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Putin wants to impose martial law – Russia is changing its strategy of invasion



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to: Tobias ÖtzAnd Sandra CathyAnd Katya ThorworthAnd Daniel DillmanAnd Neil Akoyun

The situation in the Ukraine war is getting worse militarily and humanitarianly: Tuesday’s news ticker.

+++ 7:29 pm: The Ukrainian Defense Ministry accuses Russia of shipping stocks of grain seized by Russian forces from Ukraine to the Middle East in order to display them there as smuggled goods. On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry stated that „a significant part of the grain stocks seized in Ukraine are on Russian-flagged cargo ships sailing in the Mediterranean.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, during the military parade. © Mikhail Metzel / dpa

Ukrainian authorities have said the potential destination for grain exports is Syria, from which stocks can be smuggled to other countries in the Middle East. The Defense Ministry said that in addition to food already stolen, tons of grain and sunflower seeds are still being stolen from Ukraine and transported on Russian trucks across the border into Russia and occupied Crimea. The ministry estimated the total amount of grain stocks last week at about 500,000 tons.

The war also severely affected Ukrainian farmers.  In addition to the fields being bombed and destroyed, many also complain about the theft of grain stocks.
The war also severely affected Ukrainian farmers. In addition to the fields being bombed and destroyed, many also complain about the theft of grain stocks. © Serge Popock / Agence France-Presse

Ukraine war: Belarus sees a 'threat’ from Ukraine and sends troops to the border

+++ 5.15 pm: The Belarusian state news agency reported that the country is sending special forces to the border with Ukraine „in response to the threat posed by the Ukrainian armed forces”. Belarusian forces have also deployed operational, air defense and missile forces on the borders with Poland and Lithuania.

+++ 4.30 pm: According to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, the bodies of 44 civilians were found in the city of Izyum in eastern Ukraine. Lifeless bodies were found under the rubble of a five-storey building. The city of Isgom has been occupied by Russian forces for nearly two months, and before that, the city had been subjected to fierce fighting and was heavily bombed. The military administration said it was therefore unclear when the building was destroyed.

Ole Senehubov, head of the Regional State Administration, also stated that the neighboring town of Zirkoni has now been liberated. Sinihopov said a „total war crime” had taken place there.

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Ukraine war: Putin seems to want to impose martial law

+++ 4 m: Vladimir Putin will likely impose martial law in Russia to aid the war effort. This is what was reported by the French news agency, referring to information from the head of US intelligence. Putin is also determined to extend the Ukraine war beyond Donbass to include Transnistria. Recently, the Kremlin said that it was mainly focused on „liberating” Donbass.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. © Mikhail Klementev / Agence France-Presse

However, the Russian president will not use nuclear weapons for the new strategy unless he sees his country as „existentially threatened,” according to the head of US intelligence.

War in Ukraine: Mariupol Steel Factory Under Fire

+++ 3.15 pm: The last Ukrainian fighters from the besieged Azovstal steel mills in the port city of Mariupol reported heavy shelling by Russian forces. The deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Svyatoslav Palamar, told the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, that the area was attacked from the air all night. There are many seriously injured. He demanded that they be brought urgently to safety.

Russian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists attacked the city on the Sea of ​​Azov shortly after the start of the war at the end of February and recently captured it. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian fighters continue to entrench themselves in the vast Azovstal position. They stress over and over that they don’t want to give up. Contrary to recent reports of a complete evacuation of all civilians from the factory, regional official Pavlo Kirilenko said Monday night that there are still 100 people who are not combatants. In addition, in the city, which had a population of more than 400 thousand people before the war, large sections of the civilian population live outside the buildings.

Ukraine war: 'landfill’ with corpses near Donetsk? The Russian soldier may have been bugged

+++ 2.30 pm: According to a report, Ukrainian intelligence released recordings of an eavesdropped phone call. A Russian soldier can be heard talking to his wife. „It’s not a mortuary, it’s a landfill,” the soldier was quoted by the Kyiv Independent news portal as saying. The soldier can be heard saying that the Russians are writing off their soldiers as „missing” to cover up the large number of dead. According to the report, he said in a phone call that there was a „garbage dump” near Donetsk with the corpses of soldiers two meters high.

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Ukraine war - Trostyanets
Russian tank ammunition placed on the ground in a field between Okhtyrka and Trostyanets, Ukraine. (File photo) © Daniel Carde / Zuma Wire / dpa

War in Ukraine: separatists advance on the border of the Luhansk region

+++ 1.45 pm: Nearly eleven weeks after the start of the war, pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are said to have advanced to the administrative borders of the Luhansk region, according to military information from Moscow. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday that the small town of Popasna, which until recently was highly contested, has now been „cleared” of Ukrainian „nationalists”. Russia has repeatedly stated that the entire Luhansk region must be wrested from Orkin’s control.

