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Pension: The award-winning rat retires – it saved a lot of people’s lives

Magawa receives the Medal of Valor.

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Magawa the Rat had a more exciting work life than many. Now you’re finally retired, you’re “tired.”

Munich – Many people yearn to retire after a hard working life. Finally retire, put your feet up and relax. What will Rat Magawa do now is unknown. But this too class * He is now ending his career – he has saved many lives. Magawa even received a medal for work.

Magawa is a landmine detection rate. A Gambian hamster, originally from Tanzania, helped clear 225,000 square meters of mines in Cambodia during his five-year sniffer career, Belgian aid organization Abobo announced on Saturday. Nine months ago I was awarded the UK’s highest honor for bravery of animals.

The retired rat Magawa is said to be “tired”.

Michael Hayman, director of the Abobo program in Cambodia, told AFP that Magawa was “tired”. And who wants to blame the animal? Magawa discovered 71 landmines and 38 unexploded ordnance. Preventive life saving was the mission.

And not only that, the ferrets trained by the Belgian organization are the most successful mice due to the infection rate. What is the biggest advantage of the police rat? speed and weight. As AFP writes, a mouse can search an area the size of a tennis court for mines within half an hour. With a metal detector, this can take up to four days. Magawa herself is too light to fire a mine

Retired rat Magawa: how does a rodent distinguish an explosive device?

Eating extra charge on the risk! The rat scratches the ground with its claws to locate the mine for the dismantler. Bananas and peanuts are a reward for hard work. As AFP wrote, he will continue to receive his favorite food as a retiree.

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Last September, Magawa was awarded the British non-profit animal organization PDSA’s gold medal for his exceptional service – the equivalent of the British George’s Cross of human heroes.

Apopo employs dozens of these clever rodents in Africa and Asia to hunt for landmines and sniff out tuberculosis. According to the organization, 20 rats newly trained to sniff out landmines have arrived in Cambodia. It will be a huge challenge for her to succeed Magawa. “He’s a very special rat,” Heymann said. Of course we will miss him on missions. (ank) * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA