day of the Ukraine war. Even at night fighting finds no rest. In the Donbass in eastern Ukraine, Russian forces continued their advance accompanied by heavy artillery fire. Seven civilians were killed in the town of Bakhmut on Wednesday (10 August). Shops, homes and apartments were also damaged and fires broke out due to the attack. This has now been confirmed by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office. In a speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced retaliation for the Russian air strike.

The president also appealed to the population in the area occupied by Russia and urged the people to contact the Ukrainian armed forces through secure channels to transmit information about the enemy or about his collaborators. In addition, contact with those citizens who are alone or cut off from contact must be maintained. “Talk to them, support them, tell them about our struggle and the possibility of evacuating an empty area,” Zelensky said.

Ukraine news: 'Capture or die’ – separatists warn Ukrainian soldiers

+++ 10.50 pm: Two civilians were said to have been killed in attacks on a village near Kharkiv. This was announced by the local police on Wednesday. Russian forces shelled the Ukrainian-controlled village of Stary Saltyv, around 12 noon. Police accused Russian forces of deliberately attacking apartment buildings and announced an investigation into suspected war crimes.

Ukraine war: Ukrainian soldier flees from fire in a wheat field in the Zaporizhia region
A Ukrainian soldier escapes from the flames in a wheat field in the Zaporizhia region. (File photo) © Ukrinform / dpa

+++ 10.20 pm: It is said that the pro-Russian forces made advances in several major cities of the Donetsk region. A spokesman for the fighters of the „Donetsk People’s Republic” reported this to Russian media on Wednesday CNN mentioned. It is said that the forces entered the cities of Soledar and Bakhmut, which fought battles a few days ago. In addition, the occupiers took control of the villages of Pisky, Marinka and Avdiivka. And on the latter, the spokesman concluded that „Ukrainian soldiers who are still in the city will either be captured or die.”

News of the Ukraine war: Civilians were killed in a missile attack on Bakhmut

+++ 9.20 pm: Seven civilians were said to have been killed in a Russian attack on the town of Bakhmut. This was reported by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office on Telegram on Wednesday. Russian forces were said to have bombed high-rise buildings, single-family homes, and shops in the city center with multiple rocket launchers. Six other people were injured.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating a suspected war crime. For days, Bakhmut was a target of Russian forces trying to advance into the Donbass region. The Government of Ukraine required all civilians to leave the disputed area.

News about the Ukraine war: power lines from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant could be cut

+++ 8.15 pm: Ukraine threatened to cut power lines to Russia’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. This measure will be announced by the head of the state nuclear energy company Enerhoatom, Petro Kotin, if Russia connects the power plant to the attached Crimea grid. „I think our armed forces will be ready for that if necessary,” the 61-year-old told RBK-Ukrina news agency, adding that Ukrainian power lines would bomb power lines.

According to Kotin, the power plant will have to be completely disconnected from the Ukrainian power system if Russia wants to connect it to the Crimean grid. This would jeopardize the energy supply of the entire Russian-occupied southern Ukraine. Since opening in March, The situation around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is tense. And battles take place repeatedly near the furnace, which is apparently used by Russian forces as a military base.

Ukraine war news: Ukrainian army wants to recover Cherson „quickly”.

+++ 7.15 pm: One person was killed in explosions in the Crimea in the Black Sea. These reports The island Quoted from the local health ministry. Eight other people were also injured. The exact cause of the explosion remains unclear (see preliminary report). Ukraine continues to refuse to participate.

Recently, such a statement came from the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar. „The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense cannot determine the cause of the fire, but it does mention fire safety regulations and the ban on smoking in unauthorized places,” she wrote on Facebook.

+++ 5.50 pm: In an interview with the Ukrainian news agency RBC-Ukraine, a high-ranking commander said that they want to liberate the Kherson region from Russian occupation in the coming months. „Unfortunately, I can’t give a time frame or a date. But I want to tell the Kherson people that it won’t take as long as everyone expects. It will be fast,” Major General Dmytro Marchenko said, adding that by the end of the year, they want to have freed Cherson significantly. categorically thus heralding „the end of the active phase of the war.”

And then there will be some local military operations. But by the end of the year we must complete the main phase of this war.

News of the Ukraine war: the destruction of a strategically important bridge

+++ 4.15 pm: According to the Ukrainian military, the missile launches rendered a bridge near the Nowa Kakhovka Dam in southern Ukraine unusable. The Southern Army Command said on Facebook on Wednesday (August 10) that the „strike was accurate” and „effective”. Crew management has no information yet on this. The day before, the Russian channel was RT Only reports of regular bombing of the bridge over the ship channel and the dam itself.

