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Foundation Journey, Expulsion, Reconciliation: Merkel and Her Ancestors from the East

Today, he became the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel The Visit the Documentation Center of the Foundation for Escape, Expulsion and Reconciliation in BerlinFor them, this ends something that began at the beginning of their reign: in 2008, the first major coalition under their leadership decided to create this place. The fact that the project took so long to form is of course relevant: Germans are forbidden to see the victims of World War II because of their crimes under National Socialism.

But that doesn’t help turn a blind eye to files Escape from the East affects countless German families to this day, albeit underground. Many families in their current formation are solely the result of the migratory movement sparked by the war. Not intentionally engaging in something effective however would also be cowardly. Also war die Entscheidung damals richtig, einen Ort zu schaffen, der zur Beschäftigung mit diesem schwierigen Thema anregt, einen Ort, der zudem deutlich macht, dass die Flucht eine Folge der nationalsozialistis, ne da ne verass ne da Verass he is.

My colleague Katja Thiem reports on the new memorial venue in June: the way she describes its structure, and the context here is correct: “Germans are only sad for those who passed through Nazi-era stations, the Holocaust, and the role. allies.”

Angela Merkel’s paternal grandfather was not a refugee from World War II, but he came from Posen, a former East German region with a difficult history. His name was Ludwig Kaźmierczak. This last name was later changed to Kasner, and this is the first name of Angela Merkel. Merkel’s mother, in turn, was born in Danzig.

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Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Rituals are needed for the Bundeswehr

59 soldiers with Use of the German army in Afghanistan He died, and when last week ended with the return of 264 men and women to Wünstorf air base in Lower Saxony, no high-ranking politician attended. The defense minister is also missing. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has now identified her reasons for this Official appeal to close in Benderblock It was announced that it will be held on August 31. This time, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Angela Merkel and Bundestag President Wolfgang Schaeuble are expected. But the central political celebrities will be embarrassment last week is not equal.

However, simply pointing out policy failures doesn’t help. Interest in the process was not excessive in Germany, and perhaps no one would be wronged if he described the Germans’ relationship with the military operations in his country as generally tense and skeptical. Understandable reasons for this doubt can be put forward, they relate to the above topic, but as mentioned above, the same applies here: there is no point in avoiding discussions. Above all, however, politics can only ensure that ritual practice is necessary for such occasions, because ritual takes the pressure off finding a suitable framework over and over again. And, by the way, rituals do not prevent discussions – they create space for them.

The Monster Affair: Severe Punishment for a Best Friend

As of yesterday, it should be clear to every educator criminal that he could end up in prison forever. The Judgments in the Munster Abuse Case : 14 years imprisonment for the main accused, and for the period that followed the regional court ordered pretrial detention. Also close up It should be clear from yesterday that they can also be punished with severe penalties, especially if they prefer crimes. The mother of the main defendant was sentenced to five years in prison for aiding and abetting. She owned the gazebo on which some work was said to have taken place, and she is said to have been aware of it.

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It is said that non-sexual offenders are deterred by the size of the punishment as less than they are likely to be detected. And that’s why too High punishment for a big mother. Because most sexual crimes happen in the family environment. It was no different in the Munster case, the main accused was accused of repeatedly raping his partner’s son and offering him other men to commit such acts. If the potential perpetrators now knew that they could no longer count on the silence and protection of their neighbors because they risked so much themselves, then the action threshold would now likely be higher. or not.

Finally robes again!

The pandemic is taking a breath, and parts of normal and even parts of extraordinary life are returning. Film festivals are held in Cannes. Finally a great cinema again! Finally robes again! How accustomed one is to the sight of the robes can be seen in the astonishment of the Dutch Queen Maxima Yesterday with her appearance in another charming place – in Berlin, at a meeting with the chancellor.

On the side of Maxima’s head was a part that looked like a luxurious protective shield against her actually friendly husband. This might just be a drop, but Maxima also looked exhausted just wearing that structure, as if she’d rather swap out Merkel’s work-jacket-pants combination.

