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Putin’s treacherous weapon – and Habik’s counterattack



Good morning, dear readers,

It may also be due to the heat and his corona disease, which is currently forcing him to work from home – Anyway, Robert Habeck had a pulse on Thursday.

Habek said shortly after the start of his press conference that he wanted to accept the comment he had read and rejected. Note from the Kremlin: that is to Russia is the guarantor of energy security in Europe. is being.



This is a distortion of every fact.Habek said. “Actually, Russia is using its great power – a very great power that we gave to Russia.” To blackmail Europe and Germany“This is the opposite of the guarantor of energy security.” Puff.

It was a great message from the Economy Minister on the day Putin restarted the gas. Not quite, but at least at least 40 percent, as much as it was before the ten-day maintenance work on Nord Stream 1. But instead of being happy with the obvious, Habeck reacted – offensively. Not just on Putin’s propaganda. And rightly so.

Robert Habeck: Attack rather than the obvious.
Robert Habeck: Attack rather than the obvious. (Source: Sven Simon / imago-photos)

Ideally, we journalists are good at criticizing politics when things go wrong. This is part of our job. We tend to be a little taciturn when someone does something well. This is also part of a whole picture. And Habek did well on Thursday. Instead of playing with Putin, instead of making his most dangerous weapon more powerful than it already is, Habek tried to reduce the damage.

And on several levels. At the beginning of his press conference, which was supposed to be about the gas situation in Germany, Habeck explained why we are in fact in such a sharp mess – and that everything else is much worse. ’The war is still in Europe’, He said. In everything that is being discussed now, one should not forget about it. Russia’s aggression is also one of the reasons for the gas shortage.

One might assume that Habek did not say so out of a sense of duty. Rather, it is an attempt not to let Putin slip away so easily. Because he doesn’t really care if we have to take cold showers and wear thick sweaters. For him, gas is a lever to achieve more.

Putin wants to destroy our democracy, Europe, the West itself. It has been rumored about for a long time now. By pointing out the culprit, Habek is trying to wrest a little bit of the power that Putin wields over us with his most dangerous weapon. Because with the gas faucet, Putin fills up Not only direct distributional disputes in Germany and Europe. This is bad enough. One gas tap too Powerful distraction machine.

while we Staring at the gas pipeline flow meter And they are busy adjusting the hydraulics of our heating, Putin continues his war in Ukraine relentlessly, our exchange of armored rings with NATO partners has failed, the traffic lights coalition is at odds over relief, new tensions are arising in the European Union, there is a fire in Germany and the world because of global warming. The list can be extended.

Nord Stream 1 in Lubmin: Putin's treacherous weapon.
Nord Stream 1 in Lubmin: Putin’s treacherous weapon. (Source: Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters)

That’s why another thing Habek did on Thursday came to light in response to Putin. Instead of quelling the 40 percent of the gas that Putin mercifully sends through Nord Stream 1 and giving all the clarity – Habek sounded the alarm.

The Minister of Economy urged suppliers to Store more gashe activated not only hard charcoal but also lignite reserveMake it more possible biogas production – The pressure is increased to save energy. Not only on companies, but also on citizens: more obligatory Heating checkduty to hydraulic balancingAnd the Banning gas heating in private swimming pools.

One or the other can be discussed in detail. But the direction is correct. Because using 40 percent of Nord Stream 1 still means Germany will have to save a lot of gas to get through the next two winters. Furthermore: Putin can achieve lower results again at any timeHe even referred to it with alleged „technical problems” that could be imminent.

The only way to wrest power from Putin is to be independent from him — and as quickly as possible. Through savings and through the expansion of renewable energies. Let’s not get distracted. And let’s look at all the other crises more than just a gas pipeline flow meter.

Today’s appointments

What’s next in Italy? After Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned, President Sergio Mattarella dissolved Parliament. Italian politics is in crisis again.

Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock is visiting Bavaria today on her trip to Germany. Among other things, she talks about NSU terrorism and participates in a town hall debate.

In Mainz meet again Flood Disaster Investigation Committee in the Ahar Valley. Hear different witnesses.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach continues his trip to the United States. He wants to give a speech at Harvard University and visit the vaccine factory Moderna.

