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Peru: Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori reportedly detained يقال

Four days after the presidential election in Peru The Public Prosecutor’s Office has again applied for remand against candidate Keiko Fujimori. On Thursday, she said the right-wing populist politician had violated her terms. Fujimori has been arrested several times over the past few years on corruption charges.

In the meantime, everything points to a small victory for the left candidate Pedro Castillo towards Fujimori. With nearly all the votes counted, Marxist-Leninist candidate Berry Lieber got 50.2 percent, and Fujimori got 49.8 percent. However, the Electoral Office has not yet announced any of the candidates as winners.

After allegations of fraud, Fujimori’s party, Fuerza Popular, recently applied for about 200,000 votes to be declared void due to irregularities at polling stations. On the other hand, election watchers said Sunday’s run-off went largely correctly.

The 46-year-old Fujimori is a well-known figure in Peruvian politics. She ran for the third time despite being hated by many voters. Like her father’s ex-boss Alberto Fujimori She was accused of several corruption scandals, and was imprisoned for a year and a half. It denies the allegations.

However, Fujimori managed to count a few supporters even in the liberal camp. Including, for example, Nobel laureates in literature Mario Vargas Llosa. The reason for this lies in the fear of the leftist candidate, whose opponents acknowledge a stubborn view that wants to introduce a socialist dictatorship in Peru on the model of Venezuela or Cuba.

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