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China sees relations with the United States facing “serious difficulties”



Tianjin, Washington For the first time in months, senior US officials met with their Chinese counterparts. Speaking with the US Vice Secretary of State, Xie Feng said the meeting was marked by conflicts, isolation and harsh criticism: Sino-US relations are at a “stalemate” and are facing “serious difficulties.” Wendy Sherman.

The main reason for this is that “some people in the United States” see China as an “imaginary enemy,” Xie was quoted as saying in a statement from the Chinese side. China is being “demonized”. “We urge the US side to change this current very wrong thinking and very dangerous policy toward China,” Xie said.

Sherman is scheduled to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi later that day. At their last high-level meeting in March, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and China’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, spoke to each other in Alaska and said a sweet goodbye.

Unlike previous meetings, the meeting of Sherman and Xie was not held in Beijing, but in neighboring Tianjin. However, this can be explained by the fact that especially strict security measures are being implemented in the Chinese capital due to the Covid pandemic.

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USA Repeats Allegations of Genocide

The reading of the minutes of the Washington meeting was less provocative than that issued by the Chinese side. The US State Department said it was “important to maintain open lines of communication”. We are not looking for conflict with the People’s Republic of China.

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But between the lines it became clear how far the economic giants are from each other. The United States dealt with common interests – for example in the climate crisis or in Afghanistan – in one sentence. On the other hand, Washington commented in detail on controversial issues: Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong, militarization in the South China Sea, the conflict over Taiwan, and the restriction of press freedom. The United States has repeated allegations that China is committing genocide against Muslim minorities and accused Beijing of obstructing investigations into the origins of the Covid-19 virus.

Sherman’s visit to China was in poor conditions – according to a report in the Financial Times, it was almost cancelled. Reason: Sherman was said to have initially been refused a meeting with Wang Yi. Although Wang Yi’s official title is Foreign Minister, he is not China’s highest diplomat: this is Yang Jiechi, a member of the powerful Politburo.

No country is superior to another, and China will never accept a country that thinks this way. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Recent rounds of US sanctions have contributed to alienation. Recently, US President Joe Biden’s government imposed restrictions on Chinese officials responsible for enforcing national security law that has been criticized nationwide. Beijing introduced measures restricting Hong Kong’s autonomy about a year ago. Washington has also imposed sanctions on companies in China’s western Xinjiang region. The US government accuses the Chinese leadership of committing serious human rights violations against “Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities”.

When it comes to China, Biden continues the hard-line stance of his predecessor Donald Trump in many areas. Internationally, Washington is trying to find allies against Beijing: for example, the US president campaigned for a united front against China at the G7 summit and the European Union meeting in June. Among other things, the United States is promoting an alternative to the “New Silk Road” in which China creates economic dependencies in emerging and developing countries. Last week, the United States condemned the Chinese hacker attacks for the first time in coordination with the European Union.

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However, there are differing ideas on both sides of the Atlantic about how far the break from China’s innovative power should go. Some European countries, especially Germany, are concerned that border demarcation could jeopardize trade and investment with Beijing.

The cycle of penalties and counter-sanctions

At the moment, the US and China appear to be caught in a cycle of sanctions and counter-sanctions. A few days before Sherman’s visit to China, the Chinese government imposed sanctions on seven people and institutions in the United States – in retaliation for the numerous fines imposed by Washington. Those affected are former US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, chair of the Economic and Security Commission to Deal with China (USCC), Carolyn Bartholomew, a non-governmental organization, the Hong Kong Democratic Council, and Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has not yet provided any information about the exact content of the sanctions. However, it was the first time that China implemented its accelerated anti-sanctions law, which was only passed in June. European business representatives in the People’s Republic have expressed serious concern about the law. Because it is so broad that foreign companies doing business in China can also be penalized if they adhere to the guidelines of foreign governments.

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Since the change of government in the United States, the two superpowers have not been rhetorically as harsh as they were when Trump was in office. At the time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry publicly referred to then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a “clown,” among other things.

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But Chinese government officials and state media continue to hardly miss the opportunity to portray the United States as an aggressor. They have repeatedly accused the United States of displaying a “Cold War” mentality. In turn, Biden emphasized at every opportunity that competition with China for future technologies “will define the 21st century.” Punitive tariffs on China, which were imposed under Trump, are still in place, and there is no continuation of trade talks in sight.