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Uwe Seeler in the 1965/66 season at HSV.
Uwe Seeler in the 1965/66 season at HSV. (Source: Kicker / Metelmann / imago-images-pictures)

He was not only one of the best players in his field – he was also a decent guy. Now Uwe Seeler has passed away at the age of 85. And because my teammates know more than I do, I leave them to appreciate this football legend. Sports editor Alexander Kuhn writes about the latter’s idol. Columnist Gerhard Spurl talks about ordinary people.




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Silinsky Calls for Sanctions on Russia’s Nuclear Industry – Peek



Updated on 08/14/2022 08:09

  • According to the will of Ukrainian President Selinsky, Russia’s nuclear energy will be banned internationally through new sanctions against the nuclear industry.
  • He called for punitive measures against the Russian nuclear industry.
  • And as good news, the president announced the transfer of grain and foodstuffs from Ukraine.

You can find more news about the war in Ukraine here

In light of the battles around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine calling the chief Volodymyr Zelensky In Kyiv called the West to impose sanctions on the Russian nuclear industry. Silinsky said in a video speech distributed on Saturday evening that punitive measures should be taken by the nuclear industry of the aggressor country. Nuclear Energy Russia builds or operates nuclear power plants in many countries and stores radioactive waste. The country is a competitor in the US market, for example.

Russia Zelensky said that he is using the nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine to frighten people and blackmail the Ukrainian leadership and the world at large. Kyiv Moscow has accused each other for days of being responsible for the bombing of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Russia has occupied the sprawling facility in the city of Enerhodar for months. Sunday is the 172nd day in the Russian war of aggression.

Zelensky calls for a 'hard reaction’

Zelensky accused Russian forces of using the area as a firing bulwark against the small towns of Nikopol and Marhanets on the other bank of the Dnipro Dam. He warned that the deployment of Russian forces at the nuclear power plant site „poses a radiological threat.” Europe It escalated to a point that we did not witness even in the most difficult moments of confrontation during the Cold War.” He had earlier warned of a potential nuclear disaster.

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„Of course there must be a tough reaction,” Zelensky added. Ukrainian diplomats and representatives of partner countries are now doing their best to disrupt the Russian nuclear industry. At the same time, the president called for international criminal justice to hold those responsible for the „terrorist state” to account. In addition, every Russian soldier who bombs a nuclear power plant or is hiding there becomes a target of Ukrainian secret agents and the military.

With six reactors and a net production of 5,700 MW, Russian forces occupied Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in early March. It is of strategic importance to the country’s electricity supply. Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February. driving in Moscow And the occupation authorities in Zaporizhia reject calls to return the nuclear reactor to Ukrainian control. In 1986, the worst nuclear accident on European soil occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

Successes in Southern Ukraine: Retaking the Dnipro Dam

Zelensky also said in a speech that the situation in eastern Ukraine remains difficult, but without significant changes. The Kharkiv region in particular is frequently attacked, but the defense is still holding. Meanwhile, Russia deployed „enormous resources” in terms of artillery, personnel and equipment in the Donbass.

But there is also good news in the south. There, according to Zelensky, the Ukrainian army repeatedly managed to strike the „Russian occupiers”. According to Ukrainian sources, the vehicular bridge at the Nowa Kakhovka Dam in the Cherson region is no longer impassable as a result of several attacks. The Southern Ukrainian Army Command announced on Facebook on Saturday that the bridge was deliberately disabled due to missiles and artillery.

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Accordingly, the Ukrainian army has now successfully used long-range missile systems to destroy the last of the only three river crossings. This is intended to prevent the Russian army from replenishing on the right bank of the Dnipro and to enable the restoration. The Ukrainians had rendered the railway bridge and land bridge at Cherson unusable. Russian forces have built a civilian ferry service across the river, and reportedly several army pontoon bridges as well.

