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Moscow accuses the United States of obstructing a diplomatic trip



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to: Catherine RykowskiAnd the Stephanie Monk

Because Washington was said to have blocked a Russian diplomat’s plane, the Kremlin announced countermeasures with Washington’s point of view. News Ticker

Update from June 22, 7:34 p.m.: Russia wants to temporarily allow some foreign debt to be repaid in rubles in light of the sanctions pressure on its financial system. According to a decree signed by Kremlin President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, obligations to holders of Russian Eurobonds will be considered fulfilled even if they are settled in rubles.

He called on the Russian government to clarify the technical details over the next 10 days and to identify the banks through which payments can be processed in the future. Foreign creditors will then have to open an account with these banks, which can subsequently convert the ruble into foreign currencies.

The background to the decision is far-reaching sanctions, including against the Russian banking system, which were imposed by Western countries in response to Russia’s war against Ukraine. The sanctions effectively exclude Russia and its banks from the financial system dominated by Western countries. In addition, a significant part of Russia’s financial reserves stored abroad are blocked due to sanctions. These restrictions make it nearly impossible for Russia to pay its creditors abroad – even though the financial means are already in place.

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Lavrov traveled to Tehran for meetings – cooperation between Iran and Russia will be strengthened

Update from June 22, 11:47 a.m.: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to arrive in Tehran on Wednesday, where he is scheduled to meet his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdollahian. As explained by the Islamic Republic News Agency of Iran, the meeting of the two foreign ministers will be held on Thursday. two of international sanctions The countries concerned had recently agreed to expand their cooperation in the fields of energy and trade.

Update from June 22, 06:47: In his video message on Wednesday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated his demands for a new set of sanctions. „Russia should feel the increased pressure as a result of the war and its aggressive anti-European policies,” the Ukrainian leader said. In talks with a number of European heads of state and government, he stressed the need for a seventh package of sanctions as soon as possible.

Ukraine as a candidate to join the European Union? Broad support is emerging

Update from June 21, 2:22 p.m.: Shortly before a crucial EU summit this weekend, there are signs of broad support among EU countries for the possibility of Ukraine and Moldova joining the EU. There is currently not a single country that is causing problems, Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn, said on the sidelines of an EU meeting in Luxembourg. There will be great consensus.

The French Minister of State for Europe, Clément Payon, who currently chairs the EU Council of Ministers for Europe, also expressed confidence. „I think there is a consensus forming now,” he said. He is optimistic, but also cautious, because consensus is required at the summit meetings of heads of state and government.

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For example, it remains unclear whether EU countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Croatia will link their approval of EU accession candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova to progress in efforts to expand the EU to the Western Balkans. Specifically, there are calls, among other things, to grant Bosnia and Herzegovina candidate status to join the European Union.

Peace researchers warn: Researchers warn of a nuclear escalation in the Ukraine war

Update from June 21 11:36 am: Germany’s leading peace research institutes have warned of new crises as a result of the Ukraine war. Peace researchers said in their Peace Report 2022, presented at the federal press conference on Tuesday, that the sharp rise in raw materials and food prices threatens „a food crisis, especially for developing and emerging African countries.”

„In the past, food price hikes there frequently have been the cause of the so-called 'bread riots’ and have led to an escalation of violence,” the peace researchers explained. Regardless of the war in Ukraine, the number of violent conflicts around the world has recently increased again. Of the 128 conflicts counted in 2020, 78 occurred on the African continent.

Against the background of the aggressive Russian war on Ukraine, scientists warned of a nuclear escalation. „A nuclear war can never be won and should never be waged,” she said. Therefore, Germany should act to prevent the spread and expansion of nuclear arsenals.

It is also important to plan now for the time after the war and to strategize for a „new European peace order”. The most urgent task for the EU is to become “more flexible and resilient” in foreign and security policy.

Russia’s conflict with Lithuania is approaching its peak

Updated June 21. 10:52 AM: Russia appears to be serious about the conflict with Lithuania. The Kremlin accuses the country of obstructing the Russian isolation. Lithuania cites EU sanctions on Russia in its moves. According to TASS, the head of the EU delegation in Moscow, Markus Ederer, was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

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Update from June 21, 7:26 am: Russia sees relations with the West as damaged. „Yes, it will be a long crisis,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with US television channel MSNBC broadcast on Tuesday evening. „We will never trust the West again.” Since the beginning of its war against Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly raised accusations against Western countries – for example over the military support of the country under attack.

Ukraine news: US President unlikely to visit Ukraine

US President Joe Biden He described a visit to Ukraine as „unlikely” in the context of upcoming trips to Europe and the Middle East. Such a trip generally always depends on whether it brings difficulties and distractions to Ukraine, Biden said Monday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The US President is scheduled to attend the end of this June, the G7 summit in Germany in Ellmau, and then he will go to the NATO summit in Madrid.

Biden has not traveled to Ukraine since the outbreak of war on February 24. for him However, his wife Jill made a surprise visit to Ukraine in May.

