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Fewer new infections: India ahead of first mitigation

Status: 05.06.2021 6:36 PM

India continues to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic – but the number of new infections is now declining again. So the cities of New Delhi and Mumbai are taking the first steps towards opening up.

Given the significant drop in the number of infections in India, major cities in New Delhi and Mumbai, along with other regions, are venturing to ease the situation. According to health authorities, the number of new coronavirus infections has fallen to 120,529 – thus far below the peak value of 400,000 reached at the beginning of May.

Local Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that in the Delhi metropolitan area, which has been closed since April 19, markets and malls may open again on Monday. However, stores with even-numbered house numbers must open on different days than those with even-numbered ones. In addition, the metro will be allowed to operate again at half its seat capacity. Offices can also reopen with half their workforce.

gradual relief

In Maharashtra and its capital, Mumbai, there will be a gradual easing of various districts and places from Monday, the local government announced. This depends on the number of infections and the availability of hospital beds with oxygen. In Mumbai itself, stores, malls, theaters and restaurants will be able to open again, but with a maximum occupancy of 50 percent.

The number of infections in India has jumped from ten million to just under 28.7 million since the end of February, with the start of the second wave of Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University (JHU), more cases have so far been recorded in absolute numbers only in the United States.

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