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Omicron spread: Lauterbach’s statistics point to evil



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from: Richard StrobelAnd Francesca Schwartz

The new corona mutant is led by Omikron Karl Lauterbach (SPD). © Yay Images / Political-Moments / Imago

“We are now vaccinated against time,” the SPD health expert confirmed in a tweet. News ticker for the new Corona variant Omikron.

  • With Omicron * I recently became a new one Corona *Find out the variable. A biologist has now published an explosive graphic (see first report).
  • US Chancellor Fauci now gave hope (See update from December 5, 8:30 p.m.).
  • SPD *Health expert Karl Lauterbach shared a bitter bill from the UK (See the update from December 5, 5:38 p.m.).
  • This newsfeed for the Corona Omikron variant is constantly updated.

Update from December 5th at 8:30pm: American immunologist Anthony Fauci told the TV station on Sunday CNN The first known results of the new Omikron variant. US Presidential Adviser Joe Biden said the current assessment is that Omikron does not cause the particularly serious disease Covid-19.

Although the variant appears to have a 'transmission advantage’, the disease processes observed so far are not difficult. „So far, the signs have been a bit encouraging,” Fauci said. The expert cautioned that it was still too early to make a final assessment.

The omicron variant of the coronavirus was only discovered in South Africa on November 4 – which does not mean, however, that it originated there.

The number of Omicron cases in the UK rose to 246 on Sunday

Update from December 5th at 6.30pm: The number of confirmed cases of Omicron in Great Britain rose to 246 on Sunday, AFP reported Sunday evening. 86 new cases were reported within 24 hours. The British government had already revised entry rules last week due to the Omikron variant, but tightened them again on Saturday night. From Tuesday, vaccinated people must also submit a negative coronavirus test before entering the UK – Not like it was just two days ago*.

According to the European Union Disease Control Authority (ECDC) on Sunday, there are now confirmed Omicron infections in 17 countries in the European Economic Area. So Germany has a total of 15 omicron cases detected, in Portugal 34, in Norway 19, and in the Netherlands 18.

104 known cases of omicron in England, 29 in Scotland

Update from December 5th at 6:18pm: The number of infections with the omicron variant of the coronavirus in England has more than doubled. In the greater part of Britain, the Health Security Agency of the Health Authority (UKHSA) announced on Friday evening that another 75 cases with the B.1.1.529 variant had been found. This means that 104 cases of Omicron are now known in England. In addition, there are 29 infections in Scotland – double the number there was before. One case is known in Wales, but the variant has not yet been discovered in Northern Ireland.

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UKHSA chief Jenny Harry said there were now cases unrelated to overseas travel. This refers to local transmission. Harris called on residents to adhere to hygiene procedures, isolate themselves immediately in case of infection, and obtain a vaccine or a booster dose as soon as possible.

’We are now being vaccinated against time’: Lauterbach shares Omicron’s bitter predictions

Update from December 5th at 5:38pm: “Now we are vaccinating against the clock,” with these words Karl Lauterbach warns of the increasing prevalence of the Omikron variant. The SPD politician posted a British statistical assessment on Twitter. Accordingly, the proportion of the Omikron variant in the UK could double „every three days” – despite the very high vaccination rate there. “Such a spread, without an example, is not easy to stop,” says Lauterbach.

Update from December 5, 5:21 PM: The Omikron variant continues to be prevalent in Scandinavia. In Denmark, the number of confirmed cases has jumped to 183. A Christmas party will also be held in Norwegian Oslo is increasingly becoming a high-profile event*. There are already 120 positive tests in a restaurant after the party. More than half of them are said to be of the Omikron type.

The Omikron variant is likely older than Delta

Update from December 5th at 3:39pm: early forms of The Omicron variant must have been around for much longer than previously assumed*. According to the German co-discoverer of the mutation, Omikron „evolved as its own viral species” before the emergence of alpha and delta, says Wolfgang Preiser.

Then Omikron then most likely developed over several months unnoticed. “The question is: Why did Omikron stay hidden for so long and only started now? Is there one or two mutations still missing so it can spread quickly?” The oldest known evidence of the variant comes from the first half of November.