On the other hand, Luhansk Governor Serhiy Hajjaj described these statements as „fantasy”. He wrote in the Telegram news service that the Ukrainian soldiers should withdraw from Popasna, but the Russians did not break through the defenses.

Ukraine war: dead after rocket attack on Odessa – “militants were seriously wounded” in Mariupol

+++ 12.45 pm: According to the Ukrainian government, more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers are still at the steel plants in Mariupol, which were besieged by Russian forces. „Hundreds have been injured,” Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk told AFP on Tuesday. Some of the soldiers were „seriously injured” and had to be taken „urgently” out of the steel mills, Wirishuk said: „The situation is getting worse every day.”

Ukraine war: dead after a missile attack on Odessa – 44 bodies recovered in Kharkiv

+++ 10.45 am: According to the Kyiv Independent newspaper, the governor of Ukraine’s Kharkiv region found 44 bodies under the rubble of a five-storey building in occupied Izyum. Governor Oleh Sinihopov said the building was destroyed in a Russian attack in early March.

Ukraine war: 327 explosive devices defused in one day

+++ Update from Tuesday 10 May 9:45 AM: As reported by Kyiv Independent news portal, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service neutralized 327 explosives in one day. The Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories in Ukraine said on May 9 that 15 hectares of land were covered with explosives. A total of 98,864 explosives have been defused since the beginning of the war.

War in Ukraine: Zelensky’s government appeals to the West

First report on Saturday 7 May: Kyiv – After more than two months of war, fears are growing in Ukraine that they will no longer be able to win the battle against Russia. President’s government Volodymyr Zelensky So he again appealed to the West to support the country. „Russia is in no hurry to end this war,” Olha Stefanichina, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of European Integration, told Politico. Thus, the further development of the war largely depends on the „military support” of Ukraine from the West.

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At the same time, the US President announced Joe Biden On the night of Saturday, May 7, she wanted to supply Ukraine with the latest weapons in the war with Russia. The Washington Post reports that the Pentagon will buy laser-guided missiles and pass them directly to Ukraine. This will also be followed by the latest generation of reconnaissance drones Kyiv to be delivered. In addition, the United States will provide artillery ammunition, radars and other equipment. According to the US State Department, the package of measures already approved for Ukraine amounts to $150 million. With that they will have United States of America It has delivered over $3.8 billion worth of arms and ammunition to Ukraine since the start of the war.

Ukraine War: The bitter battle for Mariupol continues

In Ukraine itself, bitter fighting continued in the east of the country into Saturday night. Above all, the battle of Mariupol is raging. The center of the fighting is still Azovstal Steel Works. It is said that the goal of the Russian forces is the site of the factory, which is heavily fortified with bunkers and tunnels To beat until May 9. In previous evacuations, only civilians, mostly women, children or the elderly, were allowed to leave the factory in the direction of Ukrainian-controlled areas.

In the midst of the Ukrainian war, the United Nations launched a campaign to reopen the port of Odessa on Saturday evening. The United Nations World Food Program said in a statement that wheat „mountains” were rotting in Ukraine because it could not be exported due to the war with Russia. “The granaries of Ukraine are full. At the same time, 44 million people around the world die of starvation. ” (Dil/ktho/tu/nak with AFP/dpa)

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More and more countries are reporting cases of monkeypox – Health



A case of monkeypox was also confirmed in Germany for the first time. On Friday, the Bavarian Ministry of Health announced the infection of a 26-year-old young man from Brazil who had traveled from Portugal to Munich via Spain. He has been in the Bavarian capital for about a week, having previously visited Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. It is the first ever case of monkeypox in Germany; According to the Robert Koch Institute, the virus has not been detected in this country before.

The patient has only minor symptoms with slight difficulties in swallowing and a high temperature and does not yet need any special medication. He will stay in the hospital where he is expected to be contagious for three to four weeks.

According to health authorities, the virus usually causes only mild symptoms, but it can also have severe courses. In individual cases, fatal diseases are possible. The virus is primarily transmitted by direct contact or contact with contaminated materials, and it can also be transmitted via droplets in the air over shorter distances – which is likely rare.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach was not surprised by this first discovery: „It was only a matter of time before monkeypox was discovered in Germany.” Doctors and patients in Germany are sensitized by reports from other countries. He said he does not assume that there are a large number of unreported cases in Germany at the moment. „Based on the information available so far, we assume that the virus is not easily transmitted and that this outbreak can be contained,” Lauterbach explained. There are two different types of pathogens – at the moment it can be assumed that the West African variant, which causes less severe cycles, is currently circulating, and not the Congo variant. The virus will be analyzed in more detail for clarity.