Shi Feng, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister (p.)

China called on the United States to end its “devilization and propaganda” policy against the People’s Republic of China.

(Photo: dpa)

Although the US president has been in office for about six months, they have yet to meet in person. So the trip from Sherman to China can also be seen as a possible anticipation of a personal meeting between Xi and Biden.

However, personal meeting does not only conflict with political discontent. Since the head of state and party leader of China has not traveled abroad since the outbreak of the Covid crisis, he has since only participated in multilateral meetings via videoconference. If there is a meeting, then from the point of view of the Chinese leadership, it should take place within the People’s Republic of China.

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Huawei CEO: A propaganda reception for Meng in China



Starting from: 09/26/2021 9:27 AM

Huawei CEO Meng has returned to China – the state media has portrayed him as a folk hero. No mention was made of the release of Canadians. Critics speak of “hostage diplomacy”.

Written by Stephen Wurzel, ARD-Studio Shanghai

Hundreds of people gathered at the airport in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen that evening to receive Meng Wanzhou. The videos show women and men waving flags and singing the Chinese national anthem.

“A Thousand Days of Torture” under house arrest in a villa

After the CFO of technology group Huawei got off the plane waving and smiling happily, he gave a short speech on the runway. “After more than a thousand days of torture, I returned to the bosom of my homeland. The long wait in a foreign land was full of struggle and suffering,” said Meng, who posed in front of the cameras wearing a red dress. , the color of Chinese happiness as well as the ruling Communist Party.

Chinese state media broadcast the triumphant and nationalist Meng’s arrival online and on television. According to the government propaganda newspaper Huanqiu Shibao, also known as the Global Times, more than 60 million people in the People’s Republic have watched the director’s arrival.

Party visits and shopping tours

Meng was arrested in Canada in late 2018 on a US judicial arrest warrant. The accusation: You should have helped circumvent US sanctions against the Iranian leadership. Meng was placed under house arrest shortly thereafter and has since waited in one of her two villas in the western Canadian city of Vancouver for possible extradition to the United States. The 49-year-old had to wear an electronic ankle bracelet, but he had a lot of freedom; Meng has been repeatedly photographed attending concerts and intense shopping trips.

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After returning to China in the evening, she thanked Chinese Head of State and Government Xi Jinping. He worries about the safety of every Chinese citizen, “including my country, and has not lost sight of my plight. I thank the great motherland, the people, the patronage of the Communist Party, the government and the people who stand together take care of me.”

Meng thanked “the homeland, the people and President Xi” pitifully.

Two Canadians arrested in retaliation

Obviously, in response to pressure on the director of Huawei for free, the state and party leadership of China arrested two Canadians at the end of 2018: businessman Michael Spavor and former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig. Both were accused of espionage and held in solitary confinement in China for nearly three years in inhumane conditions.

After a legal deal with the US judiciary, Meng was able to leave Canada on Friday. Shortly thereafter, Spavor and Kovrig were placed on a Canadian government plane in China and departed China for Canada. Diplomats from the participating countries have been searching behind the scenes for a face-saving solution for all parties in recent years.

China’s “Hostage Diplomacy”

Human rights groups are now talking about the “successful hostage diplomacy” of the communist government. This has repeatedly claimed that there is no connection between the Meng, Kovrig, and Spavor cases.

From the point of view of Western diplomats and human rights groups, the events of the past few hours prove otherwise. Sophie Richardson, China director of Human Rights Watch, said the Canadians’ release a few hours after Meng’s house arrest ended shows that “the Chinese leadership is willing to use innocents as a bargaining chip to get what they want from other countries.” . “This is a worrying development.”

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The case has been dismantled as propaganda

Chinese state media represent Meng’s return as a victory for state and party leadership over the Western world. The English-language China Daily wrote that Meng was arrested in Canada because China is a rising power – which is precisely why Meng is now released.

So far, the media in China has not said a word about the fact that the Huawei director has been de facto exchanged with Canadians imprisoned in the People’s Republic of China.

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Official request denied: Taliban not allowed to speak at UN debate



Rejection of the official request
The Taliban are not allowed to speak at the UN debate

Who represents Afghanistan in the United Nations? This is what the Taliban want to do in the public debate on Monday. But your application is still unsuccessful. It remains unclear who will speak for the state in New York in the future.

