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Holiday in Italy from mid-May: government heats up tourism plans

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Italy wants to open its doors to tourists even earlier than expected. As of mid-May, tourist travel is now possible using the “green corridor”.

As in many other European countries, people in Italy eagerly wait to open up to vacationers. Tourism makes up no small part of the economic output – before the pandemic, in 2019, it had a share of 13 percent. After months of lockdown and caution, the Italian government now wants to take the first step and facilitate the entry of inoculated tourists – sooner than initially thought. After the hypothetical meeting of the G20 tourism ministers on the afternoon of Tuesday May 4, Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced this Italy has been opened to tourists from 15 May with the help of a national “green passport” will.

Holidays 2021: Italy takes the next step towards opening up

“It is time to book your vacation in Italy,” Draghi said after the G20 tourism ministers meeting. To lend a helping hand to this, Italy is the leader Have a “green corridor” One must pass the period until the introduction of the European Union vaccination pass. This is expected to launch in mid-June. Italy also wants to do this with its rivals Spain and Greece Catch up with those who have already introduced similar rules and are already allowing tourists again. The prime minister’s plan said, “We have to present clear and simple rules so that tourists can come to us safely.” Burnaby Boca, president of the National Association of Hoteliers, believes this step is very important: “Thanks to the May 15th date, we can finally start planning for the season.

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The “green corridor” provides these benefits to tourists

The certificate is intended for use by foreign tourists Travel between the twenty regions of Italy ability. In the last few months, this was not possible because the Italian Aura Traffic Sign had divided the regions into yellow, orange, or red regions. Depending on the color, various and sometimes more stringent restrictions apply to travel. In Italy, you can currently only move freely between the yellow regions. The police authority can also prevent foreign tourists from entering Italy if the designated final destination is in a different region from the one they are entering.

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Italy Vacation: Who Gets a “Green Passport”?

In order to have the national “Green Corridor”, travelers to Italy must have a Complete vaccination against corona Proof He recovered from Covid-19 disease Him or one Negative test That it is not more than 48 hours old. According to the plans, children under the age of two do not need proof. Exactly what and where the “Green Corridor” should look like for tourists is unknown. So far there is only the “green lane” designated for local vacationers. (fk)

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