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Tobias Schlegel works as a marine rescuer on board the “Sea-Eye 4”

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Tobias Schlegel works as a marine rescuer on board the “Sea-Eye 4”

In 2016, well-known mediator Tobias Schlegel retrained as an emergency medic. Now he is on a rescue ship to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. He had “mixed feelings” before the assignment.

DrWell-known German author and radio and television presenter Tobias Schlegel has appointed an emergency medic on board the sea rescue ship “CI4”. Schlegel said that in the coming weeks he would assist in the “maritime rescue of refugees off the Libyan coast.” Known on Twitter.

In July 2016, Schlegel made headlines with his decision to quit his leisure job and training as an emergency medic. Schlegel said at the time that he wanted to do something “socially relevant”.

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He wrote on Twitter on Saturday: “It is unbearable for the needy to drown in the Mediterranean. I would like to help specifically. I feel it is my duty. To everyone who tries to contact me: I will not be available for the next few weeks / months! Don’t take it.” On a personal load. ”Schlegl also posted a picture on the ship.

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He said he was enthusiastic and was respectful of the mission. “Mixed feelings. But the motivation couldn’t be higher. And: My team is the best!” Schlegel wrote.

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The previous research vessel was funded

Save the Evangelist Sea

The headquarters of the non-governmental organization Sea-Eye is located in Regensburg. According to its own information, the organization has already saved more than 12,000 people from misfortune at sea.

Cost of buying and remodeling The value of “CI4” was about 1.15 million euros. The ship was funded largely by the United4Rescue Alliance. Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) He participated – as is the case with the ship “Sea-Watch 4” – in the financing.

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