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Skiing accident in Switzerland: Germans rescued from an iceberg – News abroad

Dramatic rescue operation in the Swiss Alps!

On Sunday, a German (50) suddenly fell into an ice fissure 20 meters deep while on a ski tour.

Your luck: You didn’t fall into the ravine to the ground, according to the Swiss newspaper “a look”.

The view from the cockpit of mountain rescue workers only gives an idea of ​​the depth of the glacier’s incisionPhoto: Source: Zermatt Airlines

The accident occurred in the Concordia region. A police spokesman told the newspaper that the tour had begun in the Jungfraujoch region with the aim of reaching the Concordia hut.

“For reasons that have not yet been clarified, a snowy bridge collapsed on the road, and the woman fell into a crack,” he said.

Just before 3 pm, the ski group made an emergency call. However, they continued to try to free their companion from her desperate situation. Good luck!

“When rescue workers arrived at the scene, the injured were already on the roof,” a police spokesman said.

The woman, who lives in Switzerland, was airlifted to the hospital by the Mountain Rescue Service. No further details are known about her injuries and how the accident occurred.

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