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Isaac Herzog was elected new president by a large majority

Israel has a new president: Isaac Herzog. The 60-year-old was elected by a large majority. He is following in his father’s footsteps.

Amidst the political turmoil, the Israeli parliament elected former opposition leader Isaac Herzog as president. The 60-year-old won on Wednesday by 87 votes to 26 against 67-year-old teacher and activist Miriam Peretz. On July 9, Herzog took over as former president Reuven Rivlin. The elections took place shortly before the expected replacement of the long-serving conservative right-wing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Herzog has led the Labor Party since 2013. His father, Chaim Herzog, was already President of Israel. In 2018, he became head of the Jewish Agency responsible for, among other things, immigration to Israel.

The chief has in Israel Representative function above all else. One of the most important tasks is to pardon prisoners and issue an order to form a government. It is determined by Parliament every seven years by secret ballot.

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