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Corona: An outbreak before the start of the G7 summit: Merkel’s bodyguards in quarantine – domestic politics

Shock to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s delegation (66, CDU) at the G7 summit in Carbis Bay (Cornwall): Two of the Chancellor’s bodyguards are also from the coronavirus outbreak at the Pedn Olva Hotel in St. Ives was affected and had to go into self-isolation (quarantine) for a short time, according to Bloomberg.

Sky News quoted unidentified security guards from Merkel Forkomando, who has been here since the start of the week, saying that the two victims should get a tent and sleep on the beach. However, this sounds like a bitter joke. According to the rules that all participants and other observers of the summit must follow, it is enough not to leave your hotel room and immediately inform the authorities.

For Merkel, who arrived on Friday at 11 am near the summit, the process remains difficult. On the one hand, since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has been advocating the highest level of security as a principle of its policy. On the other hand, the rapid spread of Indian virus variants in Great Britain overshadowed the G7 summit in Karbis Bay.

Upon entering the country, each person must show a new PCR test, specify their destination and reason for travel, and prove that they have already booked or purchased a test after entering the country.

At the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, existing exams, all of which must be recorded online, are scrutinized more often than personal data. Without an on-site test, journalists cannot report and are not even allowed to receive their accreditation. At the hotel you have to test yourself every morning and record the result online so that you can show it every time you enter.

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The Indian virus variant is much more contagious than previously known virus versions. According to official information, the number of infected people is currently doubling every week. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 56, wants to hold the summit as a kind of end point for the pandemic and allow decisions to be made, among other things, on how to vaccinate “the world” by the end of next year. Year.

Corona’s outbreak in the German delegation, of all places, where the number of infections is currently declining in his homeland, does not fit the picture. And the chancellor, who has even replaced her armored limousine with a Volkswagen bus because of Corona in order to get enough distance from the driver, is likely to stick to the post, mainly for nostalgic reasons: it will be the last for her and her husband Joachim. Sauer (72) The G7 Summit is your advisor.