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North Carolina: Lawyers for the Murder of Andrew Brown Jr. Accuse Police of “Death Row”

Family attorneys Killed an African American citizen in the US state of North Carolina They accuse the police of “executing” the man. On Tuesday, the attorneys said an independent autopsy revealed that Andrew Brown Jr. had been shot in the back of the head. Five bullets hit him while he was in the car. Four shots hit his arm, and the shot in the back of the head was ultimately fatal. Lawyers denounced it was a regular execution. They said Brown did not want to flee, but only wanted to reach safety because the officers shot him. He is innocent.

Brown, 40, was born last Wednesday in the small town of Elizabeth City in North Carolina shooting. Tommy Wooten, Pacific District Police Chief, said the accident occurred while officers were executing a search warrant. Wooten did not provide any exact details about the course of the crime or the reason for the search warrant. According to local media reports, the defenseless man from the Brown family reportedly got into his car during the inspection and wanted to drive away. After that he was shot.

An official autopsy is still pending, although the death certificate confirms Brown died with a bullet to the head. The FBI– Charlotte Field Office announced that it has opened a nationwide investigation into the shooting and said in a statement that it will work with federal attorneys at the Department of Justice to find out if federal laws have been violated. Police said the officer who fired the shots was on leave until further notice.

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