Despite their request, the Taliban is unlikely to appear in the general debate at the United Nations General Assembly. The representative officially registered as Afghanistan’s spokesperson for Monday is the former ambassador to the United Nations, Ghulam Isakzai. This was announced by UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

After taking power in Afghanistan, the hardline Islamist Taliban movement applied to the United Nations to formally represent the country on the UN podium – whether through a speech at the current public debate or by nominating an ambassador designated to replace Isakzai. The decision on this is now up to the responsible UN Accreditation Committee. But so far, there has been no scheduled meeting of the commission, which is why the former ambassador to Afghanistan retains his position at least temporarily.

The committee is made up of representatives from nine member states – the USA, Russia, China, Sweden, Namibia, the Bahamas, Bhutan, Sierra Leone and Chile – and decides the representatives, and thus which leaders of the countries are recognized by the United Nations. In practice, the commission is dominated by Washington, Moscow and Beijing.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in mid-August. Former President Ashraf Ghani had previously fled the country. Germany, the United States and other Western countries are in talks with them but do not recognize them as legitimate governments.

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Boris Johnson on the verge of turning around after a supply crunch in Great Britain



Great Britain
After a supply crunch: Johnson turns around on Brexit policy – and agrees to visa waivers

In Brighton, queues at petrol stations are getting longer due to delivery jams

© Leon Neal / dpa

Since leaving the EU, there have been strict immigration rules for EU citizens who want to work in the UK. After all, it was Boris Johnson’s Brexit pledge: British jobs for Brits. But now, the prime minister is forced to make exceptions.

Huge petrol and food delivery problems seem to be forcing the government in Great Britain to take an abrupt turn. As British media reported unanimously on Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to bring thousands of foreign truck drivers into the country with the help of waivers in order to get the acute crisis under control. Currently strict Britain’s exit visa regulations are making the migration of skilled workers more difficult, so that the logistics industry comes under greater pressure.

Recently, it became known that some energy companies were unable to supply dozens of gas stations. Sometimes long queues formed. It is these images that prompted Johnson to rethink, as it is said in British newspapers. “Boris is tired of bad headlines and wants them resolved, and no longer cares about visa rules,” Johnson’s “ally,” was quoted by the Financial Times as saying. Cabinet members, at times in an intense tone, called on residents to refrain from panic-buying. “There is no shortage of gasolineCulture Minister Nadine Doris on Twitter “I repeat: there is no shortage of gasoline!!”

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Empty shelves and closed gas stations

British business representatives were exempted from the planned exemption regulations. But the Confederation of Industry (CBI) warned the government not to believe that the crisis could be resolved with the help of a few thousand foreign drivers, especially since many industries are complaining of a shortage of skilled labour. “We don’t have trained butchers, we don’t have trained welders, we don’t have chefs, we don’t have electrical engineers, so there is a labor shortage across the economy,” CBI chief Tony Dunker told the BBC. .

The government is asking companies to hire and train more British workers and pay higher wages. Dunker acknowledged the necessary reforms, but criticized the government for its approach. “You can’t turn baggage handlers into butchers or shopkeepers into chefs overnight,” he said.

The Road Haulage Association estimates there is a shortage of around 100,000 truck drivers in the UK. That is why there are jams and empty supermarket shelves in many places. Energy companies BP and Esso closed dozens of gas stations, while others offered only gasoline or diesel. The operator EG Group offered a maximum of 30 pounds (35 euros) per customer on the pumps. Other industries, such as meat processors, complain of a stark shortage of skilled labour. Since Brexit, EU citizens moving to the UK for work have had to obtain expensive visas. The massive increase in gas prices is also having an impact on supply, and hundreds of thousands of consumers are facing higher bills.

‘Extremely limited’ visa regulations

There should be an upper limit for visa exceptions, which, according to information from Sky News, could be 5,000. A government spokesperson stressed that any regulation “would be very limited”. The deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party, Angela Rayner, criticized the BBC for the fact that the government put itself in this position due to its fatal decisions.

Experts also warned that skilled foreign workers may not find the planned regulations attractive at all. Because they will be afraid of having to leave the country again after a few months. Since many truck drivers are also in demand in the European Union, professionals may prefer a safe job in the international community.


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