The administration of the Russian occupiers confirmed the bombing of the dam bridge. At the same time, she warned of damage to the dam wall, which could lead to disaster. The information cannot be independently verified. According to the operators, the output of the connected hydropower plant has been reduced to an emergency. „We are working in a very dangerous situation,” the deputy head of the power plant, Arseny Zelensky, was quoted by the Russian TASS news agency as saying. Since the beginning of the war of aggression, Russia has largely occupied the Kherson region on the lower reaches of the Dnipro River.

Grain transport operations are working and generating income

Zelensky also described the transport of Ukrainian grain and foodstuffs through the Black Sea ports as good news. Meanwhile, 16 ships left with corn, wheat, soybeans, sunflower oil and other products to ease the situation in the global food market. The proceeds from the sale will benefit the state and farmers, who can now sow the new seeds, Zelensky said. „It’s an important component on the path to victory,” he says.

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Agricultural exports through Ukraine’s ports on the Black Sea were halted for several months due to the war. On July 22, Ukraine and Russia, opponents of the war, signed an agreement with Turkey through UN mediation, to allow grain exports from Ukraine again. A coordination center in Istanbul staffed by representatives of the four parties. Among other things, the inspections are aimed at ensuring that the ships do not load any weapons.

Ten Russian planes remain in Germany after the airspace was closed

Nearly six months after European Union airspace was closed to aircraft from Russia, there are still ten Russian-owned or controlled aircraft in Germany. This was reported by the German Liberation Network (RND) on Sunday, citing the Federal Ministry of Transport. „Since the machines are subject to a take-off and flight ban due to the EU sanctions regime, their owner cannot use them and they cannot be moved to another place,” the agency quoted the ministry as saying.

What will be important on Sunday

Zelensky expects more grain to be transported across the Black Sea. In the south and east of Ukraine and around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the warring parties are preparing for new battles. (sbi/dpa)

Artist Trek Thunder Kelly paints sunflowers on burning cars in Irbin, Ukraine. On Friday, he received the support of a number of Ukrainians. The project is dedicated to those who died in the war.

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Ukraine war: Selenskyj threatens Russian soldiers at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant – Russia with supply problems



DrThe Ukrainian military reported new intense Russian missile attacks in the east of the country. This is the city and the region Kharkiv On Saturday, the Ukrainian authorities announced that they had been subjected to severe bombardment. It added that three people, including a 13-year-old child, were injured in the Kharkiv region and taken to hospital.

According to the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Russian forces also have a nuclear power plant site Zaporizhia I was shot. Intelligence said on Saturday that the bombing came from a village a few kilometers away and damaged a pumping station and a fire station. Earlier, Russian troops brought people to the power plant and raised the Ukrainian flag on the outskirts of the city of Enerhodar, on the territory of which the station belongs.

„It is clear that it (the power plant) will be used for another provocation to put the blame on the Ukrainian armed forces,” the intelligence agency said, without elaborating. Ukraine has repeatedly said that Russian forces are using the nuclear power plant as a shield while bombing cities across the Dnieper River, knowing full well that the Ukrainian military will not fire back for fear of a nuclear accident.

The Ukrainian side said that the Russian bombing on Friday evening killed a woman in the city of Zaporizhia. Two other civilians were wounded. In the Zaporizhia region, the authorities have warned people not to take to the streets because Russian forces will shoot in the direction of the nuclear power plant. The information cannot be independently verified.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is located in an area under Russian military control in southeastern Ukraine (archive)

Source: Russian Defense Ministry / Associated Press / dpa

In light of the fighting over the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the West to impose sanctions on the Russian nuclear industry. Silinsky said in a video speech distributed in Kyiv on Saturday evening that punitive measures should be taken by the nuclear industry of the aggressor country. Nuclear Energy Russia is building nuclear power plants in many countries and also storing radioactive waste.

Russia is using a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine to frighten people and blackmail the Ukrainian leadership and the world at large. For days, Kyiv and Moscow have accused each other of being responsible for the bombing of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Russia has a sprawling facility in the city Innerhodar busy for months.