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In Germany, according to the Robert Koch Institute, four cases of the Omikron variant had been confirmed by genome sequencing by Wednesday – all of them returning from South Africa. In eight other cases in Germany the variant was suspected. However, experts assume that an event beyond that will occur.

Update from December 5th at 3:04 PM: While concerned about the Omikron variant (see first report), Karl Lauterbach (SPD) also tweeted good news about it this weekend. „Two things you should trust at the time of the Second Coming,” the epidemiologist wrote on Sunday. Omikron can be identified with quick tests. A severe course can almost certainly be avoided with booster vaccination. So we are on the right track. Even if Omicron came.”

Omikron in Denmark: the authorities reported a sharp increase

Update from December 5th at 2:58pm.: In Denmark, the number of confirmed infections with the novel Omicron virus variant has risen to more than 180. Danish health authorities announced on Sunday that 183 infections with the variant first identified in South Africa have been detected. The European Union country recently expanded its preventive measures against Corona due to the virus variant that is particularly likely to be contagious.

Biologist publishes a graph of Omikron: „So there will be an increase beyond what we have seen so far”

First report from December 5: BERLIN – In addition to virologists and epidemiologists, designers are also dealing with the current model pandemic*. One of them is Trevor Bedford, who works at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Of course, the new Corona mutation is also on his list Omicron * — and himself on Karl Lauterbach’s Twitter list.

So far, there is little reliable knowledge about Omikron, and that too SPD *A health expert warned against jumping to conclusions. On Saturday think of Bedford with a retweet. Biologist Bedford thinks it is conceivable that Omicron would be immunized against the former Variables * -Depending on the scenario – a not large percentage can be handled. One talks about the „escape variant” or the immune escape variant.

Lauterbach commented on the Bedford drawing regarding the vaccination rate of less than 70 percent in Germany: „This is how it can work with Omikron. If 30 percent of the population is not vaccinated or is insufficiently vaccinated by the arrival of Omikron, it will be There is a significant increase in cases beyond what we have seen before. So now we are feeding against time.”

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An American model on Corona: Omicron is also a danger to vaccinated people?

The basic reproduction number R0, which Bedford mentioned in his tweet, indicates the average number of people infected by an infected person. However, the scientist recently confirmed in an interview with the American news portal FoxThat big factor is also Omikron’s portability. Assuming it is high, that would be a particular problem for non-vaccinators.

„However, it is also possible that Omikron has a low infection rate, but a high immune capacity.” Then it will be set to Omicron booster vaccinations* it is necessary.”

Lauterbach on Omikron: „Delta waves break briefly”

Top manufacturers such as Bionic * want them Corona vaccine modification. „The incidence of infection in the omicron is twice as high as in the delta variant and is increasing,” Lauterbach wrote in a tweet over the weekend.

And: “It is good that the vaccines are adapted. But the massive delta wave must be broken in the short term. We already have the vaccines.”

Karl Lauterbach sits in his seat in the Bundestag with a mouthguard in his hands in November 2021 and listens to the debate.
Communicates frequently on Twitter: SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach © Political-Moments / Imago

Current numbers on the delta variant of Germany and England

On Friday, 3 December, the British Health Authority announced that more than half of Omicron’s recorded infections so far relate to those who have been vaccinated: of the 22 confirmed infections so far, at least twelve have received corona vaccinations.

However, it cannot be concluded from these figures that vaccinated people have a similarly high risk of developing Omicron as unvaccinated people. The more people vaccinated, the proportionately more people are vaccinated—even if the rate of vaccinated people with the infection is very low.

Close-up of 2019: the new coronavirus under the microscope
Microscopic view of the corona pathogen, which now has a new variant with Omikron. © Yay Images / Imago

Even among those infected with the currently prevalent delta variant, the proportion of those vaccinated against the infection in Great Britain or Germany is now higher than ever – because the majority of people in these countries are vaccinated. In both countries, nearly 70 percent of people received at least two doses of the vaccine. (frs with material from dpa and AFP) * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

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USA: Biden defends record after first year in office



Status: 01/19/2022 11:27 PM

US President Biden has been in the White House for a year – time for a temporary assessment. While his popularity ratings have fallen dramatically in recent months, Biden sees „tremendous progress.”

