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Greece holiday 2021 despite Corona – current entry rules

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There has been a strict lockdown against Corona in Greece for weeks. Now there was the first loosening – also with the tourists in. Here are the current rules.

Last year, due to the relatively low Corona numbers, many vacationers hurried to Greece. Greece this year wants to attack again after a long lockdown and it has already done so Relaxed some entry rules *. You can find out what you currently need to consider when planning your vacation here.

Entry rules to Greece – holiday relief with vaccination?

From the point of view of the Robert Koch Institute, Greece is Danger area The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against taking unnecessary tourist trips. However, trips to Greece are possible in principle. But there is one The obligation to register using the Traveler website form. This should include the name, place of residence, visits to other countries, as well as the address of the holiday. Campers need at least a temporary residence address, i.e. the camp site. It is according to Greek government It is enough if the family fills out a form together. A QR code is generated from this, which is automatically sent to the relevant person by email on the day of arrival at the latest. Those who are unable to show a code upon entry can expect a fine of up to € 500.

All persons over the age of five must have a certificate of A. Negative PCR test From a recognized testing laboratory in the country of departure in English with your name and passport or ID number. The test should not be more than 72 hours old. However, there is an exception for travelers With complete vaccination against corona. Anyone who has completed this at least 14 days in advance can enter Greece without a negative PCR test. The Federal Foreign Office would like to point out that regardless of this, a free express test will be conducted upon arrival.

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In principle, a period of seven days applies Quarantine commitment After entering, the Greek government made some exceptions. This includes all travelers from the European Union or Schengen area who come directly by air through the airports of Athens, Chania, Heraklion, Corfu, Kos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini or Thessaloniki, as well as by land through the border points Promachonas and Nymphaia (Bulgaria) Enter . The quarantine obligation is no longer applicable Also when entering via Igoumenitsa or Patras by ferry.

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Greece Vacation: This must be taken into consideration upon arrival by car

If you want to go to Greece by car, you can do so as a tourist for now Only via Bulgaria and via the Promachonas and Nymfaia border crossings. Currently, only Greek citizens and persons with a Greek residence permit or permanent residence in Greece are permitted to enter or exit via Albania or North Macedonia. Urgent professional reasons are also an exception.

In addition, it is different Rules for entering transit countries Please note: Croatia and Serbia, for example, require transit to be completed within 12 hours. In Hungary, crossing is only possible via certain corridor routes. Bosnia and Herzegovina requires a negative PCR test when passing through – the German Foreign Office also recommends that you carry a printed copy of the Border Police Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with you.

Once in Greece, the rules must also be observed: according to the Federal Department of State, travel restrictions between regional regions apply until May 10.

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The summer months of June, July and August: Can a vacation in Greece be back to normal soon?

Greece withdrew all stops to revive tourism as soon as possible. There is more Mitigating from May 15th Planned. From then on, entry should be allowed with either proof of vaccination or a negative corona test. In June, travel in the European Union should also be facilitated with a digital Corona vaccination card. Moreover, Greece wants to lift restrictions on the May deadline, especially within the country, so that travel between regions is possible again. (fk) * is a demo of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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