Zelensky accused the Russian forces of using the area as a fortress from there to the small towns on the other bank of the Dnipro Dam. Nikopol And the Marhanese to shoot fire. “Any Russian soldier who shoots at the facility or shoots from its cover should know that it has become a special target of our secret agents, of our special forces, of our army,” Zelensky said in his evening speech. He warned that the deployment of Russian forces at the nuclear power plant site „increases the radioactive threat to Europe to a level not seen even in the most difficult moments of confrontation during the Cold War.”

Russia: You have complete control of the suburb of Donetsk-Pesky

Russian forces also regained control of the area annoying On the outskirts of the eastern Ukrainian city Donetsk claimed for himself. Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted the Moscow Defense Ministry as saying that it had taken full control of the Pesky district.

The Ukrainian army denied Russian information about the allegations of the capture of the village of Pesky. Ukraine’s General Staff said heavy fighting was continuing there. „The occupiers are trying to break through the defensive lines of our forces in the direction of Oleksandropol, Krasnohorivka, Avdiivka, Marinka and Pesky,” the statement said.


The current situation in Ukraine

Source: Infographic World

A little over a week ago, Russian and pro-Russian forces announced that they had taken full control of the village. The ministry also said, according to Interfax, that Russian forces had deployed the US-supplied HIMARS missile system near the Ukrainian city. Kramatorsk And they destroyed the ammunition depot of this weapon system.

After taking over the area Luhansk Russia is also trying to occupy the neighboring Donetsk region. Both regions make up Donbass, which is the center of the Ukrainian coal and steel industry.

London sees the Russians weakened by the damaged bridges of Dnipro

Meanwhile, in southern Ukraine there is a land bridge to the Nova Kakhovka Dam in the region Kherson According to Ukrainian information, it can no longer be used as a result of several attacks. The Southern Ukrainian Army Command announced on Facebook on Saturday that the bridge was deliberately disabled due to missiles and artillery. The administration of the Russian occupiers confirmed the bombing. At the same time, she warned of damage to the dam wall, which could lead to disaster. The information cannot be independently verified.

According to the operators, the output of the connected hydropower plant has been reduced to an emergency. „We are working in a very dangerous situation,” the deputy head of the power plant, Arseny Zelensky, was quoted by the Russian TASS news agency as saying. State TV channel RT reported repeated bombing of the bridge over the ship’s canal and the dam itself.

Read also

dpatopbilder - August 9, 2022, Ukraine, Saki: Smoke rises on Saki Beach after an explosion.  A munition exploded at a Russian air base in the Russian-annexed Crimea in the Black Sea.  Photo: Uncredited / Anonymous / AP / dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++

Explosions on the peninsula

According to British intelligence, the Russian position in the occupied Cherson region in southern Ukraine was significantly weakened by counterattacks on strategically important river crossings. Britain’s Ministry of Defense said on Saturday that it may no longer be possible to transport significant military equipment to the Russian-occupied areas west of the river via two major bridges over the Dnipro River.

in the important Antonivka Bridge Only in the past few days has the Russians been able to make superficial repairs. Another important bridge has become impassable for heavy military vehicles due to Ukrainian attacks with precision weapons in the past few days. The main railway bridge near Cherson is said to have sustained further damage. In order to organize military supplies, Moscow has recently relied mainly on the ferry connection near the bridge.

Ukraine crisis / Kherson Bridge

File photo of the Antonivka Bridge

Source: Reuters

Even after further repairs, the bridges are likely to remain a weak point for the Russian military. Supplies and provisions were provided to thousands of Russian troops on the western side of the Dnipro It depends on two temporary gateway connections.

Since the start of Russia’s aggressive war on Ukraine at the end of February, the British government regularly releases intelligence about its progress. Moscow accuses London of launching a purposeful disinformation campaign.

Ukraine calls for help in prosecuting Russian war crimes

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov called on the United States and other Western countries to help prosecute Russian war crimes. Reznikov said on Facebook on Saturday that Ukraine needs experts in military law and war crimes investigation specialists to punish the Russian attackers.

He sent a request to this effect through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv to the Ukrainian Contact Group, which includes Germany and Great Britain as well as the United States of America. The minister stressed the need to form an international coalition to follow up on the bloody actions.