Russia has largely occupied the Cherson region in southern Ukraine on the lower reaches of the Dnipro River. Using long-range missile systems, the Ukrainian army is systematically trying to destroy the only three river crossings in the region. This is intended to prevent the Russian army from replenishing on the Right Bank and to enable the restoration.

News of the Ukraine war: Russia wants to destroy German Gibbard tanks

+++ 3 pm: According to their own statements, Russian forces destroyed a German Gepard tank in southern Ukraine. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the tank was hit in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe city of Mykolaiv. In addition, three Ukrainian combat aircraft were shot down in the area.

Ukraine war news: At least ten Russian planes may have been destroyed

First report from Wednesday, August 10 at 1:35 pm: Kyiv – Ukraine’s war continues unabated. On the 168th day of the war, all eyes are on the Crimea in the Black Sea. „Crimea is Ukraine and we will never abandon it,” the Ukrainian president said. Volodymyr Zelensky After the explosions at a Russian air base. The explosions caused severe damage to the Saki base in western Crimea.

According to Ukrainian sources, at least ten aircraft were destroyed. „After the explosion we saw, it is clear that the air force battalion was hit,” Ukrainian Air Force staff spokesman Yuri Ihnat said on television. According to Henat, Sukhoi Su-30M and Su-24 combat aircraft and Il-76 transport aircraft are stationed there.

Ukraine war news: explosions in Crimea

The reason for the Explosions in CrimeaThe Russia Appendix in 2014 is still not clear. According to official information from Moscow, a violation of fire safety rules is to blame for the accident. On the other hand, many experts assume a Ukrainian attack. The number and strength of the explosions indicate a targeted attack by Ukraine.

The The New York Times A senior Ukrainian army officer was quoted as saying that a weapon developed by Ukraine was used. Selinsky’s advisor Oleksiy Aristovich also spoke informally about an attack with a new Ukrainian weapon.

The focus of military experts is mainly on the new Hrim-2 short-range ballistic missiles. It was developed in Ukraine and is said to have a range of up to 500 km.

The leadership in Kyiv has not claimed responsibility for the bombings so far. But Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolak wrote on Twitter: „This is just the beginning.”

Ukraine war news: Crimea attack will be a major blow to Russia

This will be the first military attack on targets in the Crimea. Symbolically, it will be a similar blow to the Moscow leadership as it was in mid-April The cruiser „Moskva” sank.The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

US military experts Institute for the Study of War According to reports, the Russian leadership does not want to recognize a Ukrainian attack for image reasons. In its analysis, the institute said that Moscow would then have to admit the failure of its air defenses. (cs/dpa)

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US reaffirms one-China policy: China responds to Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan with military exercises



China is holding military exercises ahead of an expected visit of US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. A person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday that several Chinese warplanes were spotted near the border line in the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Tuesday morning.

[Wenn Sie aktuelle Nachrichten aus Berlin, Deutschland und der Welt live auf Ihr Handy haben wollen, empfehlen wir Ihnen unsere App, die Sie hier für Apple- und Android-Geräte herunterladen können.]

Several Chinese warships have also been patrolling near the unofficial buffer zone in the strait since Monday. Both Chinese warships and aircraft touched the central line of the waterway. The maneuver is unusual and „extremely provocative”. Taiwan sent aircraft to monitor the situation.

Earlier, senior Taiwanese and US officials said Pelosi plans to visit Taiwan as part of her Asian tour. A Taiwanese lawmaker told dpa in Taipei that Pelosi may arrive in Taipei on Tuesday evening local time from Malaysia.

There may be a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday. According to US media reports, the travel plan is underway, while the Pentagon is monitoring all steps taken by the Chinese side and working „around the clock” to ensure the security of the number three in the United States – after the president. And his deputy – as he was called.

Taiwan Prime Minister Su Tsing-chang evaded an obvious answer on Monday about whether Pelosi would come to Taiwan on Thursday. „We always welcome the visits of highly prized foreign guests to our country,” he told reporters in the capital, Taipei.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not say she would stop on the island on Sunday when she officially confirmed her trip to the Indo-Pacific.

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The Chinese leadership reacted nervously to the reports — and did not rule out military responses: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a press conference in Beijing on Monday that Pelosi’s Taiwan visit would be „a blatant interference in China’s internal affairs.”

He spoke of a „very serious situation and consequences” for the United States. The Chinese side is fully prepared for all possibilities. „The People’s Liberation Army will not stand idly by, and the Chinese side will definitely take firm and decisive measures to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Lijian said.

China reacts nervously

Chinese state media have been discussing military reactions for days, ranging from the Chinese Air Force’s escort and maneuvers of Pelosi’s plane to the establishment of a no-fly zone around Taiwan and missile tests. The party’s Global Times newspaper wrote on Twitter that relations between China and the United States were „almost on the edge of a precipice”.