Zelensky accuses Russia of taking hostages in Africa

Update from June 20, 5:59 PMUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that negotiations to lift the blockade of Ukrainian ports have proven difficult. We are engaged in complex, multi-level negotiations to unblock our Ukrainian ports. „There is no progress yet,” he said in a video speech at a meeting of the African Union on Monday. No real tool has yet been found to ensure that Russia (the ports) will not attack again.

Zelensky accused Russia of taking Africa „hostage” in the conflict. „The global food crisis will continue as long as this colonial war continues,” the head of state said. Millions of tons of grain are currently stuck in Ukrainian ports, directed in particular to Africa. Due to the blockade by the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, it could not be exported.

US suspends delivery of drones to Ukraine for fear of Russia

Update from June 20, 11:39 a.m.: According to information received from the Bulgarian platform The United States has suspended shipments of drones to Ukraine due to technical concerns. As an American reporter, Mike Stone, claims to have learned from two high-ranking Pentagon sources, concerns arose during a discussion about gun safety.

According to the information, Ukraine was promised several high-tech drones MQ-1C Gray Eagles, which can constantly fly, provide reconnaissance and attack enemy positions. If the drones fall into Russia’s hands, there could be a risk that Russia will receive sensitive information about US radar systems, the Pentagon fears. However, the last word has yet to be uttered – the upper echelons of the Pentagon must now deal with it. One of the ways Ukraine can obtain high-tech weapons from the United States is by replacing radar systems. But Pentagon informants said it could take months.

Silinsky on „Historic Week” – EU Consultations on Ukraine

First report from June 20: Kyiv – “Tomorrow will start a real historic week when we get an answer from the European Union on the status of the candidate Ukraine Listen,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday night. Will this “historic” decision affect possible negotiations on Ukraine war with Vladimir Putin effect? Selenskyj makes at least predictions for the near future.

Ukraine talks: Zelensky warns of 'hostile actions’

The fact that Ukraine can obtain candidate status for EU membership was made clear to the country during the visit Federal Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD)French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Kyiv. Then the EU Commission issued a corresponding recommendation on Friday. Now all 27 member states must agree to it. The final decision will be made at the EU summit this week, on 23/24. June fall.

Silinsky fears for the course of the war in his country – and for the situation in other EU countries: due to the decision on the status of accession to the European Union, Russia will clearly intensify its hostilities. He warned that Russia’s „hostile actions” would target not only Ukraine, but other European countries as well.

Although Putin has declared that he has nothing against Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, the Kremlin is watching according to information from the British guardians Additional path to accession negotiations. Chancellor Olaf Schultz said: In an interview with Munich Mercury– It seems that Putin is afraid that the spark of democracy will spread to his country. That is why for years he has pursued a policy aimed at dissolving NATO and the European Union.”

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Many dead and injured after the avalanche at the top of the Dolomites



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Italy: Verona allocates drinking water due to drought



Open the tap and fill it with whatever you want – this is no longer possible in Verona and Pisa. Cities in northern Italy, popular with tourists, are rationing drinking water due to the ongoing drought.

Due to the weather conditions and their consequences for the water supply, Verona’s mayor has signed a decree „limiting the consumption of drinking water for private purposes,” the website of the city of 250,000 people said on Saturday.

Therefore, it is prohibited until August 31 to use drinking water to irrigate gardens and sports facilities, wash cars and fill swimming pools. Failure to comply with the ban may result in a fine of up to 500 euros.

Mayor Michel Conte also signed a similar order in Pisa: from July 11, drinking water may only be used at home in the Tuscany city popular with tourists.

Half a dozen districts have already asked the government in Rome to declare a state of emergency to allow for more aid and civil defense operations. Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that appropriate steps may follow on Monday.

Like other European countries, Italy has experienced an unusual heat wave in recent weeks, while at the same time there has been no rain. The agriculturally important Po Valley in northern Italy is experiencing its worst drought in 70 years. According to the country’s largest farmers’ association, Coldiretti, drought threatens more than 30 percent of the country’s agricultural production and half of the livestock in the Po Valley. Parma pork is mainly produced there.

The water level in Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda is much lower than normal at this time of year. The Tiber, which flows through Rome, also has low water.

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Another consequence of the drought: Electricity generation from hydropower has dropped dramatically. Hydroelectric power stations are located mainly in the mountains in the north of the country. They usually provide approximately one-fifth of the electricity needed in Italy.

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Russian forces seize strategically important oil refinery



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to: Caroline Schaefer

The Russian Air Force bombed a small town in the Odessa region. The Ukrainian army reoccupied Snake Island: the situation in the news ticker.

This newsfeed is over: All current developments regarding the Ukraine war can be found in the following tape.

+++ 1.30 pm: Klaus Kleiber, a former ZDF mediator and US reporter, commented on the possible further course of the Ukraine war. In Maybrit Illner, Kleber went on what US intelligence recently confirmed: Putin’s goal remains the occupation of all of Ukraine. Kleber named Moldova and Georgia as possible next targets. According to Kleiber, the Baltic states are the „Achilles heel of NATO”. On the other hand, an attack on Poland is not a possible scenario.

