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Joe Biden has stopped producing oil in Alaska for the time being

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is roughly the size of Bavaria, and the area is famous for its caribou, among other things. Hundreds of thousands of animals roam there. But the natural paradise was in danger. Donald Trump, who was still President of the United States, in the summer of 2020 Oil extraction is allowed.

However, those plans have now been discontinued, at least for the time being. Administration of the current US President Joe Biden It has all activities related to the controversial demand for oil in the nature reserve in Alaska suspended. The Ministry of the Interior announced, on Tuesday, in Washington However, the validity of the corresponding licenses was frozen.

She added that license holders will be informed of this procedure. Shortly after his election defeat in November, Trump tried to do it to speed up drilling operations.

The suspension of oil production activities in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was not surprising – Biden had already stated before taking office in January that he was against oil and gas exploration in the area.

The excavation has not stopped yet

The decision announced by the Ministry of Interior is only temporary. According to the ministry, a comprehensive review of the environmental aspects of oil production projects is scheduled for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. After this examination is completed, a decision will be made as to whether the issued licenses will be confirmed, revoked or bound by restrictive conditions.

Under Trump, the Department of the Interior gave the green light last August to drill in the coastal region of northern Alaska, which is home to polar bears, reindeer and many other animals. Shortly before Trump left office, his government auctioned off oil production licenses in eleven areas of the nature reserve.

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This immediately caused sharp criticism from environmentalists. Initially, up to eight percent of the nature reserve should be usable for excavation, the Home Office announced at the time.