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No longer “mom” and “dad”: an equivalent language between the sexes in Australian schools

No Longer “My Mother” and “My Father”: The initiative wants to create a gender-equal language in schools

Schoolchildren on their way to class (pictogram)

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In South Australia, Health Initiative campaigns for more diversity and gender equality in public institutions such as schools and sports clubs. Your thoughts are far reaching.

Schools and sports clubs in South Australia will soon reach an extraordinary demand: a district health initiative – Northwest Melbourne Primary Health Network – wants to make sure there are no gender terms like “mom dad”, Lover or Girlfriend (Boyfriend, girlfriend) used.

Under the banner #SpeakingUpSpeaksVolumes (Speak Out Loud Important), health experts want to bring more diversity and gender equality into public institutions. They call for the expansion of unisex toilets, the creation of gender-segregated sports teams, and the installation of rainbow flags in school buildings. Part of the campaign is also a handbook for school administrators, sports club officials, and teachers. It shows the indication of an inclusive language.

More diversity and gender equality

As stated in the “Herald Sun” reports, the materials show that “gender terminology” should be avoided as much as possible. It is better to use “a parent” as a “mother” or “father,” and a “partner” than a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. Students should also be asked which pronouns (such as “they,” “he,” “they”) that they wish to address, regardless of their biological gender.

These demands, in their frankness, are not enthusiastic by all concerned. However, the campaign for more diversity is not a matter of strict guidelines, but merely of suggestions and suggestions. It is still up to the schools and clubs whether it is implemented 100 percent.

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