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Charity infection scientist Leif Sander sees more than 100 cases worldwide suspected or already confirmed, and it’s an extraordinarily dynamic case. „With the long incubation period, I expect another significant increase in cases,” he wrote on Twitter. It should be noted that monkeypox is not so contagious that it can be expected to spread over a wide area like Corona. „It’s very dangerous, but we are ready.”

said Fabian Linderts, founding director of the Helmholtz Institute for One Health (HIOH) in Greifswald and head of the project group, Highly Pathogenic Epidemiology at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Cases can be well narrowed down by contact tracing and there are effective drugs and vaccines that can be used. According to Leendertz, more data is urgently needed in order to be able to understand whether the recorded cases are related or not. It is also important to decode the genome of virus material from samples of infected people in order to check whether the pathogen has changed – eg in the direction of better transmissibility.

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Viruses have also been detected in France, Canada, Australia and the USA

Monkeypox infection is now being detected in more and more countries. France also reported its first case on Friday, and the virus has also been detected in the United States, Canada, Australia and thus other regions of the world. The extent to which the pathogen, which originated in Africa, has actually spread internationally is unclear. With so many cases, it is assumed that the virus has been spreading unnoticed for a while, said Dr. Norbert Brückmeer, president of the German Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STI stands for sexually transmitted disease.

According to a media report, 30 cases have now been confirmed in Spain. The newspaper reported that there are also 23 suspected cases La Vanguardia On Friday, citing the Ministry of Health. In Portugal, according to the newspaper the public 23 cases have been confirmed. The person infected in Australia had previously returned from the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the number of cases registered there rose from 9 to 20, British Health Minister Sajid Javid announced on Friday. The state bought the smallpox vaccine – at first it was not clear how much and who should be vaccinated with it.

The World Health Organization called for strict follow-up of all contacts of those affected. Clinics and residents should be made aware of the symptoms. Most or even all cases to date involve men, and in many cases they are reported to have had sexual contact with men. According to Brockmeyer, people who have sex with many different people are most likely to develop infections. The German newspaper „Eidshelf” warned of false conclusions and stigmatization in light of the issues faced by gay men. „Of course there is a superficial similarity between monkeypox and HIV at the time – another disease from Africa that affects gay men. But the comparison doesn’t fit in many other ways,” said AIDS spokesman Holger Wiech.

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Unlike HIV, the virus that causes monkeypox has been known for much longer in the 1980s, and has also cured the disease on its own. „It is very important for us that panic fears and unreasonable fears do not arise here.” There are still uncertainties when assessing disease severity – for example about how well immune compromised – this could include, for example, people with HIV who have not been treated for many years – coping with the disease. The disease was named monkeypox after the pathogen was first discovered in monkeys in a Danish laboratory in 1958. Experts believe that the virus actually spreads in squirrels and rodents, while monkeys and humans are considered bogus hosts.

The first monkeypox patient was described in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. To this day, the disease is observed primarily in remote villages in the tropical rainforests of West and Central Africa. Congo was the worst affected, with more than 1,000 patients registered annually. Outside of Africa, monkeypox has only been described in a few countries; These were always imported cases.

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Anti-ship missile for Ukraine?: „Harpoon” missile could solve the port blockade



Anti-ship missiles to Ukraine?
„Harpoon” missile can solve the blockade of the port

The naval blockade in the Black Sea significantly slows down Ukrainian trade. American experts are sure that the Russian fleet can be defeated with special anti-ship missiles. So far, however, there are logistical obstacles.

According to informed sources, the United States wants to send modern anti-ship missiles to Ukraine so that it can break the Russian blockade of its ports on the Black Sea. Two types of missiles are currently being discussed, as Reuters has learned from three US government officials and two congressional employees who did not wish to be identified. These are Boeing’s „Harpoon” with a range of up to 300 km and the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) missiles from Kongsberg and Raytheon Technologies with a length of 250 km.

According to the naval expert at the Hudson Institute, Brian Clark, 12 to 24 such missiles would be enough to threaten Russian warships and persuade the government in Moscow to end the blockade. This affects, for example, Ukrainian grain shipments to the world market. According to the British Ministry of Defense, Russia has about 20 warships – including submarines – deployed in the battle zone.

