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Oxford: Students want to hang a picture of Queen Elizabeth II

students Oxford university They want to hang a picture of the Queen in their college because of its connection to British colonial history. A committee voted by a clear majority to remove the photograph from 1952, As reported by the Times. The reason given by students is that “for some students, images of the King and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history.”

In Magdalen College, the university’s famous common room, which was also used by authors such as Oscar Wilde Or CS Lewis visited, another, more neutral piece of art should be hung instead.

Criticism of the Minister of Education التربية

The move also drew criticism: Gavin Williamson, Britain’s education minister, called the decision, according to the report, “ridiculous”. Queen Elizabeth II “worked tirelessly to promote British values ​​of tolerance, openness and respect throughout the world” during her reign.

And also the university director, Chris PattenHe reacted angrily. “Freedom of speech enables even smart people to be abusive and ignorant and hateful,” he told the Daily Mail.

at Great Britain Several students participated in protests against racism and police violence last summer. Protesters at the time also called for a discussion of the history of British slavery and the removal of traces associated with the United Kingdom’s colonial past. In some places they arbitrarily replaced the statues of slave traders with their own.

Nostalgia still consider the Empire the pinnacle of British history. A third of citizens still think the Empire is “something to be proud of.”

It was the greatest empire in history. In 1922 it constituted a quarter of the world’s population at that time. The Queen’s ancestors had also included Great Britain in the transatlantic slave trade. You share responsibility for the enslavement and death of millions of Africans (Read more about this here).

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