Fashion can be imposed on others, but not on oneself. If this terrible epidemic is of any benefit, it is for the simple realization that clothes can also be comfortable. Anyway, movie star Jodie Foster wore Cannes Yesterday a charming long dressWhich in no way prevented them from running.

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Turkey: Attackers kill seven members of a Kurdish family



Armed attackers in Turkey Seven members of a Kurdish family were killed. According to Turkish media reports, the attackers stormed the family’s home in Konya, in the center of the country, killing the residents and trying to set the house on fire. Rights activists spoke of a racist crime.

Family members were attacked and seriously injured in May. A family member who has now been killed told the Gazette Duvar news website a few days ago that neighbors threatened the family and said they “would not allow Kurds to live here.” The whole family feared for their lives, especially since the police and judiciary did not take action against the attackers at that time.

The family’s lawyer, Abdurrahman Karabulut, told Arte TV that the attack was a “totally racist attack”. The authorities are “partly responsible for what happened.” The Vice President of the Turkish Society for Human Rights, Eren Keskin, wrote TwitterShe reported the case: “The youngest member of the family told me: We are very scared.”

A week and a half ago, a Kurdish farmer in the Konya region was killed by assailants who, according to eyewitnesses, threatened him that the Kurds were not wanted in the village. Konya province rejected a racist background and spoke of a dispute over livestock and land.

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Killing 9 cats: ‘Brighton Cat Killer’ sentenced to more than 5 years in prison



Animal justice in England!

Brighton and Hove (England) – Because Steve B. Known as the “Brighton Cat Killer” – he killed nine cats and injured seven others, he must now be held captive for five years and three months.

A court in the English Channel’s Brighton and Hove district sentenced the cat killer on Friday for “criminal damage to property”. This criminal offense also includes the murder of pets.

The 54-year-old, who worked for a security firm, was convicted a month ago. He attacked cats with a knife between October 2018 and June 2019. The crimes caused a sensation and anger among animal-loving Britons. The man’s motive: It remains unclear.

Ultimately, the “cat killer” was convicted via private security camera recordings that a man had set up after a fatal attack on his animal. Steve B. It is clear that he is attacking a cat.

The 54-year-old rejected the allegations during interrogation, but police found, among other things, a photo of a murdered cat on his cell phone. Judge Jeremy Gould called his behavior particularly “cruel”. The package also hit families at the “heart”. The judge suspects that the former sailor may have more cats on his conscience.

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Joe Biden pleads with his people about Corona: “Please vaccinate”



NSSuddenly he wears a mask again. When Joe Biden took to the podium at the White House late Thursday afternoon, he did so with a black mask, put it aside before speaking, and later raised it conspicuously. Completely different than it was in the past few months. Exactly unlike the week before, in a bloated room, where the guests cared about each other and no one insisted on physical distance.

In light of the massive increase in the number of Covid infections and hospitalizations with an average of 300 deaths as a result of the virus, the Biden government quickly changed direction, tightening mask requirements on Tuesday. How dire the situation is, given the variable delta rampant and low vaccination rate in large parts of the United States, the president’s half-hour speech shows.

Biden speaks with a serious expression and emphatic speech. He’s dispensed with the hilarious spontaneous notes he’s known for. It’s hard to imagine – and absurd from today’s perspective – that this president celebrated Independence Day on the Fourth of July with a merry party on the White House lawn. “Today we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from a killer virus,” Biden said at the time. It felt like a long time ago.

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Biden says the delta variant is highly transferable, and the number of cases is expected to continue to rise. This is called expectation management. There is still a lot to come, that’s how it can be summed up. “Facts, Science, Truth” stands against misinformation. Biden points to the new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s health authority. In high-risk areas, ie large parts of the USA, vaccinated people are also advised to wear masks again in public and in closed rooms. Washington, D.C. is considered a dangerous area in light of the new infections. That’s why Biden appears in the East Room, wearing a mask. But how did he say on May 13th? “If you are fully vaccinated, there is no need to wear a mask.”