Resnikov also referred in particular to the fate of Ukrainian prisoners of war who were killed and tortured en masse in Russian custody. „I have no doubt that after Ukraine’s victory in this war, we will, one way or another, hunt down all those involved in the barbaric killings and torture,” Reznikov said.

July 29, 2022, Ukraine, Olinevka: A soldier stands guard next to a prison wall in Olenivka, in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatists.  Russia and Ukraine accused each other of bombing a prison in a breakaway region of eastern Ukraine.  Photo: - / AP / dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++

Standing near a prison wall in Olinivka

Source: dpa

Not only the perpetrators themselves should be punished, but those who gave the orders and those who justified such crimes. He cited the Nuremberg Trials for war crimes against the National Socialists after World War II as a model.

Resnikov demanded after the killing of about 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war at the end of July Olinivka prison In Donetsk again the arrival of independent international experts to clarify the issue. The United Nations also has a duty to urge Russia to allow Red Cross officials access to the remaining prisoners.

Amnesty wants to work through Ukraine’s controversial report

Human Rights Organization AI After severe criticism of her report on the conduct of the war by the Ukrainian army, she wants to review the process of its creation. External experts will conduct a thorough examination of the process, according to a statement from the organization made available to the German News Agency on Saturday. The results of this examination are very urgent.

Next week, Amnesty International’s board will outline details of the process after various national organizations were able to make their contributions – including Ukrainian Amnesty, whose chief Oksana Pokalchuk resigned in protest of the report.

In the report, Amnesty International accused the Ukrainian military of stationing themselves in residential areas, thus unnecessarily endangering civilians. Kyiv He criticized that the NGO had carried out the opposite of the perpetrator and the victim by focusing on misconduct by the army of the country that was attacked. Critics also partly questioned the report’s methodology.

Amnesty International’s report on abuses committed by the Ukrainian army was widely covered in the Russian state media, which rarely reported on the alleged crimes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Amnesty International continued to defend the report but regretted the „pain and anger” it had caused.

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’Top Secret’ papers confiscated in private home: Trump suspected of being a spy



The FBI confiscated several highly classified documents during a search of former US President Donald Trump’s home in Florida. This stems from the delivery of the confiscated material, which was made jointly by a court in the US state of Florida with search warrant He was released Friday at the request of US Attorney Merrick Garland.

Trump had previously claimed on the social network Truth Social, which he co-founded, that all documents were released, that is, declassified.

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Incumbent presidents have far-reaching powers to spread information and break secrecy. But in this case, it’s not quite as simple as Trump portrays it. There is an official procedure for the release of documents.

Additional approvals are required for some versions. In addition, it does not necessarily matter whether the documents have been declassified, because keeping documents without permission in the context of national defense can constitute a crime.

According to the FBI’s list, agents last Monday found a set of Top Secret/SCI documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, which are top secret and can only be viewed in special government facilities. Four sets of confiscated documents are classified as „top secret”, another three as „secret” and the remaining three as „secret”.

The search warrant lists three criminal offenses as possible causes for potential confiscation: collecting, transferring, or losing defense information, removing or destroying official documents, and destroying or altering documents to obstruct investigations. The first charge – which falls under the US Espionage Act – carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, the second up to three years and the third up to 20 years.

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But legal experts pointed out that the mention of anti-espionage law in the search warrant does not necessarily mean that Trump faces espionage charges.

Bradley Moss, a security attorney, wrote on Twitter that the law „covers a range of non-espionage related offenses.” The law deals with the „unlawful retention of information relating to national defense.”

Information about Macron and the pardon of Roger Stone

In addition to the search warrant, a list of confiscated documents was published. Accordingly, some of the documents confiscated in Mar-a-Lago „were supposed to be available only in private government institutions”. Among other things, these documents contained information about the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

According to the list, the agents also confiscated several boxes, two photo albums and a pardon for Trump confidant Roger Stone, who was sentenced to 40 months in prison in the course of the case over alleged Russian election interference in Trump’s favour.

It remains unclear why Trump took the documents with him at all. The New York Times quoted people close to Trump as saying that it is his habit to simply collect souvenirs and memorabilia – without naming names.

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