A year after taking office, US President Joe Biden defended his administration’s record against criticism. At a press conference at the White House, Biden spoke of a year of challenges, but also of „tremendous progress.”

Among other things, the US president noted an increase in vaccination rates since taking office a year ago. Regarding the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly in the United States, he said there is no need to panic. The pandemic is now on a different level.

Biden also noted economic successes. Six million new jobs were created during his reign. Unemployment and poverty decreased while wages increased.

Biden is approved

Biden’s acceptance rates have fallen dramatically, according to polls, only 42 percent of Americans are satisfied with his work. „I know there is a lot of frustration in the country,” he said. Biden is under pressure, among other things, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which his administration has suffered setbacks against in combating it. While the unemployment rate has fallen near pre-pandemic levels, inflation is a concern, with US consumer prices rising at their highest rate in 40 years.

In terms of foreign policy, the disaster surrounding the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has hurt the president. Biden also failed to deliver on several key promises. So far, he has failed in Congress with plans for electoral law reform and a legislative package for social and climate protections – even though Democrats have narrow majorities in both the House and Senate. In congressional elections in November, Republicans can regain a majority in both houses.

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Democrat Biden took over the presidency from Republican Donald Trump on January 20, 2021. To this day, Trump sees himself denied victory by electoral fraud without any evidence, and has never conceded his defeat. The Trump camp failed with dozens of lawsuits against the outcome.

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Ukraine conflict: US makes serious allegations against Russia



US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken once again made serious accusations against Russia in the Ukraine conflict. „Moscow has systematically tried to weaken Ukrainian democratic institutions and divide Ukrainian society,” Blinkin said after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his colleague Dmytro Kuleba. Blinken said Russia currently has about 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. He warned that this number could double in a relatively short period of time.

Blinken stressed that his visit aims to show „unwavering US support” for Ukraine. Ukrainian democracy, which is its fundamental right to exist as an independent and sovereign state, is facing an unprecedented challenge from Russia. „We have made it clear that we prefer the diplomatic path to defuse the conflict with Russia. This is the responsible path,” Blinken emphasized. Addressing Ukraine, he said: „Don’t let Moscow divide you!”

Amid high tensions in the Ukraine conflict, Blinken arrived in Kiev on Wednesday morning for talks. The US secretary of state is then scheduled to travel to Berlin for talks on the conflict scheduled for Thursday. Blinken also wants to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for talks in Geneva on Friday. According to American information, he wants to urge the Russian government to take immediate steps to calm the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Despite all diplomatic efforts, Russia has so far sought to reverse the de-escalation. Putin can attack Ukraine anytime and anywhere. (19.01.2022)

The British warn that the war could kill tens of thousands

Britain issued stern warnings to Russia about a war on Ukraine. James Hebei, the British Foreign Secretary at the British Ministry of Defense, told Radio Times that the first digital war between two advancing militaries in Europe in generations may be just weeks away. „This is not something that Moscow should consider bloodless. This is not something the rest of the world should stand by and ignore,” Hebe said. Tens of thousands of people could die.

Hebei said it was right to exhaust all diplomatic avenues. The conservative politician stressed: „I only hope that now that we are on the edge of the abyss, the people of Moscow will begin to consider that thousands will die. And this is something no one should feel comfortable with.” At the same time, he stressed, it was „not entirely realistic” for British soldiers to fight against Russian forces.

Earlier, Great Britain announced that it would supply Ukraine with light anti-tank weapons. A small number of British military personnel will train the Ukrainian army in the use of weapons. Ukrainian Ambassador to Britain Vadim Prystaiko welcomed the arms shipments. He told the BBC that it would make a difference on the battlefield. Nor is there a solution to how the weapons will reach Ukraine. „We are facing the largest army in Europe and we are alone,” Pristico told the BBC, adding that the advantage of the Russians and their allies had been overwhelming.

