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Italian mafia boss released from prison

He is said to have been implicated in countless murders – including the horrific murder of a 14-year-old. Now the boss of the Cosa Nostra mafia has been released for good behavior.

Fury and terror in Italy: The killer of a prominent anti-mafia judge, Giovanni Falconi, was released from prison early. News of the release of Mafia boss Giovanni Brusca appeared on the front pages of several Italian newspapers on Tuesday. The newspaper “La Repubblica” wrote: “Brusca – the cruelest president – has been released.”

The 64-year-old is said to have been implicated in hundreds of murders, including the horrific murder of a 12-year-old whose body was dissolved in acid.

Dismissed for good conduct

Due to his good conduct, Sicilian mafia member Cosa Nostra was released from prison on Monday ROM He was released early after 25 years in prison. Bruska also appeared as a key state witness during his detention. Now the 64-year-old must serve a four-year suspended sentence.

Bruska was arrested in 1996 and later sentenced to prison for the murder of prominent anti-mafia judge Falcone. Bruska had himself pressed the remote detonation button for a 400-kilo bomb under the investigating judge’s car; In addition to Falcon and his wife, three bodyguards were also killed in the explosion near Palermo. Falcone campaigned against mafia machinations for many years and was respected outside of Italy.

‘Painful message’

“From a humanitarian point of view this is painful news. But this is the law. A law that my brother wanted and that must be respected,” Falcone’s sister told La Repubblica of Brusca’s early release.

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Brusca was considered one of the closest confidants of Toto Riina, president of Cosa Nostra. Brusca, according to Italian media reports, admitted his involvement in hundreds of murders. In 1993, Giuseppe Di Matteo, the 12-year-old son of a mafia mafia renegade, was kidnapped. After two years of being held hostage in horrific conditions, the child was finally strangled and his body dissolved in acid.

Criticism of his release from politics in Italy also came. center-right head of the PD party, Enrico LettaShe described the process of getting out of prison as “a blow in the hole in the stomach that leaves one speechless. One wonders how this is possible.”