The Russian Navy has already suffered great losses in the Ukraine war, in particular, the sinking of the cruiser „Moskva”, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. According to Clark, larger Russian ships could be in danger if Ukraine acquired advanced weapons. Yet President Vladimir Putin has stuck to the blockade: „They have nowhere to hide in the Black Sea.”

The German armed forces also have „Warriors”

In March, during the NATO summit in Brussels, it became known from American circles that the delivery of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine was being discussed. It was said at the time that they „started working on it”. In April, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked NATO member Portugal to extradite Harbin. The German army also owns the weapon system.

According to informed sources, now there are a number of countries that would be ready in principle to send such missiles to Ukraine. However, no one wants to be the first to do so for fear of Russian reaction if a warship is sunk by a missile owned by that country. One government official told Reuters there was now a „well-resourced” country that might be ready to deliver first. Then other countries can follow suit.

According to previous information from the United States, there are many obstacles and fears regarding the transfer of stronger and longer-range weapons to Ukraine. These include long training times, difficulties in maintaining systems and concern that the Russian armed forces might control them. It also fears an escalation of the conflict. There are also technical difficulties, because „Harpoon” is not intended for launch from the ground.

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Bundestag statement: Schulz shuts down Lambrecht-Mers calls for impeachment



It is interesting who Olaf Schulz did not mention in the German Bundestag that day. He thanks Robert Habeck for trying to stay away from Russian oil and gas, as he wants to rapidly expand wind power on land and at sea. He even thanks Friedrich Merz for his constructive work to jointly anchor the 100 billion special funds of the Bundeswehr in the Basic Law.

[Alle aktuellen Nachrichten zum russischen Angriff auf die Ukraine bekommen Sie mit der Tagesspiegel-App live auf ihr Handy. Hier für Apple- und Android-Geräte herunterladen.]

In his previous speeches, he also thanked his Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) for her commitment to passing private funds and arms deliveries to Ukraine. Now Scholz doesn’t say a word to her. No thanks nothing. Are these withdrawal movements?

Lambrecht reads the files on the government bench, but this day is presented after the statement of the chancellor’s government, which he made because of the EU special summit on 30/31. May, more unpleasant news for you. Especially with the advent of Frederick Mers: There is now „a minister here who has more to do with self-defense than defense for weeks”, says the leader of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.

Embarrassing details of an uninformed and uninterested minister have been leaked to the media from the German army. He asks the chancellor to give up on Lambrecht. The counselor is going to have to do that anyway, so it’s best if he does it now.

Does Lambrecht still have power?

He said that in three years she would be said to have done a good job. Scholz is known for his loyalty, she was his pick. But can things go well? Does she still have the power in the band to carry out his political turning point? The advisor is – still – undeterred. It is preferable to draw large lines.

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„Our cooperation with the economically powerful democracies, the G7, has rarely been as effective and extensive as it has been during the past few days and weeks under our presidency,” he stressed. US President Joe Biden has played a major role in this – especially with regard to NATO, but in the fall, Democrats are threatened with defeat in congressional elections, and Donald Trump is working on his return.

Frederic Merz calls for her dismissal: Christine Lambrecht, Minister of Defense, leaves the public hall at …Photo: Michael Cappeler / d

A CDU politician tempts the Freedom and Democracy Party and the Green Party with Jamaica

Therefore, Western unity is not safe, just like the one in the Schulze alliance in Berlin. When he looks into the eyes of his fellow FDP, „I see a deep yearning for Jamaica. And I can understand it,” CDU Representative Christophe de Vries tweeted during the debate.

After the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Federation is in the lead and constantly asserts that there is also the sporting possibility of an alliance in the Bundestag. It is notable that the applause of Schulz’s speech by the Greens and the FDP appears almost docile.

Schulz makes stern statements to Putin

Schulz sets his course stoically, but he also has some news in his bags. He talks about many messages and discussions with concerned citizens. But he also wanted to make one thing clear: “Helping a country that has been brutally attacked to defend itself is not an escalation. It is a contribution to repelling the attack – and thus ending the violence as quickly as possible.”

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Vladimir Putin still thinks he can bomb a foregone conclusion. But he is wrong, just as he was wrong about the determination of the Ukrainians and the unity of our alliances. There will be no peace for granted. Because the Ukrainians do not accept it, and neither do we.”

Only when Putin realizes he cannot break Ukraine’s defenses will he be willing to seriously negotiate peace. That is why we are strengthening Ukraine’s back, militarily as well. He is not talking about a face-saving solution, he wants the Russians to withdraw all forces to the borders before February 24. There are no differences in the union at all.

the ultimate goal; No peace imposed, NATO will not become a party to the war

The guiding principle is: considered, controlled and internationally coordinated. This does not mean that the Germans act alone, „everything we do should harm Russia more than us and our partners.” What makes NATO a party to the war, such as the imposition of a no-fly zone, is not done. We will secure and strengthen our defensive ability.”