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“now now!”

Biden says the mask is “not a political statement.” Masks are a way to defend yourself against the virus. Vaccinations are the best defense. The two million civilian federal employees are required to provide proof of full vaccination protection if they do not want to wear a mask. Those who have not been vaccinated should be tested regularly and are rarely allowed to go on business trips. Biden is still less constrained than many US companies that require a vaccination light. The military should add protection against Covid to mandatory vaccinations.

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Increasingly, chairs remain empty in vaccination centers in the United States.  Just over half a million vaccines against corona are given every day

The situation in the United States is difficult. While much of the world is waiting for vaccines, one in two Americans think they are unnecessary. Only 49 percent of the population has full vaccination coverage, even though vaccinations have been available nationwide to everyone aged 12 and over for weeks. Only 57 percent had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Biden is emphatically addressing those who have only had one vaccination: “Get the second dose of the vaccination. right Now! right Now!”

The president is taking a more serious and tougher tone than in recent weeks. He’s giving what may be his best speech on the pandemic. He says the country is far from the mountain. Biden talks twice about the “unvaccinated pandemic.” He avoids insulting or exposing people who have not been vaccinated. But he finds clear words: “If you’re already vulnerable, you’re posing a problem—for yourself, your family, and those you work with.”

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The president tries to impress the unvaccinated with rationality, compassion and national dignity. “People are dying, and they shouldn’t die,” Biden says. Talking about a doctor from Alabama, who Facebook share Haunted social networks for a week. In it, she reported on critically ill Covid patients who begged her for the vaccine, but she had to tell them she was sorry, but it was too late now. “It’s heartbreaking and avoidable,” Biden says.

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Because vaccination rates are low, especially in Republican districts, Biden points to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who advocates vaccination, and to the governor of Alabama, who has similar views. He also calls Fox News TV a “conservative,” which recently abandoned its tough anti-vaccination stance.

“It’s not about the red and blue states, it’s about life and death,” Biden says. That his predecessor Donald Trump obtained a mass vaccine for the United States through Operation Warp Speed, but only secretly vaccinated himself and Biden never called on loyal fans to do so. Perhaps such an appeal by Trump to his supporters would have greatly increased the vaccination rate.

Biden says freedom means responsibility

On the other hand, Biden wants to contain the culture war over vaccinations, not fuel them. The term “freedom” is interfering with a keyword for those who do not want to be vaccinated, refuse masks, or both. Biden opposes that freedom means responsibility. In a sense, he describes vaccination as a patriotic act. Yes, Biden is practically pleading with his people by saying that everyone has this responsibility not only to themselves, but also to the people they love “and for your country.”

Biden said foreign leaders have desperately requested his vaccinations, while the United States is blessed with supplies of the vaccine. There are now reports that tens of thousands of doses of the vaccine will soon have to be disposed of in the United States because they are out of date.

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All schools, the president demands, must open. This is a clear message after long video lessons in many places. More young people from the age of twelve will need to be vaccinated. Once the vaccine is approved for those under the age of twelve, the vaccination campaign will begin as soon as possible.

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Chancellor Merkel has only received a hint from US President Biden about a possible relaxation of entry regulations for EU citizens

Biden pleads with the unvaccinated to remember the last dark winter, regardless of whether they were “scared” or “angry.” 3,600 people died day after day. He carries a note in his pocket every day, Biden says, with the number of citizens who have died from Covid so far. “There are 609,441 dead.” Biden appeals to national pride by emphasizing compassion in his voice: “These are more Americans than World War I, World War II, Vietnam, 9/11, and Iraq and Afghanistan brought back together.”

With optimism and the exception of Americans, the president is trying to convince his citizens of the destination of vaccination. The United States, a country like no other on earth, will not let it go down. You have the tools to save lives, and keep the economy going and growing. “We can do it,” Biden says. “We can do it.” This sounds like an evocation of the self. This is followed by another appeal to the vaccine spoiler, which reads: “Please, please, vaccinate!”

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