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Moscow has been highly critical of the arms deliveries. „This is very dangerous and does not help ease tensions,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted by Interfax as saying on Tuesday. Moscow is concerned that neighboring Ukraine is being supplied by more and more arms suppliers. Often these are not just defensive weapons. (19.01.2022)

Ukraine wants warships and air defense systems from Germany

The Ukrainian government did not surrender even after the German government clearly refused to hand over the weapons. She named specific weapon systems that she hoped Germany would have: warships and air defense systems. The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andrei Melnik, told dpa that the arms shipments are necessary to raise the costs of the Russian invasion and to dissuade President Vladimir Putin „off his insane course”.

Ukraine has been asking Germany for weapons for years so that it can defend itself against a possible Russian attack – so far to no avail. „The German federal government has pursued a similar strategy on this issue for many years. This includes not exporting lethal weapons,” says Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk (the Greens) also rejected the request during her visit to Kiev on Monday.

But in the Traffic Lights Coalition, there are initial doubts about this position. The chair of the Defense Committee, Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann, called in the Bild newspaper to at least consider providing the federal government with defensive weapons.

The reference to German history, which forbids the handover of weapons, is sparking outrage in Ukraine. „The fact that the question of historical responsibility is also used in Berlin as an argument for refusing military assistance is astonishing,” Ambassador Melnik said. „This responsibility must be passed on to the Ukrainian people, who lost at least eight million people during the Nazi German occupation.” (19.01.2022)

The Kremlin criticizes the delay in Nord Stream 2

In light of threats from the West in the Ukraine conflict, the Kremlin has warned of further delays in the operation of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on the Baltic Sea. „The fact that it has not yet been put into operation is bad for both the participants in this project and gas consumers in Europe,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted by Interfax as saying.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that operating the line could lead to lower wholesale prices. Peskov said that the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is a purely economic project. On Tuesday, Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) did not rule out stopping the project in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. (01/19/2022)

Schultz warns Russia of „heavy costs” if it invades

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party) called on Russia to reduce its forces on the border with Ukraine and again warned of the „heavy costs” of an invasion. Asked whether there would be consequences for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Schulz said, „Everything should be discussed if there is a military intervention against Ukraine.” A potential joint coordinated reaction is being prepared and discussed with coalition partners. So far, Scholz has reacted conservatively to calls to threaten Nord Stream 2 with an end.

At the same time, after a conversation with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, he spoke of his support „to do everything to ensure that there is no military aggression against Ukraine.” He referred to the talks between Russia, the United States, NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe that began last week. We all want constructive and stable relations with Russia.” They are also ready for a “serious dialogue” on security issues with Moscow. He also stressed that he will continue to call for the resumption of talks between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France. (18.01.2022)

Battle barbock

Foreign Minister Annalena Barbuk (the Greens) and her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, held their joint press conference after a long delay – and it appears that they have been talking to each other much longer than planned.

Lavrov said the talks were „interesting and constructive” based on mutual respect between the two countries. Lavrov noted that many topics were touched upon, such as the joint exchange of goods, renewable energies, and the North Stream 2 gas pipeline. Russia indicated that this project would be „politicised.” He also expressed concerns about the trajectory of NATO. They also exchanged views on the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border, the stabilization of the situation in Kazakhstan and the Ukrainian crisis.

Barbock confirmed that she came to Moscow „with a thick file of discussion.” There are „many points on which we differ”. But the portfolio is very dense because we see great potential for collaboration on many issues, Barbock said. „Both Russia and Germany play a major role in the European home.” For example, without the largest country in the world, this is impossible. to deal with the climate crisis.

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Barbock clearly addressed the conflict with Russia, saying that it is difficult not to consider the deployment of troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border a threat. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine presents a security challenge. „We didn’t choose this situation, but we’re not going to avoid it either,” Barbock said. We are ready to work on solutions that will bring more security to everyone in the region.

Barbock spoke in favor of a speedy resumption of peace negotiations in the Ukraine conflict. To this end, the next meeting should be held in the Normandy format – that is, mediated by Germany and France with Ukraine and Russia. It is important that we breathe new life into the Normandy process, and it is good that everyone adheres to the Minsk Peace Plan. The peace plan agreed upon in the Belarusian capital on the conflict in eastern Ukraine has yet to be implemented. Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of violating the agreement.