More on Ukraine war on Tagesspiegel Plus:

You need special funds for that. After it was not possible to agree with the union (which is necessary to amend the Basic Law by a two-thirds majority) on the expenditure details, a vote is now taken in the budget week at the beginning of June. “We are having good conversations about this, as well as with your party, dear Mr. Merz. I am grateful for that,” said Schulze, looking at his opponent.

Merz’s facial expressions say a lot

Merz’s facial expressions and body language illustrate his opinion of this advisor. He now has a strong relationship on the part of the SPD, at least with the leader of the parliamentary group Rolf Mutzenich, who is always looking for contact in order to reach an agreement.

Scholz’s welcome received the greatest applause of the Finns and Sweden for their desire to join NATO. The slogan “one for all, all for one” is what makes the transatlantic alliance so attractive. “Dear friends in Sweden and Finland, you are welcome. With you on our side, NATO and Europe will be stronger and safer.”

Tough times: Chancellor Olaf Schulz (Social Democratic Party) moved to the government seat in the Bundestag after his government’s statement.Photo: Kay Nitfield/D

Solidarity Fund Yes, Ukraine’s rapid accession to the European Union No

Announced the EU Solidarity Fund for Ukraine. „Reconstruction (…) will cost billions.” Meanwhile, making it clear that there can be no quick accession to the European Union, Macron initially has something like a privileged partnership.

Schultz stresses that „the fact that there are no shortcuts on the way to the European Union is also a demand for justice towards the six countries of the Western Balkans.” And almost accidentally, he said something that Chancellor Angela Merkel hadn’t dared do lately: change the EU’s treaties — to herald a turning point for Europe, too.

„Citizens want, for example, more consistency in climate protection, progress in European defense, and a more equitable and inclusive Europe with more social cooperation.” The principle of consensus is also a thorn in his side, so Hungary has blocked the oil embargo until now.

[Der Nachrichtenüberblick aus der Hauptstadt: Schon rund 57.000 Leserinnen und Leser informieren sich zweimal täglich mit unseren kompakten überregionalen Newslettern. Melden Sie sich jetzt kostenlos hier an.]

Schulz also wants a new era in the EU – by changing contracts?

If required, we can talk about changing treaties, including agreement. This is not a taboo.” Since this was the most important topic in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, he emphasized that the fight against inflation is also a top priority; that the abolition of the EEG surcharge, and the fixed energy price of 300 euros (which does not Pensioners get it, the union complains), and tax deductions on packing, social benefits and a 9-euro ticket in local transport also shouldn’t be the last word.

The chancellery is looking forward to autumn when the bills for the extra costs arrive. And the traffic light, especially the FJP, but it wants to go back to the debt brake for the 2023 budget.

Frederick Merz accuses the chancellor of playing a double game in handing over guns.Photo: IMAGO / Political Moments

Merz dissected by Scholz

Friedrich Merz remains true to himself, as last time, he begins his speech with a quote from Scholz. „I’m not going to join a group of people doing something for a while with a photoshoot,” the RTL consultant said on the topic of the long-term visit to Kyiv. Who does that mean? European heads of government, his foreign minister or the head of the Bundestag?

This leads to harassment of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party. Replica Merz: „Your nerves are really on edge after the last election on Sunday.” Sauerland again explains Schulze, above all, on the subject of arms delivery, but he was not always up to date himself.

Chancellery: Merz is not in the movie

„The truth is that almost nothing has been delivered from Germany in the past few weeks.” There is no ammunition for the Gepard anti-aircraft tank, nothing happens with the exchange of rings. “What double game is really being played in the federal government?” says Merz.

In Chancellery, they say both are wrong, and Merz must have made old rhetorical notes.

It is said in Schultz’s environment that the Gibbard tanks will be delivered after the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Germany – with sufficient ammunition. But the question of where the ammunition suddenly came from – so far it has been forbidden to transport from the country of production Switzerland – remains unanswered. Training on a complex system can also take a long time.

However, the truth is the circular exchange is expanding, so there’s a lot going on here. Merz may have missed it, but the day before, Lambrecht was able to announce that Germany would give the Czech Republic 15 Leopard tanks so that the Czech Republic, in turn, could deliver heavy equipment the Ukrainians already knew about to the war zone. The Ukrainian government also now clearly commends Germany’s contributions.

But the question these days remains as to how long Lambrecht can still announce such news about this ring exchange – and that depends above all on how long Scholz holds his hand.

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