„The countermeasures that the senior leadership is planning to deal with Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan must be more stringent and comprehensive than can be imagined. China’s warning to the United States is not empty talk.”

But the White House warned Beijing against escalation. „There is no reason for Beijing to turn a potential visit consistent with long-term US policy into a crisis or conflict,” John Kirby, director of communications for the White House National Security Council, said on Monday.

He said the United States would not engage in „rattle of swords”. Kirby said the visit would not change „anything” in the United States’ one-China policy. The United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but it considers Beijing the legitimate representative of China.

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Important diplomatic visit

The Communist government of China considers free Taiwan part of its territory and threatens „unification”, militarily if necessary. When Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine in February, concerns were raised that China might try to annex the island by force..

Nancy Pelosi joins Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore.Photo: Photographer Mohamed Firol/Ministry of Communications and Information/Report via Reuters

Nancy Pelosi will be the highest-ranking US political visitor to receive Taiwan in 25 years. Newt Gingrich, who is also the Speaker of the House of Representatives, visited the island in 1997.

Pelosi originally wanted to travel in April, but had to cancel the trip due to her coronavirus illness. What may be unusual about the speaker’s trip to Taiwan is that she did not announce it in advance.

On Sunday, Pelosi identified Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore as the only destinations, with Pelosi arriving on Monday. She said the focus was on „common security, economic partnership and democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific region”.

Why Joe Biden didn’t want to stand up to Pelosi

The „The New York Times, whose identity was not revealed, quoted US officials as saying they did not believe Pelosi would actually travel to Taiwan in light of the announcement. However, she could still change her mind, although that seems unlikely, according to a New York Times report.

Aides to US President Joe Biden also told the New York Times, without revealing their identity, that he had decided not to ask Pelosi to cancel her scheduled trip to Taiwan. This had to do with his respect for the independence of the US Congress.

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In addition, he does not want to succumb to the threats of the Chinese leadership. Threats, such as those made by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is said to have told Joe Biden during a phone call: „Those who play with fire will die.”

A Chinese newspaper reported on Pelosi’s expected visit to Taiwan.Photo: Reuters/Thomas Peter

In light of Chinese comments, US officials reportedly said they felt that the matter involved greater geopolitical risks Prevent Pelosi’s visit from simply letting her do so. However, Pelosi put Biden in an awkward position. „I think the military thinks that’s not a good idea right now,” he commented on Pelosi’s travel plans.

MEPs Galler and Butekover plan to visit Taiwan later this year

Meanwhile, EU diplomats are concerned about the situation. In light of China’s threats, MEPs Michael Gahler (CDU) and Reinhard Butekofer (the Greens), who specialize in Taiwan and China, have called for solidarity with Taiwan and wish to visit the island this year.

Also in the European Union, “Parliament is the driving force in Taiwan policy.” But the executive branch, who heads the European Parliament’s delegation on relations with China, said the executive branch is acting more cautiously about the disagreement between Pelosi and President Joe Biden over whether it was a good idea to plan their visit or an unnecessary provocation.

Gahler sees no immediate danger to war. China is not ready for war. He observes whether the West in Ukraine is rolling back Russia or stopping aggression. He is the European People’s Party foreign policy spokesman in the European Parliament and president of the 'Formosa Club’, the parliamentary friendship groups for democracy with Taiwan.

Reinhard Butekofer, a member of the European Parliament, calls China’s threats „panic”.Photo: Imago Images / Rudiger Falk

Gahler and Butekover are calling for an investment agreement between the European Union and Taiwan. The European Union negotiated a trade agreement with China. It is suspended due to political differences. The investment agreement gives European companies better market access in Taiwan, and the establishment of a Taiwanese semiconductor plant in the European Union is becoming more likely. They will discuss this with the Trade Committee of the European Parliament in Taiwan in December.

Gahler and Butekover caution against moving away from the „one China” policy. The status quo must be defended. Diplomatic recognition of Taiwan is out of the question. „But Europe must not back down when Beijing moves the red lines,” Bütikofer says.

„A pragmatic partnership with Taiwan makes sense for us.” The „panic” about Pelosi’s visit reflects „Xi Jinping’s growing nationalist focus.” China wants to dictate Taiwan policy to the United States, Japan and Europe. „Giving up would be a mistake.”

The United States, in turn, has committed to Taiwan’s ability to defend itself – which so far has essentially meant handing over weapons. However, President Joe Biden has gone further than his predecessors and has repeatedly described it as a US „obligation” to defend Taiwan in the event it comes under attack from China. Tensions over Taiwan have not been this high since the 1990s. (with dpa, Reuters)

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