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Austria: Greens question Kurz’s ability to act – Politics



After raiding the Chancellery, Finance Ministry and ÖVP headquarters, pressure is mounting on Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Now the Greens, Kurtz’s coalition partner, are questioning his ability to act. Report that Many Austrian media agree.

“We cannot go back to the agenda, and the ability of the Federal Chancellor to act is questionable against this background. We have to ensure stability and order,” Vice Chancellor and Green Party leader Werner Kogler said. So he and club president Sigrid Maurer invited the leaders of the parliamentary group of other National Council parties to discuss how to move forward. It was also agreed to meet with Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen (the Greens). The day before, the opposition had called on Kurtz to resign.

Liberal Neus accused him of “manifest impotence” and called for a new beginning for the country. “It can’t go on like this,” opposition party leader Pete Meinl Reisinger said on Thursday. The country needs a clean government. New elections are not necessary for this. Chancellor Kurz is ashamed of his refusal to resign the country and the post.

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Kurz tried again Wednesday night to refute prosecutors’ allegations of corruption. There is absolutely no indication that he is personally involved, for example, in conducting polls that suit him or in placing advertisements, Kurz said on the ORF news program “ZiB2” rss / rd / articles /. Kurz emphasized that “all these allegations are directed against employees of the Ministry of Finance.” The fact that polls were manipulated in his favor is absurd because dozens of opinion polls in the 2016 period in question revealed very similar values ​​for parties and politicians. Kurtz ruled out his resignation.

It’s about positive reporting that is bought with taxpayer money

The Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) inspected the Chancellery, Ministry of Finance and ÖVP headquarters on Wednesday. The attorney general’s office is investigating Kurz and some of those close to him on suspicion of dishonesty, bribery and corruption. The team around the 35-year-old prime minister is said to have bought positive reports in a tabloid with tax money since 2016 in order to clear the way from Kurtz to the party leadership and chancellorship. A confidant of the Ministry of Finance is said to have played an important role in raising the money.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the results of the potentially tampered survey were published in the editorial department of an Austrian daily newspaper and other media affiliated with this group – without announcing it as an advertisement.

According to the authority, there is a suspicion that government officials in return made payments to the media company as part of media and advertising cooperation. According to WKStA, evidence found during home searches and assessments will now be displayed. The media group denies these allegations. The company said that at no time was there an agreement between media group “Austria” and the Ministry of Finance to pay for surveys through advertisements.

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‘It was a spacecraft’ – China denies hypersonic missile report



foreign countries Nuclear Weapons Competition

‘It was a spacecraft’ – China denies hypersonic missile report

China, Russia and the United States are preparing for hypersonic missiles

China, Russia and the United States are preparing for hypersonic missiles. This is also used in space travel

Quelle: VCG via Getty Images / VCG

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In August, Beijing was said to have tested a hypersonic nuclear missile. Now China has denied the report: it was just a matter of routine spacecraft tests. Meanwhile, a US lawmaker warned of the outbreak of a new Cold War.

NSHina denied a media report that the People’s Republic of China had tested a hypersonic missile suitable for nuclear weapons. “It was a spacecraft, not a missile,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday. They were routine tests to test technology for reusing the spacecraft. It happened in July.

A representative of the US Congress interpreted the report on China’s test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile as a wake-up call. “This test should be a call to action,” Republican Mike Gallagher said Sunday (local time). “If we stick to our current inactive trajectory, (…) we will lose the new Cold War with communist China within this decade.”

Undermining US missile defense and threatening nuclear strikes

As reported by the Financial Times on Saturday, citing five anonymous sources, Beijing is said to have tested a hypersonic missile capable of producing nuclear weapons in August. It circled the globe once in a low orbit before missing its target by about 15 km. According to the report, the test should show that the Chinese military is already more advanced in its hypersonic weapons program than previously assumed by US intelligence agencies. Hypersonic weapons are particularly difficult to intercept because they can reach more than five times the speed of sound.

According to Gallagher, China is increasingly able to undermine the US missile defense system and even threaten it with nuclear strikes. The Republican represents the US state of Wisconsin in the House of Representatives, and is a member of an important committee on the US armed forces.

Read also

WELT Editor Stefan Ost

Plain text. Stefan Ost about the situation

Both the United States and Russia are currently working on hypersonic missiles. North Korea also said it tested a hypersonic missile in September. The Chinese Defense Ministry in Beijing initially did not comment on the media report.

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Police union calls for border controls with Poland



Due to the large number of illegal entries from Poland, unionists from the Federal Police have called for control measures according to a press report. There is a risk of another crash like in 2015.

The head of the Federal Police Union, Heinz Tegert, urges the introduction of temporary border controls in Poland. Tigert justified this in a letter to Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) with, among other things, a large number of unauthorized entries at the German-Polish border and health risks to federal police personnel, Bild reported.

“For several months, the number of arrests increased almost explosively,” the newspaper quoted the letter as saying. Only with the introduction of temporary border controls can the federal government prevent a “collapse” at the border as it did in 2015.

Health risks for officials

Tiggert continued: “Our colleagues are also exposed to significant health risks, as the infection with the Covid virus is still very high, especially in the countries of origin of migrants (Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.) that the authorities registered very rarely.” Hygiene regulations, as usual in Germany and Europe, of course will not be adhered to in the “smuggling process”.

Governments in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland accuse Belarus’s governor, Alexander Lukashenko, of moving refugees from crisis regions to the EU’s external borders in an orderly fashion. Lukashenko announced at the end of May that Minsk would not prevent migrants from continuing to travel to the European Union – in response to tough Western sanctions against his country. Since then, reports of attempts to cross the border illegally at the EU’s external border with Belarus and at the German-Polish border have increased.

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Buttigieg responds to criticism: US gay minister defends parental leave



Buttigieg resists criticism
Gay US minister defends parental leave

In the US, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg caused an uproar because he took parental leave. Hatred comes from the political opponent, and now the Democrat responds and defends his decision – with a small tip against a prominent critic.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the US Democratic star, has defended his paternity leave. Buttigieg told CNN he wouldn’t apologize to anyone for looking after his twins. Chasten, 39, and his husband adopted newborn twins this summer. Buttigieg said he is proud to take parental leave. He is the first gay federal minister in the United States.

Right-wing populist TV presenter Tucker Carlson mocked Buttigieg on his Fox News show last week. He’s trying to figure out how to breastfeed, he scoffed. “As you can imagine, we bottle-feed our kids — any time of the day or night,” Buttigieg said. It is “a joyful, satisfying, wonderful act” and everyone in the United States should have the opportunity to do so after having a child. The United States has no legal regulation of paid parental leave – only a few states have legal entitlements.

Buttigieg had previously reacted to Carlson’s statement and noted that it was strange that criticism had come from a party that always presented itself as a family friend. Buttigieg took parental leave in mid-August. Critics have complained that the US is currently struggling with major delivery bottlenecks – an issue that also falls within Buttigieg’s portfolio. He emphasized that he is always accessible while on parental leave.

Until the end of 2019, Buttigieg was mayor of a city of 100,000 residents in the US state of Indiana. Then Buttigieg caused a sensation as a presidential candidate for the US Democrats. But he quickly fell behind in the primaries and eventually gave up his candidacy. Since then, he has supported the election winner, Joe Biden. Ultimately, President Biden appointed Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation.

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