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Suspects already noted: A kidnapped girl was found in Switzerland

Notice the suspects already
Kidnapped girl found in Switzerland

Police found a young girl in an inhabited house. The eight-year-old was previously kidnapped from her grandmother’s house in a regiment near the German border. The alleged client must be his mother.

An eight-year-old girl was found kidnapped near the German border with her mother in Francophone Switzerland. Agence France-Presse, citing Nancy’s public prosecutor, Francois Perrin, reported that the baby named Mia was discovered in an inhabited house in the municipality of Saint Croix in the canton of Vaud. Accordingly, about 200 security personnel participated in the search and investigation operations.

Three men kidnapped the young girl on Tuesday in the Vogues mountains in the village of Bollier, where she was staying with her grandmother. The girl’s mother, who is no longer allowed to see the child alone, is said to have ordered the abduction according to current knowledge. The girl was in good health and could return to her grandmother, according to what was quoted by Agence France-Presse, according to the prosecutor. Swiss authorities have detained the 28-year-old mother. Another person was arrested on the Swiss side.

The suspects were already targeted by the Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor

In the case, five suspects have been detained by police in France since Tuesday, three of them are said to have pretended to be officials at the grandmother’s youth welfare office, and the other two are said to have participated in the preparation and handover. .

According to the authorities, the mother wanted to live “on the edge of society” and did not want anyone to interfere in her or her daughter’s life. According to investigators, the suspects have no previous convictions, but they have already been targeted by the anti-terrorism prosecution office. Materials have been discovered in a man’s home that could potentially be used to make explosives. According to media reports, the men are said to be close or ready to survive. The guys previously mentioned that Mia’s mother called them online.

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