Regarding the security guarantees that Russia demands for the West, Barbuk said: „We are ready for a serious dialogue about agreements and mutual steps that will bring more security to all in Europe.” Talks between the NATO-Russia Council and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) were the first steps over the past week. Lavrov explained that Russia is now waiting for written proposals from the West. Russia had demanded an end to NATO’s eastward expansion and Ukraine’s renunciation of joining the alliance.

At the press conference with Barbuk, several Russian journalists also asked about the Russian state broadcaster RT. Until now, he did not have a television license in Germany, and therefore he broadcast his show via YouTube. But the podium blocked RT in the fall. The accusation: The broadcaster is spreading false information about the pandemic. Russian authorities accuse Germany of obstructing the work of RT journalists. Barbock rejected this and asserted that the constitutionally protected freedom of the press prevents the state from directly influencing the content of media providers. (18.01.2022)

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Chancellor Schulz: When attacking Ukraine, „everything” will be discussed



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Vup enek Zelu-6eueletpehlelol Ieup Plutleupela Oeekle Bnppteupp Bloplpeul VteplOll Bnllu elu uenep Bletuaeuaepul. Le BekOeu eluep Peltlu-Pepnekp tnp Plutleupela Uellllelel Bnppteupp nup pel 29 Zelu-Pleeleu en velleu 6epoloekplnupeu elu.

Ble Pttllelleu peleu pelell, ueek peO elpleu I Bepel vutte Oeu peklltltleke Uulpektoae ent peu Ilpek teaeu nup huupllnhllue Blaepulppe ​​eupllepeu, pu pleehle ep pel Zulveael Itllelle ueekkutellO.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (left) and Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD) at their press conference in the Chancellery

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (left) and Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD) at their press conference in the Chancellery

Source: dpa

Bel Pnupepheuetel peluule peluelpellp, ep Oeppleu unu ette peuhpeleu 6epoloekptulOele „pepoletl” velpeu. Zepeu peO Zelu-Bnppteup-Bel nup peO ZulOeuple-BulOel eoktle el vellele pltelelete Iletteu evlpekeu peu VPP nup Bnppteup puvle Uelkeuptnuaeu lO BekOeu pel GPNB ent. Bep Nlet pel ep, ple Ueae lu pel lnpplpek-nhlelulpekeu 6leuelaluu ​​en peephetleleu, vuen pel „Ppena pel Ilnooeu” aekole.

GuOoluOlppe gel for „6lnupollueloleu”

Blue plotuOellpeke lpee tltlek, Oll vetekeu Ptleluelluuulpektoaeu Oeu Bnppteupp leplheteu Bulpelnuaeu peaueu vltt, vel ulekl en ueluekOeu. Zuphen uelteual enl Veklnua peluel „Plekelkellpluleleppeu“ elueu Uelelekl pel Zelu ent ple PntuekOe uuu Uoupelu vle pel Vhlelu nup 6eulaleu puvle peu Ppena vepltlekel Plleluhlotle.

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Plutleupela nup Pekute peaeu peluuleu, Oeu velpe helue GuOoluOlppe for „6lnupollueloleu” eluaekeu. Done aekole, pepp lepe Zelluu epel lkle Peupulppe ​​tell pepllOOeu pelte – vep ent ple Vhlelu aeOeuel vel. Pnek Oeppe ple Zelu ple Boklahell kepeu, lkle Pttllelleu en uellelplaeu – Stimulation of impulses between Zelu-Zllatlepel lu Gplenluoe. Plutleupela elaouele, pepp ple Vhlelue pep Beekl enl Petppluellelplanua kepe. Vup ple Pttleue nulelplelee pep Ueup pepel, plepep Beekl en vekleu.

Vle plepe Vulelplelenua enpplekl, pelepel ettelpluap aekeu ple Zelunuaeu lu pel Zelu enpelueupel. Ble Uelpeupeleu ueltutaleu nulelpekleptleke Pupolee, lonOle Plutleupela elu. Vokleup ple Pllleu plek aelepe tel ple Uletelnua uuu Beueelepveklvetteu eu ple Vhelue enppoleekeu, pehlotllae Pekute ple penlpeke Pptekunua.

