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Bill Gates went on vacation with his ex-girlfriend – despite his marriage to Melinda

Bill and Melinda Gates just announced their split to the public. You divorce after nearly 30 years of marriage. When you take a closer look at their relationship, it becomes increasingly clear that this was probably a special relationship.

Bill W. Melinda Gates He met in 1987. The 23-year-old started out as a product manager at Microsoft. to Bill Gates It should not only be the year he met his future wife and the mother of his children, but the year that the love of another woman ended. Even if not quite.

Until 1987, the 65-year-old was with his great love Anne Winblad. People magazine is reporting this in detail. Now the 70-year-old is a software entrepreneur and venture capitalist. She and Bill Gates developed a strong bond that wasn’t divorced from the breakup.

An agreement with Gates’ ex-husband Melinda maiden

In 1997, Time magazine published an explosive story. Bill Gates made sure that Anne Winblad was not completely removed from his life. He married Melinda Gates (then French), but made a deal with her and Winblad “allowed” him to preserve the holiday tradition.

Walter Isaacson, the out-of-service Time boss, reports in his Time story about Bill’s life and career, and has also written in this context about the special bond between Bill Gates and Winblad. He wrote: “Every spring, as has been the case for more than a decade, Gates spends long weekends with Winblad at their beach house in Outer Banks, North Carolina, driving dune buggy, flying kites, and walking on the beach.” .

“We share our thoughts about the world and ourselves.”

As Bill Gates admitted publicly at the time: “We could play mini golf while discussing biotechnology.” As Weinblad said in Time magazine, “We share our thoughts about the world and ourselves. We are amazed at how we play when we discuss biotechnology.” Young geeks embark on a wonderful adventure on the edge of an unknown industry that has brought us to the epicenter of an amazing world. “

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It is not known how Melinda Gates felt about this intimate and private relationship. A few days ago, she and Bill Gates announced their marriage after 27 years.