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Syria: Bashar Al-Assad issues a general amnesty for prisoners

A few weeks before the presidential election in Syria Has rulers Bashar al-Assad Issuing a general amnesty. The decree, published on Sunday, allows, among other things, the release of prisoners convicted of crimes such as complicity in “terrorist acts,” state media reported. The Syrian news agency SANA published the decree, but did not disclose how many prisoners could benefit from it.

The decree provides amnesty for prisoners convicted of crimes committed before May 2, 2021. Minors facing certain charges must also benefit from the pardon. According to the decree, drug dealers, smugglers, or people convicted of tax evasion can expect amnesty if they agree to pay a fine.

The regulations also apply to critically ill prisoners over the age of 70. Kidnappers who agree to release their victims within ten days can also expect amnesty. The deserters have several months to confront the authorities and thus obtain impunity.

The decree also includes crimes related to the Terrorism Act 2012, including “conspiracy” to commit a “terrorist” act – but only if that act does not lead to the death of a person. Damascus Describes the activities of rebels or opponents of the regime as “terrorist.”

In Syria it happens The second presidential election is on May 26 Since the beginning of the civil war in 2011. Assad is expected to obtain a fourth term. Syria’s rulers have already issued pardons in the past, including after his controversial reelection in 2014, as well as in 2018 and 2019.