+++ 12.45 pm: Michael Podoljak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, described the Russian missile attacks on apartment complexes as „bloody terrorist tactics.” He was referring to the night bombing of a small town in the Odessa region, which killed at least 19 people. Dozens were injured. Attacks are not about errors, but calculations. Contrary to Podoljak’s assessment, a Ukrainian brigadier general assumes that The obsolete Soviet missiles are the cause of civilian casualties.

+++ 12.00 pm: It appears that Russian forces have captured the Lysychansk oil refinery. This was reported by the Russian news agency RIA, on Friday afternoon, citing the Kremlin Ministry of Defense. The information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine war
Soldier of the Russian army. © Alexey Maishev / Imago Images

+++ 11.00 am: A new mass grave has apparently been discovered in the coastal city of Mariupol. News Portal Reports back Quoting Petro Andryoshenko, adviser to the mayor. There are more than 100 bodies in the tomb. This cannot be verified independently.

+++ 10.30 am: According to the news portal report back It is reported that the death toll from Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi rose to 19. The statement cannot be independently verified.

+++ 10.10 am: According to the Ukrainian army, the death toll from the Russian missile attacks on Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi in the Odessa region has risen to at least 18. This was announced by the military governor of the Odessa region, Maxim Marchenko, on Telegram. Reportedly, at least 39 people were injured. The information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine war: Apparently the 57th Russian colonel was killed

+++ 09.45 AM: The Russian army suffered great losses. The status report of the Ukrainian General Staff states that 35,750 soldiers have been killed since the invasion began at the end of February. There are also losses at the management level. report from independent According to it, the 57th colonel was said to have been killed. This is apparently Pavel Kislyakov. The 40-year-old was buried in Moscow on Thursday (June 30), according to the report. Kislyakov was the commander of the Russian paratroopers.

+++ 09.00 am: The British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence, reported that Russian forces had captured the city of Previlia in the north of the Luhansk region. It is a small city with a population of only 7600. From a strategic perspective, the domestic oil refinery is more important. According to estimates from Great Britain, there is currently heavy fighting around the site. Prywillya is located near the city of Lysychansk, which, according to the regional military administration, is threatened by Russian encirclement. The city has been under siege for days, it was said several times. The information provided by the UK Ministry of Defense cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine war: At least 17 dead in Russian missile strikes

+++ 8.30 am: At least 17 people were killed in rocket attacks on the city of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Odessa region. A spokesman for the Odessa Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Prachuk, said on Telegram that three shells landed on a residential property. Among other things, an entertainment center was targeted. The situation on the ground is chaotic and the information cannot be independently verified. a videowhich from the news portal back Shows the extent of the damage. The residential area is like a field of rubble.

+++ 7.30 am: At least 14 people were killed in a Russian missile attack on an apartment building in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine, according to Ukrainian sources. Ukraine’s emergency services reported 14 dead and 30 wounded on Friday. Among the wounded were three children. Rescue work will continue, but it will be complicated by a fire. A spokesman for the Odessa Regional Administration, Serhiy Prachuk, said earlier that the missile hit a nine-storey apartment building in the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district, about 80 kilometers south of the coastal city of Odessa. The missile was launched from an aircraft flying over the Black Sea. According to Ukrainian sources, the apartment building was partially destroyed in the attack. Rescue workers initially reported six dead and seven wounded. The death toll later rose to 10 and then 14.

First report on Friday, July 1 at 6:30 a.m.: Kyiv – The situation in eastern and southern Ukraine remains extremely dangerous. As Russia displays its military supremacy in eastern Ukraine, Kyiv At least celebrate the restoration of Snake Island in the Black Sea.

The Ukrainian head of state stressed that the withdrawal of Russian forces would allow Ukraine to be in a better situation Volodymyr Zelensky. „Snake Island is a strategic point, and this changes the situation in the Black Sea dramatically,” he said in his daily video address on Friday evening (July 1).

Ukraine news: Snake Island retake – Russian army is currently restricted

Even if this does not guarantee security, the freedom of action of the Russian army is significantly restricted. According to the Ukrainian military, Snake Island allows control of parts of the Ukrainian coast and shipping lanes.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities reported a missile attack on the coastal city of Odessa. As a result, at least ten people were killed. Serhiy Prachuk, head of the local military administration, said the missile hit a nine-storey apartment building. Kyiv believes the missile was launched from a Russian military aircraft over the Black Sea.

Ukraine war: Lysychansk threatened with encirclement

Fighting also continues in eastern Ukraine. In Lysychansk in the Luhansk region, defenders say they are threatened with encirclement. The General Staff said that the refinery, which is located seven kilometers west of the city, erupted into a fight. Russian troops were advancing on the city from the south, and fighting was also continuing on the city’s western and southern borders. The refinery has already been portrayed as completely occupied in the Russian media. The former city of Lysichansk is the last largest city in Luhansk not yet under Russian control.

In neighboring Donetsk, on the other hand, Russian advances near Sloviansk and Bakhmut were repulsed, the General Staff said. Along the front line, Ukrainian positions were constantly bombarded with artillery and aerial bombardment, she said. “The superiority of the occupiers in terms of firepower is very noticeable,” Zelensky said about the situation in the East. Russia depends on its reserves for this. (Cas/dpa)

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