„Ble penlpeke Pnupeplealelnua ueltutal pell uleteu Iekleu elue atelekaelleklele Plleleale lu plepel Bleae. Vup peen aekoll enek, pepp vll helue teleteu Vetteu evoullleleu „peale pel Geuetel. „Beleu kel plek uleklp aeoupell Oll peO Bealelnuapveekpet, pel lO BeeeOpel teleleu Ieklep pleklp aeoupell

„Peelpueh kel plass ulekl epel peu Ilpek elekeu teppeu”

PnQeuOlulplellu Peelpueh kel plak pel lkleO Pepnek lu Zuphen „ulekl epel peu Ilpek elekeu teppeu“, peal PBV-PnQeuoutlllhel Bupelek Glepevellel. Beuuuek alpl ep elue Belke uuu Gllllhonuhleu. Done eoktl el uul etteO peu VOaeua pel Pnupeplealelnua Oll Zulp PlleeO 0.

Genet: VBUI / Beuuv Bee Vellkel

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Bl elluuelle eu elue Uelelupelnua Oll Vepklualuu. Ble peke elve uul, pepp ple Vhlelue vellel Ileupllteup tel lnpplpekep 6ep ueek Veplenluoe ptelpeu putte. „Been aekoll epeu enek, pepp htel lpl, pepp ep kuke Gupleu kepeu vllp, pepp ettep en plphnlleleu lpl, veuu ep en eluel Oltllollpekeu lulelueulluu aeaeu ple Vhlelue huueleppooluple plee apleu plee huueleppool e plee apleull epel epel eplel epel eplel.

„Blep pekepel nupeleO Pupekeu lu Bnluoe nup lO Peupulp”

Puvukt Plutleupela etp enek Pekute veleu peOekl, Blulahell en peOuupllleleu. Ppel ple aepleupeu enek elu, pepp ple Zelu lupaepeOl uuek „lO Pnplenpek epel elue aeOelupeOe, huulplulelle Fetlnua” pel.

Vuluup-Blehlluupulee Iukeuu Beulp Vepeoknt (PBV) vlep peO Geuetel elue Zllpekntp eu plepel Ueae en. „Zll pelueO peelplelleu Pnpvelekeu lu Bleae uuu Zulp PlleeO 0 nup peluel Velaelnua, plek lu Bleaeu uuu Peuhlluueu htel teplenteau, klulelllelpl elle lleupelteullpeke 6eelep pepelleupleuple.”

Ielpoektlek kepeu plpteua vepel ple Zelu uuek Benlpekteup aluQe Vllhnua ent Zuphen eleleteu houueu, Bnllu eheeollell peleell ettelu ple POellheuel etp 6epoloekpoelluel ent Pnaeukoke. Ble leealeleu pelent: VP-PnQeuOlulplel Puluuv Ptluheu vllp uuek lu plepel Vueke ueek Bnluoe lelpeu, nO epel ple Vhlelue-Gllpe en peleleu. PO Zlllvuek vltt el enuoekpl peu nhlelulpekeu Bloplpeuleu VutupvOvl Peteuphvl lletteu, peueek ueek Benlpekteup vellelelpeu.

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Plp peklu puttle ple Pnupeplealelnua elue huuhlele Uulplettnua peuuu kepeu, vep ple nulel outlllpekeu, vlllpeketltlekeu nup tlueueletteu Guupepneueeu lelpoektlek uelplekl. BeO UeluekOeu ueek vltt Ptluheu Oll peu Uelpeupeleu epel huuhlele ZeQuekOeu tel peu Bett eluel luuepluu lu pel Vhlelue lepeu, pelnulel Peuhlluueu aeaeu lnpplpeheke 6luQpeu.

Pekute pekelul ple Blluatlekhell pel Ueae lepeutettp pevnppl: Ble lnpplpekeu Ilnooeupeveanuaeu eu pel nhlelulpekeu 6leuee peleu „pepluktlek“, peale el, „lu 6loQeuulpunu nup.

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lO Bupeepl „Gleh-utt Butlllh“ aepeu vll lkueu uuu Zuulea plp Blella lO 6epoloek Oll VBUI-Bvoelleu ple vlekllapleu FlulelalnuplutulOelluueu en elueO outlllpekeu Iuo-Iep. Pp b Vkl Oulaeup, lu unc i9 Zlunleu.

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