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Asylum: The number of asylum applications for the first time in Germany increases significantly

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The number of asylum applications for the first time in Germany is increasing significantly

Initial reception center in Suhl, Thuringia

Initial reception center in Suhl, Thuringia

Source: dpa / arifoto UG

After a significant drop in initial applications the previous year, many more people applied for asylum again. The Christian Democratic Union warns of declining willingness within the European Union to receive migrants and calls for faster procedures and returns.

DrThe number of people who applied for asylum for the first time in Germany rose significantly in May compared to the same month last year. As the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) recorded in its statistics published on Monday, the authority received 8,278 new applications from people seeking protection and 950 follow-up requests last month. A year ago, the number of initial requests was much lower (3,777). However, travel restrictions imposed due to the Corona pandemic were much stricter at the time.

The largest group of applicants in May was Syrians with 3,776 applications. 1,594 applicants came from Afghanistan, and 651 from Iraq.

“There are many indications that the number of asylum applications will continue to rise,” said Matthias Middelberg, the local political spokesman for the union’s parliamentary group. Among other things, migration via the Mediterranean route to Italy and Spain is growing exponentially. “It’s often about economic migration, not about flight,” said the CDU politician.

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According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 15 percent of the boat migrants who arrived in Italy in the first four months of this year were Tunisians. 13 percent were Ivory Coast nationals, and 10 percent were Bangladeshis. According to the United Nations, the number of Algerians and Moroccans among the people who arrived in Spain in 2020 was particularly high. They come from countries with relatively low asylum acceptance rates.

“The desire to receive more and more immigrants has diminished.”

“Although Denmark’s recently passed asylum regulation is unlikely to be possible under European law, this political initiative shows that the willingness of EU member states to continue to accept migrants is waning,” Middleberg said. Therefore, solutions must be found that do not rely solely on distribution. Italy and Spain must receive financial and personal support in setting up reception centers in order to enable rapid asylum procedures and – in the absence of a right of protection – return

The CDU politician points to a law recently passed in Denmark on the accommodation of asylum seekers in third countries. A majority in the Danish parliament voted in favor of a law introduced by the social democratic government that makes asylum centers in other countries possible. The law states that asylum seekers in Denmark are transferred to a reception center outside the European Union after their applications are registered.

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A person receiving an asylum application cannot count on coming to Denmark. It is planned that the person concerned will remain in the country or be transferred to a UN refugee camp.

However, enforcement of the law still depends on whether third countries agree to establish a reception center for asylum seekers. These centers will then be funded by Denmark but administered by a third country. The EU Commission criticized the bill and made clear that it reserves the right to take legal action if the country implements the plans.

In 2020, 102,581 foreigners applied for asylum in Germany for the first time. This included 26,520 applications for the protection of children born in Germany under the age of one year.

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