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Merkel’s spokesperson should delete video – Hamas supporters conduct government vaccination campaign – Domestic Politics

Advertisement failure in the chancellery.

Government spokesman Stephen Seibert, 61, posted an official government video on Twitter on Tuesday to promote vaccination among Arabic-speaking citizens.

Media medium: Berlin doctor Najib Al-Saeedi, who explained in Arabic why you should be vaccinated against Corona.

the problem: While Al-Saedi amicably promotes vaccinations in the government video, he has a very different tone on Facebook: There the man is inciting against Israel, demanding the expulsion of all Zionists (i.e., all Jews). W: He even distributes propaganda pictures of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the terrorist movement Hamas.

The infamous Al-Qassam Brigades are responsible for many suicide attacks against civilians, hostage-taking and missile terrorism, and they want to destroy Israel. They torture and kill political opponents.

Berlin doctor Najib al-Saeedi posted Hamas propaganda on FacebookPhoto: private private

BILD asked Stephen Seibert and his Federal Press Office: How can a man be an advertising medium for the German government that propagates Islamic and anti-Semitic incitement on the Internet?

Deleted Tweet now

Deleted Tweet now Photo: Steffen Seibert / Twitter

Seibert’s tweet was then deleted. A government spokeswoman in Bild said: “Dr. Al-Saidi’s statements on his Facebook account were not known at the time the video was recorded and posted.” The video will not be distributed again.

Integration expert Ahmed Mansour, 44, was stunned that the government had launched a campaign to vaccinate with “anti-Semitic Islamic doctors.” He testifies to his “unprofessionalism” that “no one even bothered” to check the doctor’s Facebook profile.

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